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Well, a year and a half ago I bought a set of used Stellings headers from Dollar. I asked the condition and if they leaked. The parts guy said they looked great and no leaks. So, for 1000. plus the 60. for UPS, they arrived, and they leaked real bad into the tubes. I called and *****ed and the parts guy said 'I never told you they didn't leak, send them back." Another 60. bucks for UPS and you know what they did? Charged me a 200. handling fee. My credit card company said it was Dollars return policy so they couldn't do anything about the 200. Lived and learned. Sorry Mindi, you didn't help me with that one. But, selling leaky headers must be a good business. Helps sell motors. Should we get into the speedmaster drives with water in them?
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"And what marina or broker is going to let a cert. mech from another company work on their boat."
The kind that wants to sell a boat! If pulling a plug to shove a camera down the hole is considered working on the boat, they are hiding something. A boat is a Big, Expensive purchase. Its worse than house but about the same price (Sometimes More) Houses dont have engines or sit in Salt Water, so you better check everything on your new investment real good before you sighn on that dotted line. A seller should allow a surveyor to go throug the entire boat, and a Mechanical surveyor to open and look wherever he needs to look to be sure the boat and engines are in good shape. And the Broker does not have a say so in who touches the boat. The owner does. The broker is only a middleman to make sure the transaction runs smooth and to assist in any problems throughout the sale. After the sale is final there is no longer a buyer and a seller. There is a new owner and someone that owned that boat in the past. That is why we write so many stinkin contracts and if there are questions we address them ahead of the closing.
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hey 26 scarab, a leakdown test is the best!!!!! it tells you the actual percentage of leakage in every cylinder,if done right, i wonder if any body checked the timing on the lower rpm motor spoken about in the previous posts? tripps
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But again the paper is only as good as the company behind it. I still can't see a broker letting someone take the valve covers or more off an engine they are trying to sell.. AND SO YOU HAVE IT SURVEYED AND THEY DON'T FIND ANYTHING WRONG. THE ENGINE BLOWS UP -WHAT DO YOU DO THEN --COURT -- LAW SUIT -- I DON'T THINK SO - THE COST WOULD BE MORE THAN WHAT IT IS WORTH. AND THEY KNOW THIS.
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Cool Buying Used Parts

Hey DanL,
Buying used marine parts especially stainless headers is just like playing craps in Atlantic City. The used headers pressure tested fine but only god knows how long they are going to keep doing there job correctly a day,a month or maybe even a year or longer. You purchased the headers knowing this right? Our used parts policy is this when you recieve the parts they are yours NO RETURNS We bent the rules and allowed you to return the headers to us minus a restock charge for credit card processing fees and freight. If you would have purchased new headers you would have not had this issue and they would have come with a warranty from the manufacturer.

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Hey, Too Old,you are absolutely right. Since I am also familiar with that particular survey I guess if you and I trusted that surveyor's report you would be boating now instead of working on the boat.This guy had all kind of initials and titles and BS on his business card but I guess he was the former owner's brother-in-law or something.Next time I'll do it myself. How's the boat coming?
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GOODFELLA --- I think the problem is [ from what I read ] that people in your company can't tell the truth and won't fess up to making a mistake. You guys make a mistake and it costs US - the public. WHY WOULD YOU GUYS SELL LEAKING HEADERS. YOU DON'T STAND BEHIND YOUR WORD??? WHAT CAN WE TRUST FROM DOLLAR. If the parts guy didn't say that they didn't leak then why would the price be $1000. Wouldn't leaking headers be almost worthless??? And good headers don't leak the first time you start the engine...
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I'm still curious about the speedies with water in them..?
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Default quick trigger finger?

I've been in the tech/service business for a lot of years myself-

after following this and the related threads I just can't see how some people can be so quick to Hang the crew at Dollar out to dry

as a neutral party looking in it's clear that there have been some occasions with different sides but when does this not happen in a business like this? buying used exhaust? Isn't the leading reason to replace them is because they corrode and leak eventually- I've heard of new CMI's leaking. I've pressure tested many jet engine parts in the business of repairing them, it's not uncommon for them to leak/not leak in back to back tests- just because it does not leak does not mean it's not cracked or about to leak either, just one thermal expansion cycle can push something over the edge.

Just some more.02!
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