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For the love of God, do not buy a BMW

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We were going to buy the 4.4 X5 until the board warned me about the,,,, no new Beemer here either !!!!
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I'm sorry to hear of your problems. We have a 91 735iL with 145,000 miles. It is the best car we have ever owned. Better than MBz's, and even the Mazda 929's (Which were suprisingly GREAT cars). Mom's mid-life crisis caused her to buy a 01 330 conv., and I am unaware of any problems with it. Look on the bright side, you could have an old Jag.
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puder what you said is right except for the air bag when that light is on it means there is a malfunction in the circut the air bag module will disabledthe system it's for your safety the last thing bmw need is a wet sensor activating a air bag
by mistake just my$.02

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I have the new 2001 M3, love it, incredible car to drive, hauls ass, but have already had headlight flicker, dash lights shorting, etc. but I love it still. I had a 95 M3 before that and love it, although the BMW people are so stupid it's sad. In the first 5000 miles, going approx. 80mph in 3rd gear, I pulled into 2nd instead of 4th and the motor instantly over revved. Ticked 6 valves, 2 pistons. They would not cover this under warranty, told me 5500 to replace the valves, leave the pistons in!! I picked it up and rebuilt the motor here with all racing parts. I was pissed as hell, especially when another guy I new a year down the road did the same thing and they covered it!!!!

That wasn't the worse, my sister had a 93 325. One day I was walking up a hill where it was parked so you could see the bottom side of it, I saw a bunch of blue overspray (car was blue) on the tank. This thing was brand new, so we took it in and they said that was factory. I climbed under every one there and guess what, none! But we went on, then a month later, I noticed the tailgate looked like it had burned through, could see the base coat under the clear. Took that back, they said we rubbed it too much!! Got their rep out, argued with them until I was blue. Well, a few weeks later, guess what came in the mail. I witty bitty letter from some lawyers that were getting a class action lawsuit against BMW, for what you ask? Well, turns out, acid rain had gotten on the back ends of thousands of BMW's at the docks because they werent covered properly. So, without telling anybody, they repainted them at the dealerships. Well, all of sudden, they couldn't fix it fast enough. That's only a few, I have many more, but that new M3 was so awesome that I had to get it.

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speel chekk this fokker!
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Jim Thanks for teh heads up on eth airbag. I was told that it would still work but i;m not willign to take that chance.

MikeHTM. I konw for a fact BMW donated 10 X5s to the NYPD and 100 motorcycles. They just kept it quiet. Also several BMW executives were killed in the attacks. Pick up this months copy of Bimmer mag. There was an articles on it.
Pardon me, while I whip this out!
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I hope it is just my bad experience with BMW, but seriously, I am forking out on avg $600-$800 every six months. Even if I got a lemon it was a damn expensive one and this stuff should not be going bad on a car this expensive. Every time something breaks on the car it means no new stuff for the boat
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I've had 7 BMW's, from a 72 2002 upto my current 2001 540-6spd, nwver had a failure with any of them that was due to anything other than normal wear and tear.

Dustin...another M3 fanatic...I had 97 M3 that I installed a Dinan supercharger in..I loved ws very fast. I was waiting to get the new M3 but was not on a list and was not gonna pay over MSRP. The 540/6 is a fast car plus, I get two more doors. I'm now thinking of installing another Dinan supercharger kit...if tweaked'll beat an M5.
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dustin--you went from 3rd to 2nd @ 80mph--and you call the "BMW PEOPLE" stupid--i would think your smarter than to say that let alone do it-being in the business you should know that thats not a defect (over revving via a missed shift)--kinda like if i trimmed up my drive,lost water pressure and smoked an inter cooler-would you cover that?--john
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I own a 2001 Z8 and have had no problems whatsoever. In comparing BMW to other manufacturers, I think they build a very good quality product. As far as dealer service goes, I know that some of my friends and family have had problems with the dealer in our area, but I haven't had any problems with them (yet -- knock on wood).
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Originally posted by 27Fountain:
<STRONG>32 Fever

The dealer does not have to reset the computer when you do oil changes??????? I would change it myself to if I could reset the comp. If not the beeping when you start will drive you crazy.

Puder, glad you have good experience, however for what these cars cost, the bearings should last and the airbag light should never come on.

Just my opinion.

Will, yeah the drawback is I've never liked the 10-12k change oil plan. I'll do mine about every 5k, just cause I want to. I may have to have the computer reset once a year or every 9 months, but no biggie, don't drive all that much. If it winds up costing a crapload like yours sounds like it is, time for a new car. I rotate my own tires, they don't usually do that in part of the plan they do, so.....just some of those things you have to do that they don't. I think they jsut open the hood. "Yup, all there"

First thing I did on my 98 Chevy truck when I had it is pull the fuse for the gay daytime running lights.

My feeling is mechanics should be there when I break something while trying to fix it myself. LOL! Which is A LOT. LOL!
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