Tow a 29 outlaw with a Bronco?

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Default Tow a 29 outlaw with a Bronco?

Has anyone towed a 29 outlaw with a ford bronco or something similar? 1/2 ton pickup? I have a 96 Ford Bronco with the 351, air bags in the rear and tow package that I have had since brand new - it's my pride and joy. I do not want to part with it. I'm thinking about a 29 outlaw with 2 big blocks and a steel tri-axle trailer with brakes on all axles. I really don't tow far... a couple of miles usually and twice a year I do a 100 mile trip on pretty flat ground to a lake north of my home. I have towed a 25 outlaw and 24 outlaw with no problems. I know this 29 is a bit over the recommended limit, but I'm hoping I could do it if I'm careful.
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The wheelbase is way too short, IMO, to safely tow a 29 Baja. I towed a 23 Cobalt with a 1993 Bronco once.....not pleasant.
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The 29 will wag the dog = wheelbase really too short for that weight
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Those things don't handle well without a boat pushing you all over the way...
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I towed my 1997 29 scarab single engine 3hrs from me with my bronco. It got a little squirly every now and then. If you put trailer sway kit on the trailer you should be okay for the little amount of towing that you do. If you like the bronco i cannot see buying a $40000 vehicle to tow a couple times a year.
And now i tow a 30 ft panther with twin big blocks with an 03 tundra and it tows great with it.
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pulling it isn't a problem at all..... But close your eyes and imagine somebody in front of you doing something stupid and having to stand on the brakes hard, there in lies your problem.
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I have owned several broncos and currently have a 93. The E4OD trans and 8.8 rear end might not like the abuse. I would try and pick up a cheap 3/4 ton to use as tow rig.
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As phragle said, you don't have much of a safety factor for stopping, even with brakes on all three axles. Question - is the actuator hydraulic or electric over hyd? Electric would give you much more control over the braking - especially when you are coasting down a hill and the trailer decides to start swaying.

I don't think the short 1-mile trips to the local lake will be much of an issue, other than pulling it out on a slippery ramp with 2WD. Have you thought about that?
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Most broncos were 4wd. Maybe all. I've never seen a 2wd bronco but I'm not saying they don't exist. We towed my buddy's 19 sea ray with his bronco. Pulling it was the easy part. Stopping not so easy. Slowing down on a curve it actually pushed the a$$ end sideways. Eoh will help but consider the one time they fail. To my knowledge not uncommon for trailer brakes to have issues.
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Not sure where I got it in my head that OP has 2WD. Went back and read it and it doesn't say. Either way, stopping will be the big issue. I've had to stand on the brakes while towing more than a few times, and you just neve know when you will wish you had that extra safety factor. I would definitely find a way to tow with a bigger truck for that occasional long road trip, even if you have to borrow or rent something.
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