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What is going on with Poker Runs?

Old 04-11-2008, 09:16 PM
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We get tired of doing the same Poker Runs & killing the life out of our boat !!
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I was going to do two, now I'm doing one. Strictly cash flow. Business is down, I can have several weekends with the family for the grand I would spend doing each run.
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Old 04-11-2008, 09:34 PM
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First. I think there are to many Poker Runs scattered all over the states. The prestiege of the event is going. 15 years ago. some one had to die (sort of speak) to get an entry seat. There was a waiting line. Now you can practically justt show up and run. (which is OK I Guess)
Second. The speeds are way up. (also ok in my book) but scares a bunch or regular boaters away. Being first at the lunch stop is putting a lot of pressures on some. THus the $ they spend, for the horses.
I tried to put a more tuned down PR together (more boating fun, less competative) with OSO guys but case in point... lack of interest.
Third. The guys with bottomless pockets will still run. anywhere. However, many of the baby boomers (with some $ to spare) are getting out of the High Speed stuff and getting into CC's and more creature comfort boats. (Your truly is a few years behind)
Fourth. Gas price and the louzy econ. forcing Poker Runners to be more selective.. attending fewer events. In MHO.
I would not be suprised if more "fun" runs would pop up.
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Originally Posted by Chuck View Post
Is it me or is attendance way down at the poker runs? I was just reading another thread on here and I wanted to chime in but not seem like I was pisssing on the guys thread. When I count the boats there seems to be about 1/3 less than 3 years ago. What do you guys think the reason is, poker run entrance fees, gas, safety issues? I hate seeing this trend!! Tell me what is going on.
I'm just tired of trying to chase you down Chuck

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My opinion.... 20 years ago poker runs started out as
a bunch of guys with performence boats getting together
and having fun. All the boats ran in the 55-70 mph range.
A merc 420 hp was big power in the 80's. Somewhere
along the way, pokers runs evolved into ultra high end,big
money guys racing to card stops at 100 mph plus speeds.
All the guys running 70 mph boats can't keep up, and quite
frankly feel like pee-ons at these runs.That on top of
$800 enrty fees,hotel rooms & fuel turning it into a 3k
weekend is also to blame.
We at Lgpba tried to put on runs for a pretty inexpensive
rate with limited speeds & pace boats. It was very successful
with over 100 boats attending. Problem is,no matter how
hard you work at it,there was always someone Bitc hing.
Usually over such petty things it was unbelievable.
So we are done with our poker runs. To many headaches,
to much liability.

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Originally Posted by 25 hors la loi View Post
Sorry Semper , i am not agree with you ...because when you bought a boat of many thousand $$$ , it`s not a entry fee at 500 to 800 $ can stop you to show your boat at this kind of event .... i think we have to dig more than that ....

and for the gas ...not a 30 % more $$ for a day compare than 2 year a go can stop the Big end boat owner ...
this my 2 cent ...sorry for my bad engish
its 100% or more to me, geenow its 4.00 gal and maybe 5 a gal by summer. I use to take a lot of trips from 90 to 01 the most I paid for gas back then was 1.50 a gal . got in to racing for 02, then got hurt 04 just no extra money for me over the last 3yrs. but I will be out this summer but no long trips maybe 2 to 3 pokerruns up north but there like 200 thats it. we were talking tonight that eight yrs ago gas was a 1.50 and eggs were 89 cent oil was 80cents a gal milk is 4.50 a gal oj6.00a gal, then insurance. I BET IF YOU ADDED UP WHAT YOU PAY FOR ALL THE INSURANCE YOU PAY FOR ITS LIKE 17,500 FOR THE AVG JOE. thats about what I paynot including comp which sucks anyway AIG zucks so you add the cost of living and it is way up for me I now short trips for me hope to do one opa race but I have been hoping to do that since I got hurt.I just can't belive bush isn't doing chit about the high price of fuel, he should go after the spectulators on wall st ok back to boats sorry just venting.
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Jammin on the James in July......
I am a behind the scene helper/organizer. We had room for 80 boats 2 years ago and filled it. Then moved the final destination that allowed us 100 spots and filled it. Last year we had 107. The marina is giving us 110 and we are already around 75 paid entries.
There are a few boats that show up and run over 100mph. There are a few 22 donzi's, etc that come and have a blast too. We split the start to try and let the faster boats go first. There are NO prizes or awards of the speed/size/price of any boat. Ego's are bad enough with our type of boater, we don't need to encourage ANY of them by recognizing it. We do give prizes for the farthest traveled, most festive, and the "Victoria Secret" awards (use you imagination ). The run is turned and stopped just inside the "big" water so that everyone, regardless of boat size can participate. Participants love the laid back atmosphere and the BIG party/band that really rocks. This isn't a run to bring your kids, but you don't have to worry about your boat not fitting in either!!!!

BTW: This run is 100% for Charity, couple hundred dollar entry costs are reasonable and EVERY dollar left over goes to the Shrinners.
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Cash man Cash. Fuels and travel expense
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Whats nice about MASS and RI, theres 2 pokerruns at the border that run 60miles total use to be 100. at 200 bucks. then one on the cape a little more money, one south of boston I think walter collins will put on[ he use to put on the fallriver one] someone else is now since he move the TKO PUB. theres one on the north shore to at the end of the season. so these are easy to get to and have 25 to 50 boats and you can let the fast ones go 1st then the next group and the puzzies last. just kidding. funny in 02 after the cape apba race my copilot quit still was bang up. so I was going by myself but got some poor sole who owned a top gun that was in the shop wanted to ride with me. Poor guy. well we got the holeshot and about two miles in to the run 2 ols mikes new 42GTX, AND SECOND ONE split me down the middle haaha. we were at 70 to 75 and they were 120. thenwe ran with noppermarine until we aired out and stalled the boat everyone past us and it was catch up all day and the guy with me dropped the chart over board so we had to slow down and let others with slower boats lead the way. in 98 I was a nav in a spectra30 with 3 280hp. it was a p boat from apba. the owner bumped into the kill switches and the boat stayed in safety mode untilafter the start. meanwhile he was yelling at his grew chief on the cell phone in front of everyone. so after 15minsafter the start the driver looked and saw what he did. so he looks at me and says which way man. have you evertried to read a chart at 110in a no windshield boat ha haaha. thatwas the best one I was ever on wide open in 5 footers off of newport RI. I was yelling we just went by our card boat they were coming in from B .I. Iwas not holding on to the grab rail and landed on theside of the motors almost. we caught up with everyone but broke a throttle cable on one of the motors the last 2 miles back. thanks carl.
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two words... gas prices
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