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Are cats really that dangerous?

Old 05-04-2008, 09:40 AM
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Default Are cats really that dangerous?

Are cats really all that easy to poleaxe? I know they're harder to capsize side-to-side, but I don't know which is the more frequent type of capsizing incident.

It's rather amusing to see an insurer say "120MPH max no cats", as if the type of hull is going to matter if you hit something or as if somebody will be less of an idiot with a 120MPH V-hull. If anything it costs so much more to drive a v-bottom that fast it's going to cost the insurer more when the owner crashes it.
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No...going fast in a cat is safer than someone trying to push a big V fast, that isnt designed to do so. Yes Cats run some very impressive numbers as far as top speed. Would you rather run 120 in a V or in a Cat. Ive have owned cats and V's no big cats. I have a V that can run over 110 mph. It gets your attention very quick. 110 in a Cat, is like 80 in a V, depending on the size of Cat it may be boring. Insurance underwriting is all about statistics, and their liability. I guess in the insurance co.'s numbers some proven formula, as the speed goes up, so does the chance of a claim. While I think that stereotying is unfair, anyone with the money can go buy a 150 mph boat, regardless of experience, or seat time and go boating. Schools like Tres Martins, are available, and Boat Builders, like Outerlimits, and others offer his course with their boats to try to educate boaters. While I have read some posts on OSO that the cost of the course, isn't worth the 10% reduction in their insurance preimium, it may just may be worth more than and insurance preimium if you ever find yourself in a boat thinking now what do I do? It may save your life.
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It's a great question. Lot's of variables. At any rate....know your powerboat, don't drive it like an idiot, be safe and enjoy yourself. If you do the wrong thing either a cat or V will kill you.
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More money than brains no matter what the driver is behind is what causes most accidents I would bet ?
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Cats cost more to insure IMO because there are a lot less of them and when there is an accident it is very costly. Look at the last few big accidents that involved cats. HUGE claims.... I also feel safer in a cat at speed X then a V bottom and that was a much smaller cat.
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When everything is workin right I'd much sooner be PLUS 140 in a cat than a Vee . but when Drives break or engines poof your ass quickly grabs uphostelrey in a cat.
I suspect that effects insurance rates.
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Cats scare me a little, as a friend/former employer of mine, flipped one and is no longer around.

Big cat, 40+, good driver, good safety equipment, not a guy that had more $$$ than brains. The kind of guy that didn't pound 10 beers and drive.

Made me a believer in V-hulls.
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Ask Roy.
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Originally Posted by Tampa38 View Post
Cats scare me a little, as a friend/former employer of mine, flipped one and is no longer around.

Was that the guy in Tampa area that owned the bar and grills few years ago?

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Default Are cats really that dangerous?

Yes cats can be extremely dangerous---especially when they are holding an AK-47!

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