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An unrequested endorsement of Steve David

Old 01-06-2002, 03:35 PM
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our drives not the problem.
our set-up not the problem.
phaff/sterlings not a problem.
scot/jim not a problem.
hull design is the problem.
we have been working with the ettore group for the last year and half.
we have been adressing the hull issues from day one. one step at a time.punn intended.
the hull changes were not what we requested on the boat but we needed to have a baseline.
we have made inprovements in the right direction.
scot and jim were very lucky.the safety crew did a great job. i was there,in the chase was a racing accident.
we will fix and race that boat on the national circit this year.whatever series provides the best competition. we will win.
we are not rapeing our customers.we are working side by side with them to make them go faster and safer.
we are trying to make improvements in this sport not kill it.
i personally can't wait to get steve in the boat testing to get an honest opinion of what we have accomplished.
it is obvious you have a grudge against us.
you should come by the shop and have lunch with chris and i and get to know us and our products. we will bring scot along so he can tell you how the boat is.
we appreciate any constructive advice.
pat weismann, weismann marine
p.s. ettore put our stickers on the boat because they were proud to be associated with us. ask mike
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Old 01-06-2002, 03:46 PM
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I wish you guys would start a new thread on the Ettore boat. I find this boat to be the most innovative in design and thought. You guys associated with it are pioneers and cutting edge. Your ideas, designs, applications, trials and learning will help take boat technology to the next level. Keep up the great work. I drool for more info about your boat.
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Old 01-06-2002, 04:06 PM
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Pat Weisman:

Thank you for the reply. I have no grudge against you at all, it just made me angry that your son, or partner, or whoever it is that posts on your behalf called me a no-nothing no it all, just because expressed an opinion he didn't like. You and your people know absolutely nothing about what I do or don't know about this sport, boat set up, etc (other than watching me on the T.V. Show I co-host). I was very aware of the Ettoree program long before you, Dam McNamara or anyone else ever got involved (including the Schmalicks), Mark Spates (founder of Extream Boats) actually did the Lam-job on my Phantom (for Wil Smith) in Early 1997 before there even was an Extream Boats, and I was one of the first people to see his molds (now called Extream)in a warehouse in St. Pete just a few months after Mike Peters delivered the drawings to him. I have a very successful background as a Team Owner, (with full Sponsorship I might add), Kilo Record Holder, Multiple Race Winner, etc.

There may be a lot of people on OSO who throw things out there there have no knowledge about, but I am not one of them.

The simple fact remains, if you want to be competative in Super V every shread of meaningful evidence says you need a Fountain with #6's. The Extream has been a disaster for every single team that has owned one, Weisman drives (so far) may have helped a little but seeam to have created other problenms, like falling VERY HARD on the tail after every launch..... show me checkered flags and Kilo records and I will be the first one to jump on the band wagon, but at this point, all I can see is probably $2,000,000 worth of "R&D" to the "Industry professonals" that the Schmalick's have trusted, and the near loss of life of a good friend, with little or no success.

The drive looks very cool, Rick Ford's broke and we beat him in Huntington Beach (I was in the Honker Cut Super Cat , tweeking the Areneson Drives for that race), but it seemed to work OK in the Cat application while it lasted.

The shiftable Trannies were also cool, never got to throttle one, but would have liked to at least try it.

Like I said, I have no grudge at all, (as a matter of fact I did a segment about your drives in the Pittsburg Show and gave you a lot of good exposure)but this project has been lackluster to say the least, lets at least call a spade a spade, OK ?.

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Old 01-06-2002, 09:35 PM
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Isn't this thread about Steve David (aka: the BEST of the Best!)
I've been in Poker Runs with him, raced against him many times in F2, won lots and lost once or twice (kiddin Steve).
Your the best and I'll always support you!
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Old 01-06-2002, 09:42 PM
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I have had only 1 dealing with Steve David and talked on the phone only once and both times he did exactly what he said he would.
In my opinion he is a first rate guy and until he proves himself different I've got no problem. If only there were more people like him, we would all have it made. Greg

