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Saltwater for Fuel

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"Everything that can be invented has been invented"

I know that quote is nothing but an urban legend, but it sure sounds like something a few of you guys believe. Look where we've come in the last 100 years with engines and transportaion. It would be cool to look another 100 years and see what we will be using. We may be wondering why we had those smelly, heavy noisey engines in our cars and boats.

Just like I am sure there were people100 years ago that thought cars and gas engines would simplu ruin the horse industry and never be any good. 100 years before that those steam powered locomotives were going to ruin the landscape. And electricity!! What will the want next, poles and wires running all over the country?

We all know the laws of physics don't change, but we can sure find new uses for them.
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Originally Posted by Propster View Post
Maybe it is not necessary to use electricity to separate the water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen.

A lot of chemicals react violently with water. I will bet that there is a chemical that could be used as a catalyst with water to cause a reaction so violent that the water would separate into its hydrogen and oxygen components.

If the catalyst could be discovered, it could be installed near or in the injector right before it goes into the cylinder.

You could drop some sodium in the water. Creates a good bang!
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Thomas Edison said we don't know 1/10 of 1 millionth of anything (or something like that). When I look at the technological changes that have been made in my lifetime, I wouldn't rule out anything. I remember when we use to cook in the house and crap in the backyard. Now we cook in the backyard and crap in the house. Go figure.
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Wink Houdini in a bottle? I mean Genie!

I remember when we used to do all these neat demonstrations in my college chemistry labs. the effects were visually stimulating but not very practical for use.
I agree that we need to know just how much energy (electricity in watts) was used to generate (BTU's) with this system. As usually becomes apparent with these "finds" the ends usually don't justify the means. Where can we get some more info on this system with real test input/output results? We already have hydrogen powered vehicles and engines but currently the cost of producing the hydrogen is higher than the savings generated by burning it. Maybe marrying these two technologies would be a possible plus? I don't know but its worth a bit of study.

Ray @ Raylar
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I think the one technology that has a chance at least in the auto market will be Fuel Cells.

UTC Power already has commercial units powering Data Centers and other applications.
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I think its cool, everyone on here is looking at it as a replacement for a car or boat motor. Suppose it worked for power stations? wouldn't that stop the greenies from worrying about nuclear? I'm sure if it is producing a substantial amount of energy and thus steam, it would take the place of coal power stations, and then coal could be manufactured into gasoline.
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Originally Posted by seef158 View Post
Does anyone have a clue how the honda fuel cell works? They will be using fuel cell powered cars on a test basis in so cal by the end of the year according to the stuff i read at work(honda dealer) If they can't get more any more energy out than they put in I doubt they would be spending millions upon millions in R&D on it. Check it out:
Honda, and all the other auto manufacturers will spend millions on anything that they can make even more millions on.

Hybrid technology is the best example. It isn't cost effective and it isn't even 'green' when you look at the big picture. But people are still dumb enough to buy them at a premium price. The Honda civic hybrid is also the perfect example of this whole situation... it takes 100+k miles just to break even. Worse than that is the Toyota Highlander where it takes over 300,000 miles to break even (if it even lasts that long).
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I think his cancer treatment has more merit. If he wants to prove the burning water thingy he would need to power the RF source from the flame through a generator of some kind. Create a closed system. It wouldn't work.
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Fuel cells are great but there is no abundant source of Hydrogen on earth. You have the extract it from water which requires lots of energy. Fusion is the best long term answer. Fission for now. Even the greenies are beginning to wake up and realize it is better than oil.

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His RF method of separating water may have some merit if it is a more efficient way than straight electrolysis to create free hydrogen. I would think someone some scientist stumbled upon this method long ago tho and found it not to be as efficient, so they stuck with electrolysis.
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