Adding Breaks How many Axles??

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I'm going through this right now, just bought hyd. for all three of my axels, tryed to use kodiac brakes but wouldn't work on my trailer the axel flange was to close to the frame of trailer, couldn't get the bolts in the calipers, so had to send them back and get the smaller G 6 older style disc brakes, i guess what I'm trying to say is get all measurements before you order because it almost cost me 250 in shipping because i older the wrong stuff first and had two send it back....I used a place called the Hub, its in Fla. I'm in PA they will ship to you, 561 844 7466 talk to bill, they had everything, line kits, brake kits, led lts, my trailer is the same as your 10.5k 5 lug axels, and I haul a 30' cig mystique......
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Originally Posted by boatme
As a former owner of a boat trailer manufacturing company I would recommend electric over hydraulic, and disc brakes on all axels ALWAYS
+1. Can never have enough brakes. Most states now require brakes on all 3 axles. Even if your state didnt, its worth the extra dollars for safety and piece of mind.
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Default fixx

i towed my 33 formula through the tennesse mountains with no brakes electric will work,just got to unplug the 7 way b4 backing in the water...think about how many trailers that are in the rain,snow,slush and they dont seem to have any problems working
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Originally Posted by t500hps
Don't add electric and expect to back the trailer need electric over hydraulic. I'd put them on at least 2 axles and some states require them on all 3. If you've been towing that heavy pig without any BRAKES you've got bigger balls than I do!
I've been using strait electric brakes for years with no issues... There is no "Circuitry" in them, just magnets. If anything, water bothers them less than a hydraulic brake since there is virtually nothing to damage. I never unplug either. I usually drag them after I pull out to dry them off, but that is good practice with any brakes.

I agree that EOH disc is the best available, but for $89 an axle, it's hard to beat electrics when you are retrofitting a trailer.
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Default Trailer brakes

If you are registrering the trailer in Pa. any trailer over 3000lbs needs to be inspected and it has to have brakes on ALL axles.
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Hey Artie where you finding electrics for $89 an axle?
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They run from 20.00 on up per wheel for the assemblies. The last set I ordered were 44 bucks each.

I should have specified this was converting from existing surge brakes. When you are converting from surge brakes, these assemblies will bolt right in using the same drum and hub hardware. In your case, you will need drums and bearings that match the size and weight rating of your brake assemblies. Still much cheaper than a EOH setup, and parts can be had pretty much anywhere. My $.02.
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Disc Brakes
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