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Nick, I agree with Jon, you should try it yourself. I did my 79 Nova from the ground up, and I'm about to do it again with that stupid formula 357 if I ever get the title. The thing is, most anxiety and problems for boaters come from not knowing your boat systems well enough to trust them. If you wire it yourself you know every nut ,screw and connection. If you buy another boat you'll be right back where you started because you wont know the history or any details of that boat either.You may find yourself trying to make the same decisions and this time you'll have a nice payment to go with it. Just my .02.
Plus there is lots of help from this board if you get stuck. Joe
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Joe we can fix that title problem when ever you are ready bro
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Jon, thanks but the wife told me to butt out and she will handle it. She thinks the stress is gonna kill me. I told her about your offer and she said she wants to try the more koscher approaches first "no offense", but we both appreciate your willingness to help. I'll keep u informed of our progress. back to Nick.
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Go for the new harness.
That boat is worth it.
Once the electrical glitches are solved you can concentrate on other areas.
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Hey Nick- I feel your pain. I have an older boat as well. I was also tired of fighting the electrical gremlins.

I went through my wiring myself. I found that 80% of my problems were at the connectors- most from flexing and corrosion. Old wire that has not been exposed to chemicals, corrosion, heat, or flexing will probably be ok.

I agree with Jshane. I now know where every fitting, connection, and wire is located. If my boat has troubles on the water, I not only know the rigger to blame, but he is on board! It's not difficult, just time consuming.

Our old boats are some of the easiest to work on. Just like cars, the newer ones need much more than a screwdriver, a pair of pliers, and a timing light!

Let me know if you need some help.
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Hey Nick - sucking as a mechanic and sucking at wiring are two different things. Trust me, I suck as a mechanic too, but I was an audio installer for about 7 years. I think you could handle the re-wire, as long as you take your time and mark everything as you go.
Evevn with all new harnesses, distribution panel, etc., you'd be WAY under $1800.
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Hey Nick;

Keep the classic if its solid. I have an 85 and its sweet having something different at the dock. It takes a little more TLC than a 2001 but its yours and the best part PAID FOR.... No guilt if your not out running one weekend when the suns shining because your not paying a grand a month to pay for your toy. Do the work, save your $$ and enjoy. The bottom line is, when your out there and running, if its a 2001 or a 1975, its all good.
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Amen and well said, NI!
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Now if I could only convince my wife...

Shes telling me I should buy a new one...

Honestly, I too love the old boat... but my wife thinks it will be eternally doomed to failures...

But, there arent many like my boat left... I have never seen one in the water, and many on the side of the road as salvage...

If you havent ever seen my boat... have a look at

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Hey Nick,
Went to your website. Man!those are the wierdest looking 502 EFI's I've ever seen. Just jerkin your chain....she's a beautiful boat keep her. If you want a new look cut twenty feet or so off that windshield I always wanted to do it on my Nova but the nose was too snubby looking. Joe
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