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Welcome aboard mediaman Glad to have you. I didn't catch what you edit for
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Welcome aboard!!!

Digital Photography & Video one BYTE at a time !
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Welcome "PT"

How are things in up in the tundra these days?
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Thumbs up

Nice to see someone in your postion here putting in your 2cents in along with the rest of us.The people I've meet here have been great and I thank them all for the help and laughs I recieve here-Hope you enjoy as much as I do
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Thanks for kind words of welcome. To address some specifics:

Traviss - sorry that was a typo. The word is muckracker. And this is egg on my face.

flylevel - the magazine I edit is Poker Runs America and its special annual edition Offshore Racing, which contains team profiles, rules and regs, etc.

Twin29 - Sorry, the initials were PT (Peter Tasler) not BT (Bill Taylor).

Airpacker - Toronto, where I hang my editorial cape - is also where all the magazine production is done. And it seems you just got your wish for the white stuff we all love to hate especially when we have to shovel snow.

Boatwrecker - I'm like a breath mint and a candy mint rolled into one. My comment about not logging on as a corporate voice stands but I felt I should provide some bona fides when I referred to myself as an informed individual. Make sense?
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I agree to what you are saying. I love boating, but I have to admit, I have lost some interest in Offshore Racing. I think it is a dying sport. I love to go boating, but I don't follow racing that much anymore. I live on the West coast, and there are only (approx.)7 races a year? big deal! Three years ago, the Oceanside,Ca. race had approx. 50-60 entries for the race, the past 2 years only 12-20 boats showed up.It was really pathetic. I don't know why the APBA and SBI can't get along, but I do believe that their battle isn't helping our sport, let's face it, its not even close to becoming AMERICA'S FAVORITE PASTTIME. I think if people can try to work out their differences and put aside their ego's maybe we can make this a more popular sport. There is also the fact that Offshore Racing isn't a good spectator sport, most people can only see a tiny bit of the race from land. If your not out around the course in a boat, you're not going to see much. I wonder if they offered big charter boats for people to get out there to see the races and advertised more and promoted more (there are ways to do this without breaking the bank), whatever the solution is, we need to do something fast to help this sport. Just my .02

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“He who is unaware of his ignorance will be only misled by his knowledge.”

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Welcome to the board, just like any family, we have our, tiffs, spats, name calling, but in the end it all works out, and we just agree to disagree...I look forward to reading your posts and your opinions...
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Hi babe!!!! .......68 degrees here.....well for now at least......
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Alright, alright. Would someone please turn down that banjo music. What's a muckracker?
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