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I'm talking ice diving, not ice fishing! You wear a dry suit and actually stay pretty warm. I was able to have children afterwards! It is a pretty incredible experience, and if you love to dive you should try it sometime.
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rewiring is not as easy as it sounds - sodder all connections, coat with Noalox anti-oxidant joint compound and then heat shrink with rubber covers. Replace grounding & buss bars and examine and test all sending units and / or guages. Done right, the bill will start growing past the $1,800.00 quoted. If you were selling your boat tommorrow you would not get a penny more for it with the new wiring! The next time you go out the gas tanks can crack and need to be replaced. It never ends with an older boat!

Reading your numerous posts it appears you have had many problems. How many days off have you been unable to boat. How aggravating is that. Every breakdown has a cost in time, aggravation and money. The high price of a new boat can be offset by your financial plan. You know the exact cost of boating a month. Excluding routine maintenance, which should be the same new or old, the cost stays at "x" dollars a month. if something breaks it goes to the dealer @ no cost to you. You have no financial worries and in your cliamate should be able to turn the keys and go whenever you want!

I checked out your website. It was nice to see the picture of you versus the posts. After looking at your website, send your wife in to purchase the new boat. If she cannot get the best possible price - noone can! Good luck, go NEW !!!!
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ABYC recommends crimp connectors, not soldering.

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The problem with solder is that it can be very corrosive. If you use to much of it or the amount of fluz is wrong your connections will not last long. They will basically turn to powder. If you crimp the ends on properly then you will be much better off. There is a new style terminal that I have seen that has a low temperature solder on it that looks interesting however I have yet to try it myself.

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Jon: I think thats the one I showed
you while you were out here working
on Nicks boat, It not only solders
but shrinkwraps at the same time.
All it takes is a normal heat gun
and the best thing is that just about anyone can do the Job without
a lot of training.
I have been using them on NAVY remote control boats from 16' to
260' and on all Race Boats and repairs/rerigs over 10 years now.
You can get them through BOWMAN-Barnes Automotive catalog.
Mike J.
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They're called solder sleeves.

We use them in some of the simulators we build, and have been for about 7 years. They can be a real pain if not installed correctly.
The wire ends should be tinned before installing the solder sleeve. Actually, we tin all wire ends prior to making solder or crimp connections.
Several times we had to remove the solder sleeves and hand solder the connections because they created intermittant problems.
It takes practice to get it right, along with the proper heat gun (variable temp type).
It's not hard to solder a joint then apply shrink sleeving.

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I would keep the boat and do the terminal replacement job and wire inspection to replace only the questionable ones. Be careful not to over crimp the terminals as this can crush the wire strands and make them brittle, a few trips on the water and snap! After the crimp is done, soldier them using electronic soldier. It has a non-corrosive flux that works great. Before heat shrinking the connection, apply a small amount of electrical insulating compound to the area. It is silicon based. Also, where ring terminals are present apply a little thread locking compound to the lock nut. Believe me, if is worth doing the extra work on the boat to get it better than new and you won't have that sore on your wallet spot ever time that payment is due. You and the wife will also get along better.
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DEVILMAN and any other SCARAB SPORT owners-
How did you like the center consoles. How was the ride? How did it do launching off a wave and then the re-entry? Were they dry? I have heard with narrow beam they lean and with K-PLANES it didn,t always level them out. I have been looking at one with K-PLANES and 250 MERC OFFSHORE's. Speed? 3 or 4 blades?
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Nickster here's the solution.....If you can afford to be a two boat owner buy the new one and restore the old one. I have seen the old one bro it's not that bad actually it's quite nice & for a 78 it's better than showroom. So call me and we can talk about life and how you're gonna sell Gina on this grand scheme of things.

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Nick, your boat is gorgeous and you're's a classic. If it were me, and I was reasonably certain as to the mechanical aspect of the drives and engines...I'd do the rewire.
I'm the same as you...I can fix the little stuff, but the "involved" projects I let a professional handle.

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