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An unrequested endorsement of Steve David

Old 01-04-2002, 11:35 PM
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I have the pleasure of working with Steve on a daily basis, as well as having been involved in offshore racing since '94.
He is everything (and then some) what all of your posts have said about him.
Whether in business or in racing, he has always demonstrated honesty, integrity and a genuine commitment to the task at hand, along with his endless positive energy.
Besides his knowledge, he is a really cool guy to work with!

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Old 01-04-2002, 11:35 PM
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In reply to Mr David, i met him briefly in Ft Lauderdale, and it was a pleasure to do so. as for his goal in bringing a continued site to race at year in year out i think is awesome. when he first posted his new program i was a bit confused as to where this was all going. but when it was descibed to be simular to what the hydro's do, i realized yes this is what the sport needs.
as a youth i remember going to the gold cup race in detroit back in the 70's and crowds of 100,000 would show rain or shine. well i dont know what the totals are now but i do know that the site is still there, and im sure the fans are too. i believe he hit the mark and represents the true racer in all aspects.
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Old 01-05-2002, 07:14 PM
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T2X, Steve is everything you said and more. He has helped countless clubs and individuals over his racing career. He was one of the best Presidents APBA had.
Steve worked with me 20 years ago on the first national television show of limited hydros and OPC boats. He spearheaded the "Inside the APBA" TV show until the present regime cancelled it. He also originated the first web site for APBA. He has always continually promoted racing.
He has also actively worked to bring differing organizations together. I was president of an OPC club in Miami and Steve was the president of the inboard club. Steve facilitated the cooperation. When he was President of APBA I was on the BOD, Steve appointed me as liason to the AOF, another sancting body and stopped the infighting at the time. Now he is trying to do the same in offshore.
He brought dignity, and respect to the "little guy", the common racer. I have known him for over 25 years and have never been graced by a presence like him. Besides he is the only driver I know of that has driven an unlimited hydro on the water, in the air, and on land. Good luck with Force Steve.
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The timing is very right for an alternative to the current APBA administration that looks down its nose at racers, has a moving target rule book and has never make a mistake.

Steve is a solid guy, worth being the recepient of the benefit of the doubt from knowledgable people in the sport that have something at risk.

Regarding Nigel Hook... has not been really competative in the Scarab since his little red potato 26' hull that he sold to Raul Broach (that just a few months after the sale delaminated and stuffed, not necessarily in that order). Whoever said he has the new boat "figured out" has not seen it run, he will NEVER be competative with the Fountains (and frankly, I'm not a Fountain fan, just a realist). The Ettore boat won't be competative until the Wiseman Drives are removed, #6's bolted back on and more major bottom changes. The Extream project has been a red-herring sicne the first boat that Pat Sullivan rolled and sunk, then Teague rolled his, Then Ettore... all rolled and sunk, bad design for many. many reasons.


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Old 01-05-2002, 10:32 PM
Ron Hill
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I have been reading OSO daily since it started and can't remember if I've ever posted. I know my son, CHAD HILL, has posted about propellers.

I first joined APBA in 1955. My father had put on the first APBA RACES in California around 1948.

My brother brought APBA to the Parker Enduro, The Salton Sea 500 and The Havasu Outboard World Championships, when he was Region 12 Chairman of APBA.

He was a founder of POPBRA, with Sandy Kemp and the City of Long Beach. My brother brought APBA to OFFSHORE racing in the west and....some say the east, too. When the Florida boys realized that Rothchild and Larry Smith (In Thunder Balls) would be World/National UIM Champions... APBA OFFSHORE RACING grew in Florida...

I was the RACER in the family, I considered myself a Marathon Outboard driver, but John Crouse considered my win in the Chicago to Milwaukee to Chicago as an Offshore win in his book....

I am a past APBA Region 12 Chairman (5 years in the late 70's and early 80's)... Raced in Europe with Bob Nordskog. I raced for OMC from 1966 to 1976.

I was OPC Chair of APBA for 1999 and 2000.

Steve David was ELECTED PRESIDENT of APBA. Steve David was appointed VP under the new rules and with OPEN ELECTIONS would have been President again. But the current BoD of APBA didn't like that idea, so they changed the rules.....

When Steve understood APBA's plan, he quit the BoD.....and as a gentleman that he is, basically told them they were WRONG with their plan.

Steve is a GREAT MAN. Unlike me, who has spent the better part of two years telling the BoD APBA to RESIGN IN MASS, including the unelected BoD members, Steve has gone about his business in his usual PROFESSIONAL MANNER.

As President of APBA, he never lied to me. As a man, he never lied to me. As a friend he never lied to me. He returns my many emails, usually, the same day.

I've known about the FORCE plan, it will work. I'm please with Steve's leadership....If my old friend, Gene Whipp were here...I'd bet $50,000 to 1, he'd support Steve David...

If I can help, Steve, you've got my email address.....and I actually, have a few friends that haven't died from old age...

Ron Hill
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While I haven't met Steve David yet myself, I am pleased with the approach he has taken, and from what I've read so far, I believe it's the future of Offshore. :glad

As far as the comment Highbidder made about switching our drives to #6's on the Ettore cat~
I don't even know where to begin to tell you how many ways that would not work, nor ever surpass us on the water!

Take some time to think about what we have done, and you might just fiqure out that you couldn't just swap the drives out anyway.

Another know~nothing know~it~all.

See you behind us at the races!

Chris Weismann

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This is my first post. Several days ago I read about this new approach to offshore racing. I met Steve David thru Nigel Hook when they were racing the Citco boat. I saw him again this year in San Diego bay fair running the hydro.
I have been reading offshoreonly for over a year without ever feeling the need to say my 2 cents. When I read about this I finally had to say something.Let me get my soapbox ready.
I have been involved in racing my whole life.I have never raced. I leave that to the profesionals. I make them go fast.
I have been in offshore for over 12 years.
It needs help It looks like Steve(force) is on the right track.
For the fans, you need someone to tell them who is who during the race. Radio or tv.
Shorter races maybe two.
I hope that I can add a little to this great forum.
Good luck Steve!!! you have my full support.
Pat Weismann
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Shifter welcome to the board ! Mitch
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our team Invensys/Fountain F2-15 has had the opportunity to race against Steve David on several occasions of which we have won and lost to him and by far he is a class act on and off the water. Offshore racing needs more people like Steve David in our sport! Tommy Jordan "crew chief" F2-15 2001 world champions

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Chris Weisman... You don't know me, we have never spoken, or if we have, it made no impression on me.

Call me a no-nothing if it makes you feel better about the performance of the Ettore boat, which only hauls ass in a straight line (and dead calm water) becuase of the Paul Pfaff Power, but know this....

There are some very, very high profile people who have been around a lot longer than you and I and taken a lot of Greeen Flags and checkered flags (how may offshore races have you competed in Chris ?) that know a little bit about boat set-up (including myself) that will tell you that the set up won't EVER work, and so far it hasn't, except in a straight line, no waves which won't cut it in our sport.

Your drives are only a part of the problem, the hull has major design problems, as anyone who has tried to fix one including some very reputable Glass guy's with probably 200 years experience between them will tell you.

The real tradgedy of this whole thing is that the Schmalic family, who are arguably the most classy, wonderful group of people this sport has seen in years, and they have been SUCKED DRY because of all the SELF-SERVING VULTURES they trusted for good advice over the last 4 years, who were more interested in seeing thier sticker on a boat and depositing fat checks in thier bank accounts than helping thier customers win and race safely which is what they were supposed to do. Thank God my friend Scott Conrad is still with us after the Key West Disaster.


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