P.S. Bruce is another good one.
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Old 01-06-2002, 10:23 PM
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thank you very much for the exposure on the speedvision pittsburg race.
that does wonders for our business since the rule commities seem to frown on everything that we do. ragamuffin/don q/zerodefect/ tommy bahamma ettore and so on.
the only way we get in the magazines is if we stuff.
ragamuffin lapped the field except for you last year in ventura. in huntington we were out front when we hit debris in the water and damaged the prop and tore the skeg off.
that is not considered a failure.
as for ettore its still early days. the rules in apba do not allow for bottom changes. the bottom needed to be homoligated.
when we saw the bottom of that boat we almost quit right there.
there was a pad on the whole bottom of the boat. plus turn downs on the lifting strakes. 3/4 inch hook on the left rear pad and 3/8 rocker on the right.
we changed the bottom twice and ran out of time we had to go to the worlds.
one change at a time is my philosify,so you can go back easy and understand cause and effect.
the stuff is another thing.
the hard tail landing is from a aft cg and flat pad on rear step plus enormus double chines with with turn downs.whew
when we ran ballast it tried to stuff worse.
the boat is at westerlys getting its vee put in. then we will put a new winshield in it and reinforse the canopy and go testing.
the autopsy on the boat(fortunately not the guys) after the accident showed that the canopy delected down and popped a portion of the window out, the canopy was moved back from the origional boats to get rid of the rear seat and improve the cg. the bulkhead remained 3 ft forward of the a pillar!
the boat is amaizingly strong we went thru it and nothing was cracked ecept a little putty in the transom.
i wish we could have another boat but that i don't feel that there is that many more changes we need to make.
we lowered the cg in the boat by putting the motors in line to help the flipping problem .
we automatically counter rotated the engines by running them flywheel to flywheel,to stop the rolling to the right after you exit a wave.this boat is all about ballance.
i am greatful to mike-chris-jim for daring to be different.
when we get this thing dialled in we should get you and steve to go for a ride and do a new segment on tv about in the cockpit.
thanks again for the pittsburg spot.
pat weismann
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Old 01-06-2002, 10:28 PM
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After reading your latest post, I now know who you are. We do know each other, we first met in Ochos Rios-remember?
Sad that you didn't realize who I was considering I usually sign my name on my posts. I am Pat's brother.

Firstly, I will apologize about the comment I made. But not because of what I wrote, rather for who you are and what you have done. I have respect for you already. But if you don't put your name down, what do you expect? I would have written you a private email instead.

Now you know how we felt when we read your comment. Pat and I talked a bit about your comment before I posted and he asked me to first read what Steve said earlier in the thread before I ripped at you. I could have said all that I'm writing now before, but I had to keep it brief, I had guests!

You still don't have that facts straight, so don't get angry- it isn't about pissing you off that I feel compelled to reply.

If someone comes on board and says something like the statement you said- and there is no response out of us (and it can happen since I don't live on this board)- then the people out there who read this and listen to you will begin to believe it's true- especially coming from someone who knows something. Being as small as we are, we can't afford any bad publicity, even from you.

Now you might have been there all along as far as this Extreme hull goes, but this current Ettore program was conceived by Pat and I. Nobody else. Unfortunately we had no say in the hull manufacturer because it isn't our team. That was the Smahlik's choice. And I completely agree with you about this hull design. If we had our way, it never would have been used in the first place.

As far as the lackluster program this past year, well we are not managing the team either- we have been testing at the race track since day one- again not our choice. The problems that occurred at the race sites could have been caught had we tested.

The considerable costs that you imagine have not been spent in our shop. The Ettore team has purchased 2 drives, 2 transmissions from us- no spares yet, no repairs. The necessary rigging for the installation of our package was taken care of by the Ettore Team.
Whatever the rest may cost is not coming from us. That is their side of the boat.

They came to us because they were tired of seeing black. We have had an outstanding track record in world offshore racing to date, that is why great people like Rique and the Smahliks come to work with us.

Rique's cat ran over something in the water and it wedged itself between the prop and the skeg, locking up the drive. The skeg snapped off and the drive broke because Rique was hard on the throttles winning the race. NO drive could have survived that type of failure. I have full pictures on my website of the broken drive, I have made no secret about what put us out of that race. It was unfortunate for the whole team, but everybody that was there, including you, knows Rique and Dave should have won that race.

That's how racing goes and I even said you guys deserved to win- but that was because you were not using #6's and were beating the other boats out there all with #6's.

The boat lands hard because the new hull from Extreme has a big flat pad at the back of the hull. It falls off it, skips off it, you name it, it does it- all wrong.

As Pat said, we'll fix it. We only race to win. You'll see!

Thanks for the good words on your Speedvision broadcast, we do appreciate it.

Chris Weismann, Weismann Marine

PS. Glad to see you finally on board Pat and thanks for stepping in!

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Hi Friends,

Thank you to each of you. Your kindness is overwhelming, including those of you who walloped us on the race course (DJD, Invensys etc.)

It seems to me we have a choice along life's path. We can choose to look for the good in other folks, or find fault. What do we build that's worthy in finding faults?

Disagreement is one thing, heck, if two people agree on everything, one of their minds isn't necessary. It's when disagreement turns to resentment or disdain, that civility is lost.

I look forward to meeting each of you, and hope that if you make it to the Miami boat show, you'll stop by the in water display for Black Thunder. I've been fortunate to provide demo rides for them each year. Whether you're in the market or not is irrelevant. We've usually got a vacant bolster or two and you're welcome to come for a ride. Seems out on the water, running pretty quick, sounds of HP behind you, most troubles seem to disappear.

Look forward to seeing you in February.

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Old 01-09-2002, 06:12 PM
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I've seen a lot of "vacant" bolsters in my time......... frequently, the driver's side............. I've met some "vacant" suits too ......As a matter of fact, I think my attic is vacant.....and has toys in it too.....I'll clean it up as soon as I finish with the hole in my screen door...

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Ok, I don't know Steve from the next guy in line. I'm not a race fan (yet) and I don't know the first thing about the issues you guys are discussing. But I am going to print out T2x's comment, have my kids read it, and tell them they should live their lives in such a manner that someday someone wrights an endorsement like that about them. Personally, I would consider that "success".
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