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Fastest Non Step V-Hull

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Default Re: Fastest Non Step V-Hull

Originally Posted by Steve Miklos
Official fastest would be Gentry Scarab for a straight V
Fountain for a non stepped paded bottom
I believe this is the correct info, in terms of real/official speeds. The Scarab, I believe, was a triple engine 43 and the Fountain would be the twin engined Ohio Steel boat. Both were in the 120+ mph area.
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Default Re: Fastest Non Step V-Hull

Spider-Boat's just shy of 120mph...
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Default Re: Fastest Non Step V-Hull

Originally Posted by vtec
Your saying the sutphen wasn't that good? I've seen video of one racing and it looked a little loose.....but that could be too much trim too.

I'm suprised. But I won't disagree with you (I've never been in one).

Now tell us how much better the apache is................................................ .and that will start a whole new beginning to this thread
Mine was a handful and I spent plenty of time in it in rough water. It ran 104 and had the throttle response of a crotch rocket. It was a light boat and had no chance in big water to stay with an Apache no matter if John Tomlinson was driving. Sorry. In calm water an Apache could never catch it with the lead it would get out of the hole. It took off like a ski boat. Someone said their side by side boat did a little chine walking so you can guess how a full staggered did. You can drive out of anything by slowing down but then it's not the fastest anymore. Speed without a lot of control seems to be non advantageous to the every day boater. All race boats are lose at top speed cause of trim and water conditions. I would think you want a little control for the average boater. My sutphen was not for the faint of heart or the sore of back. NK
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Default Re: Fastest Non Step V-Hull

I think this is what bob is talking about!!
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Default Re: Fastest Non Step V-Hull

NK in all honesty I have never been in a full stagger like you had but in my set up, I have never been into a chine walk with this particular boat. At 90 I can walk away from the helm, absolutely on rails. Possibly with your drive location you were getting more transom lift than with my side by side? Now with smaller Sutphen's I did get into some chine across smooth water...I don't normally run in that anyway. As you know, it will not run thru 10 footers like the Apaches or old Cigs. And they do not hold any speed records. But I would feel confident that with equal hp, they can run with any non-stepped v bottom of equal length...but not on smooth water
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Default Re: Fastest Non Step V-Hull

As far as handling goes nothing beats a staggered setup. They fly much better due to the forward CG. I personally prefer the way they turn but some people have commented they feel like you slide more than they were used to. I have only run the boat to 100 and have never experienced chine walk at any speed in any water conditions from dead flat to 13+. I do have to concede that due to the lighter weight of the boat it is definitely not a wave crusher but you can always go over the top especially with how well balanced the boat is. After researching the speeds of other boats I think up to 120 is fairly safe and has definitely been done my concerns are how far past that???? If it were one of you going for a ride how fast would you want to go in an open cockpit?????
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Default Re: Fastest Non Step V-Hull

not much over 100, gee the new 32 was the balls at the cape race in 04 it was not 05. felt heavy to me but what do I KNOW . WITH CHINE WALK ON ANY BOAT ,ITS LIKE ON A BIKE YOU GET A HIGH SPEED WOBBLE AND EITHER SLOW DOWN OR LEAN TO DRIVE THROUGH IT ,THATS ME ON A BOAT YOU BECOME ONE WITH THE BOAT, IT TOOK ME A WHILE ON MY BAJA 24 NOW DOING 83 WITH OUT THE FULL STEERING HOOKED THIS FALL IT WAS HARD, THEN TRY AND GO DOWN A WINDING RIVER REAL REAL HARD . This spring it will be done so I hope my chine days will be over . sutphens I have been in rode just as nice as the couple OL'S.
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Any update on this? Scarab still has the record?
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