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Outerlimits Powerboats In-Water and On-Land in Ft. Lauderdale

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Default Outerlimits Powerboats In-Water and On-Land in Ft. Lauderdale


Outerlimits Powerboats’ eye-catching displays will be highly visible both in the water and on land at the 2007 Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show, October 25-29. Outerlimits’ exclusive carbon fiber, post-cured epoxy construction, creates a fast, safe and strong boat. In combination with stellar, customized colorful paint, elegant, sleek body designs and fully customized and equipped interiors, Outerlimits Powerboats are identifiable at the dock, skimming across the water, or on a trailer, headed for fun.

On Water:

Two slips on the Bahia Mar floating docks, H-828 and 830 will be occupied by Hideaway Marina, Outerlimits’ South Florida dealer in Pompano Beach. There, a 42’ Legacy and a 46’ Limited, both with twin Mercury Racing 850 SCi engines, will represent the top-performance boat brand in two popular models that satisfy the tastes of today’s most discriminating powerboaters.

The 42’ Legacy’s quad-step hull is efficient and smooth, enabling triple-digit speeds with the luxury of a roomy cockpit and stand-up, air-conditioned cabin, complete with all the creature comforts of a full head, leather couches, flat-screen TV and hi-tech sound system.

The 46’ Limited is likewise spacious and luxurious and includes a state-of-the-art Outerlimits Multi-plex Power Management System that provides touch-screen technology to control the entire boat’s electrical equipment and functions. A full berth and exquisite customized decor give these boats special appeal to those who will not compromise performance for luxury. They get both in an Outerlimits Powerboat.

The paint schemes of these, and all Outerlimits Powerboats are created by Dean Loucks at The Art of Design, in Elkhart, Indiana. Loucks meets with Outerlimits customers and dealers to interpret and portray an individualized “statement.” The boat is more than a vessel—it is a means of self-expression—both in model and paint design. The cockpit and cabin become extensions of that design so whether inside the boat or on the dock, an Outerlimits Powerboat is recognized as a custom work of art.

As Loucks describes, “We are like musicians and every boat is a song. When you hear a song at first, you don’t hear everything, but you may like the rhythm or the beat. Then, when you listen again, you hear each of the instruments and you get a better appreciation for the song. The flow is what makes it a hit and we want to be like the bands who keep reinventing themselves and keep making hits!”

The 46’ Limited on display is a Las Vegas-themed boat to suit the taste of today’s Poker Runners. Featuring an array of chips, cards and gambling icons, the sharply contrasted yellow, red and black boat has many details, including carved carpets and matching interior that bring the special effect of the paint into the interior.

The 42’ Legacy is a combination of deep reds that bleed into oranges then into a brilliant yellow sun pad. Special effects make the paint appear paint to be tearing off the boat to reveal a sparkling stainless steel, diamond plate hull. Deep silvery-gray carbon-fiber look upholstery adds to the boat’s “industrial” feel.

On Land:

Outerlimits also stages an impressive show of boats and tow vehicles on Sea Breeze Avenue, across from the Bahia Mar in-water show (just north of the newly-renovated Double Tree Hotel). The well-recognized 53’ transporter houses the Outerlimits service department, ever-present at boating events. A trained crew, equipped to handle routine and on-site maintenance work, provides all Outerlimits customers and boats with full attention, ensuring safe operation and total satisfaction. The transporter and tow rig also provide a traveling billboard for the company as it travels across the country.

To Race and Run:

The land show will also feature the Outerlimits SV-40, which in addition to being the company’s 2007 U.S. race boat, is its most extreme performance boat, designed with 4-seats to accommodate a more aggressive pleasure boating enthusiast. With a black, red and green pinstriped paint scheme, 5-point seat harnesses and a simple black sueded interior, the SV-40 presents a “mean” sleek profile, aerodynamically designed for safe, tight turns, precise handling and an experienced boater’s touch. Outerlimits’ owner and president, Mike Fiore, created this boat for friend and racer Joe Sgro to run in the 2006 SBI/APBA National and World Championships where he won both titles.

Updated with minor bottom, canopy and interior changes and with Mercury Racing European approved 662 SCi engines, this boat made a positive impression in the 2007 Powerboat P1 Racing circuit in Europe. There, the Lucas Oil-sponsored Outerlimits swept both races and won the British Grand Prix of the Sea title and Lord Beaverbrook Trophy, making waves in the heavily diesel-powered race circuit.

“At first, the Europeans doubted our smaller, sleeker boat would handle the rough water or achieve the speeds that we did—it was great to see their reaction change as they saw us in action!” says Fiore. The company also sold a to-be-announced model to the 2006 Powerboat P1 World Champion OSG Italian team, who will campaign the corporate-sponsored Outerlimits team in the European 2008 circuit.

Also on land will be a variety of Outerlimits Powerboats, including the 39’ Quattro, 42’ Legacy, 46’ Limited, 51’ GTX and the 51’ Sport Yacht, each reflecting the style of the boats and boater.

