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Opinions on 6.4 Ford deisels..... >

Opinions on 6.4 Ford deisels.....


Opinions on 6.4 Ford deisels.....

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Originally Posted by 682gold
Got a Duramax for sale 2006 crew, 4x4 LB . http://charlotte.craigslist.org/cto/4936204906.html
"Just avoid the headaches and buy a Duramax!!"

I agree. I know a handful of guys locally that have them. All over 200k with no issues. One buddy has 440k on his untouched. Just now is doing injectors, ball joints and shocks. All of them around here are LBZs fwiw. As a person that is not brand loyal at all, (7.3 and 6.0 owner) I would own a duramax if i could afford one. They just take a beating.
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Originally Posted by turbofox54
The 6.0s and 6.4s are good motors as long as you take care of them and address the weak spots. I really think a lot of the 6.0s bad rap came from people wanting to maintain them like a 7.3. The newer diesels are much more finicky about clean oil and fuel. I have a bulletproofed 6.0 and love it and wouldn't hesitate on a 6.4. The 6.7 is nice but the new def systems are a pain in the ass and are not good for the motors. If I was going to replace my 04 dually it would be with an 08 to 10 6.4 f-450. That is the most complete towing package going. The 2015 450 has the good axles again but if I were to buy a 6.7 the def system would have to go. I'm prolly a lil different than most buyers as I do all my own work. I can have the cab off a 6.0 truck in 2.5 hours and a 6.4 is even easier due to the cab bolts come out the bottom.
The 6.4L has a DPF that's design is much worse for the motor than the 6.7L ....Fuel in oil anyone? The 6.7L uses urea to clean the filter.

The DPF is an issue that can be "fixed"
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Originally Posted by kennyo
I love the 6.7 but I cAN'T SWING THAT MONEY RIGHT NOW. i ACTUALLY LIKE THE PRE 6.7 BODY STYE AND FRONT END BETTER ANYWAY. Any thoughts on the engine and trannys??
Good truck and engine especially once you get rid of the EGR/Emissions stuff. I have an 08 F250 and a '10 F450 and love them both, only issue I ever had was the radiator leak on the f250 and the lower radiator hose leak on the f450. I run SCT tuners tuned to the extreme setting on both trucks. I also have a 2014 F250 that I love also with no problems yet, but I have not tuned it yet. I own a oilfield hotshot trucking company running 3/4 ton trucks on up to 18 wheelers and have had some issues with each of the top 3 name brands, but nothing major on my work trucks. My personal trucks that I've had issues with were my 2012 Chevy 2500HD in the 1st 2,000 miles I had a def tank issue, 8,000 miles fuel pump crack, and I only have 23,000 miles on it now and just had the transmission control module go out this past December and could not get the truck to drive at all(still have). With my 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 Dually I had 4 transmissions and 1 torque converter go out all within 30,000 miles of being purchased new(SOLD). My 2006 Ford F250 EGR issues(8 Deer totaled it), and my 2008 F350 had injector issues due to water in my fuel, I put a FASS system on it and haven't had any issue with it yet. So as you can see all 3 of the main brands are gonna have issues, but I am still stuck on my Ford's and will continue to buy them, although I do love my Silverado 2500 also. Oh yeah on my 2008 Chevy Kodiak 4500 I had injector issues, and ring and pinion issues.

I say go for it, and just make sure you delete the egr as soon as you can and you should be ok, and I am sure you'll love the truck. Good luck.

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As my "call sign" might say. I like the F series. But the expression goes. ( if it has T*** or tires you are going to have problems out of it ). I sold my 97 with the 7.3 to a guy that offered me alot of money for it. In my opinion one of the best trucks ever made as far as a overall truck with one exception. The lack of a 3rd or even 4th door on the extended cab model. My 2001 with the 7.3 has 300,000 plus and still pulling hard. I have a 2008 with the 6.4 Auto 4x4 ext. cab and it will run circles around a 7.3 But it is still a truck and not a corvette. It pulls the 29 with ease and any piece of construction equipment I can load on the 12,000 lb. trailer. Both pulling and braking are just fine and I like the ride and the cup holders are in the perfect spot. Yes it has had issues over the last 136,000 miles what car or truck doesn't. #1 Brakes. Ford needs a better design that with stands the work load on trucks. The design of the coolant lines... "who is the idiot that thought that up"? Yes the DPF is coming off soon. There is nothing worse than your truck looking like it is going to blow up when the Burn-Off kicks in and your milage drops before your eyes. But it is a very nice truck. IMO. But the truck is quiet, comfortable on long trips and plenty of bells and whistles for me in the Lariet. But do your homework. Has the engine compartment be worked in alot? i.e. tool marks, cutting and removing or adding after market things that have led to a maintenance issue. Also get under the truck and look up. Is there any rust? Fender wells, brake lines, frame ect. Or hopefully it was undercoated when new. Buy used, Buy stock. Hope my opinion helps.
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Thanks for the info!
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Originally Posted by MonkeySea2
Just avoid the headaches and buy a Duramax!!
Avoid headaches like THIS......

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once deleted its a great power plant .. and damm do they make power .. spartan tuned and deleated 210 tow tune ... smile from ear to ear ... till i sold it .. for 6.7
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Originally Posted by Baja_Bigdog
Avoid headaches like THIS......

Dang! That is doing it right!

My old work truck blew up last fall 08 6.4 F-250 with only 118k miles bone stock and hardly towed anything, Just drove it. EGR always had issues, DPF system is terrible, it gummed the motor up and stuck a valve which cracked a piston. The stealership figured that out after replacing an injector and coolant hose for $1800....no refunds! Would only missfire at idle and dealer said it was only small crack and to drive it until it has a real problem. Apparently with a Ford that takes 3 days. On day #3 after picking it up, it wouldn't move out of its own smoke and had visible blow-by coming from the hood.

Our 09 6.4 F-350 service truck that goes across the country on the highways showed up with cracked/broken rocker arms at 180k miles. $3400 later the stealership had it fixed but died on the highway 6 miles from town after picking it up.

Both trucks were extremely well maintained with Rotella and religious service and scheduled maintenance.

Now I have a friend who loves the 6.4. Removes EGR and DPF, tunes the crap out of them, and hasn't had an issue for the past 3 that he has had. Go figure the stock ones blow.
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Stock 6.4l 155 k miles towing a 311 formula....not one issue
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stock 7.3 F250..231k miles...never an issue. Change the oil religiously....Looks like showroom still. Always under cover.....But I am anal with it......Pulls a 38 Top Gun anywhere I want.....hate to sell her, but going to F650 for Poker Run circuit.......hopefully I get as lucky with the F650 Cat..........
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