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welcome mediaman....its always nice to get another opinion,I think euby hit the issue on the head. For our sport to grow it needs to appeal to the average weekend boater.One of the reasons I started boating was becouse I can go out on the weekend and go as fast as I can!!!!!no law problems its street racing without the tickets. I personally feel most of the publications dont even cover events like the shoot out at LOTO...and if they do its a half a page with a small picture. These events are the ones that get the average weekend guy involved!Ever seen an article written about the guy next door? I havent, Hot Boat has its reader rides but thats not cutting .02 I've seen riggs around my area that are just plain incredible and never see the likes in any magazine.
If your boat has a sail do you ride a horse to the ramp?
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I was thinking we need to have a race back in Chicago. (sorry 32fever) But in reality a race in Grand Haven would make for better viewing. We have a few great pokerruns, one out of Hammond that poker Runs america already covers and Smoke on the Water. The only trouble is if the water is to rough all we can do is listen to them, for a little while.

Anyway great to have you aboard Mediaman, welcome.

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Welcome aboard Mediaman!
It's nice to have someone involved in Poker Runs America on the board.
Were you involved in the race issue last year? If so, I'd just like to thank you for the two page spread (Adrenaline alley) featuring a picture of us across both pages
Dave D F2-07 Wild Child
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Well said Ken and you're much welcome Wild Child.

Ken, that's maybe even better than I could put it. Like everyone else, I'm waiting to see what happens with the latest RSVP thing. You're probably right. Some new santioning body will have to appear on the race scene, unless APBA Offshore or SBI makes a determined effort to overcome or at least minimize their rivalry penchant. I have always had the greatest respect for both organizations and their achievements to date. Forget about the past, I say, and let's focus on the future. There's so much history when it comes to offshore performance boating that needs to be laid to rest. And, just to make a comment about John Crouse, I met him for the first time in Ft. Luaderdale at the OPBRA race. In my humble opinion, he ain't as bad as people make him out to be. Sure, he's opiniated. So are we all. And, being a journalist, he does sensationalize, maybe more so than some of us like. But, so far as I can recall, he is armed with facts. Why else would any writer/columnist/jornalist publicly print libelous statements? To make a name? Hell, maybe. But then again, even though he has been absent from the scene (and, I suspect never quite that far away), his historyis pretty solid, from what I read. And he definitely is an informed individual. Just to add, I will support people but never endorse them. However, I will respect what they say - provided they're not muckrackers (Ha Ha) working for the Enquirer.
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Warp & Woof
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I'm a little slow, but I'm starting to pickup on the lingo now.

Welcome to the board
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Thumbs up

Welcome aboard Mediaman. I feel Peter has some good points about the future of offshore boating, and we should support him and others like him. We have to look at this 2 ways. We all want to see more racing right. But then all we do is ***** about the people running the events and how poorly the events were run. Well guess what these people are just trying to the best they can and if we give them constructive critsizm rather then ripping on them all the time maybe they will make some improvements to better the sport. I am in charge of a boat club here in Chicago and I have a few members that help out and give suggestion. Then I have the other members who want to ***** about everything and do nothing, but when you ask them to help or ask them to do it next time you never see them. It's the same thing here. Give these people some positive support and things will happen.

Of course then there are people you try to give advice to and there way is the only way. (Well we have to live with those)

So thumbs up to the people who welcome and support people like Peter, and Kiss my TRANSOM to the people who want to pick these people apart.

Just my 2 cents
If you like it rough do it OFFSHORE!!!
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Welcome to the board. I enjoy your magazine; you folks do a great job of putting a human face on performance boating. But I have to admit, as a former newspaper man I am more than a little dumbfounded by the following excerpts regarding Mr. Crouse from your last post:

1. "Being a journalist, he does sensationalize."

Yeah, sure, if he doesn't understand his job.

2. "He ain't as bad as people make him out to be."

Whether or not he's a "good" or "bad" guy isn't relevant. I don't know the man--and it doesn't matter. I only have an opinion of his work, based on his December SeaTalk, and it's a pretty low one.

3. "Why else would any writer/columnist/jornalist publicly print libelous statements"

Why indeed but, as you surely know as a professional editor/journalist, it happens all the time. Consider the paving medium on the road to hell.

Ask yourself this: Would you have run Mr. Crouse's December column in your magazine? The answer, I suspect, is an easy no.

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Kent Perroux
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Actually I do not think that SBI and APBA-Offshore are really competitors in the sport. They both have their specialties. APBA-Offshore has a large fleet of factory and supercat boats with strict rules to govern racing parity. SBI has bigger boats in the Superboat classes and their races are geared towards bigger water. Both offer different prespectives, sort of like the difference between a car and a truck - They are similar, but we enjoy having both.

I enjoy watching both. SBI for the big dogs and APBA-Offshore for the neck-to-neck paint exchanges. I would like to see more divisional stuff with 21-24' boats. This is where people can get hooked without mortgaging a house.

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Hey Peter,

Welocome to a really great site! For those reading this post, I raced in my first offshore race ( after inspiration from Gene Whipp) in 1991. On the 2001 National Tour I got a chance to spend a few hours talking to Peter in Canada. In short I have not meet a single individual that has a more caring and at the same time a more unbiased opinion of offshore racing.

John M Kiely
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