On Boats and Boaters—the Standing—or Sitting Scenario:

Outerlimits’ variety of loyal customers have a broad range of boating preferences, falling into two basic sectors—those who stand in the open air and those who sit in climate controlled comfort. The stand-up bolsters offer a modified seat platform that supports the hips and back and provides a comfortable, safe stance for a full day’s boating. Outerlimits offers a unique 3rd front bolster that slides into place, providing an additional passenger with an up-front view, while those in the back can stand or sit as they prefer. This seating arrangement is available in most models from the 39’ Quattro to the 51’ Sport Yacht, providing full enjoyment of the sun, wind and open air—all the elements that make boating one of the world’s favorite past-times.

But just as some drivers prefer a sports coupe over a convertible, Outerlimits created the GTX for the boater who likes the sit-down feel of operating a sports vessel. As in a high-performance car, seat belts, a closed canopy (some with removable hatches that provide a “T-Top” style option) and a console-like cockpit, provide boats with a feel of control and safety at top speed, or cruising in comfort.

The 51’ GTX sit-down boat will be seen at the Outerlimits Sea Breeze Avenue display. This newly tweaked hull combines the big boat performance feel for a boater who wants a solo cruise or boat filled with passengers. While the cockpit features front race-type bucket seats, the rear bucket bolsters provide padded comfort for 3-4 more passengers. The spacious engine compartment can easily accommodate any size power package available; at the show Mercury Racing’s high-performance 1075 SCi engines are featured. The GTX customer prefers the sports car feel in lieu of a luxury cabin, so the GTX is extremely lightweight and efficient, providing extra speed and top performance. The paint by The Art of Design, exclusive designer for Outerlimits, is an unusual blend of colors starting with a rich cream, flowing into burnt orange, then to a brandy-wine red, with lime green accents. The patterns are “intense” says Loucks, who added an RPM gauge behind the Outerlimits logo to further note this machine’s speed.

For the stand-up crowd, the 39’ Quattro is the perfectly practical Outerlimits—easy to run, dock and store. The 9’ 2” beam provides plenty of room in the hi-tech cockpit and high-comfort cabin, including a stand-up head and shower and lounge area. Whether running stock Mercury Racing 525’s or larger power packages, the 39’ is a fast, comfortable and safe ride.

Two 42’ Legacy’s show the striking differences between boats. While one is a classic, clean, extending contrast of bright white and red with black and silver accents, with Mercury Racing 1075 SCi engines, the other features Mercury Racing’s popular 700 package and a tribal pattern that sweeps elegantly upward into a combination of rich burnt-orange and metallic red.

The 46’ Limited on display is a fully-customized edition of this popular model, updated with a new, larger sun pad and a package of extras including exotic woods, leathers and upgraded carpet.

The Outerlimits 51’ Sport Yacht is also a show-stopper. Like all Outerlimits boats this model boasts carbon-fiber post-cured construction and a wide variety of luxury options as it appeals to the boater who
wants it all—total performance and the amenities of a yacht. The spacious 51’ hull provides for both with exotic woods and leathers in the gallery, lounge and front berth, along with a full head and shower, ample storage, designer lighting and carpeting and all the hi-tech electronics for entertainment systems in the cabin and cockpit. The Art of Design paint scheme on this boat creates an illusion of the boat breaking through waves and speeding through the water—even while standing still. The 51’ Sport Yacht says, and has it ALL.

The Fast Cat

A third type of customer emerged from the ranks of Outerlimits in recent years--the catamaran fan. Always working to answer a customer’s need for speed, Outerlimits developed, in consultation with the veteran race boat and yacht designer, Michael Peters, a totally new boat, the 50’ cat. True to form, it was a work of art and multiple orders followed the first, “Golddigger,” introduced at the 2007 Miami International Boat Show. The boat on display at the Ft. Lauderdale Show is a fire-breathing action figure, “My Way.” It is equipped by the owner’s choice, with two turbine-powered, Lycoming helicopter engines, installed by John Aruda at Ft. Lauderdale’s Turbine Marine. Each creates 1850 HP, so this Outerlimits cat makes quite a statement at the dock and on the water.

A unique feature of the Outerlimits catamaran is its “monocoque” bilge. From the French term for “eggshell” or “single,” the seamless monocoque construction, often used in airplanes and race cars, makes the engine compartment stronger, as it absorbs vibration and noise.

The cat mirrors the technological perfection of the Outerlimits Vee-bottom construction. Strong and light, this cat glides across water, but no Outerlimits amenities and features are sacrificed. The air-conditioned, closed cockpit is a color-coordinated extension of the exterior’s intricate design. Removable doors convert to an open cockpit with minimal effort and the sit-down configuration provides comfortable, race-style, hand-built carbon fiber seating for six. Head rests and billet footrests add to the luxury and comfort of the upholstered interior.

This cool cat’s name, “My Way,” is indicative of its paint scheme created by The Art of Design. Crisp, defined, candy apple red lines, ripping across brilliant white hull make the boat appear to be tearing through water—which it can, to the fired-up sound of its kerosene-fed turbine engines.
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