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the real story...

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Default the real story...

O.K., Regarding the Active Thunder Sale to OT...If anyone would like to hear the real story; you are welcome to call Tom Martin, my salesman, or myself at 800-376-1616. At the time of the sale, there were no problems with the boat.
I think it is sad that someone, (who did not take our advise and have a used boat professionally surveyed), can post accusations that are untrue.
We can only represent the seller and buyer to the best of our abilities. If a buyer has made up his/her mind as to what they want, then we are obligated to Broker the mutual agreement between the buyer and seller.
I was not even aware the engine failed until I read the “bad broker” thread…
If OT had contacted me (Mindi Doller, the Broker of record) directly when he was not satisfied, I would have contacted the seller, as my salesman was trying to do.
The insinuation that we tried to mislead him re: the port engine is ludicrous.
We have worked very had to build a reputation for integrity in this business, and constantly strive for excellent customer service. I hope our many satisfied customers proves this so.
Mindi Doller, Doller Offshore Marine, Inc.
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IF the engine was fine than why was there a 300 rpm drop in rpm??? And if the engine was fine WHY did you renegotiate the price $3000 lower to cover this problem with this engine...

If your mechanics looked at that engine than you were working for the buyer because he paid for 1/2 of this work. You don't stand behind your work???

If this is the normal practice of doing business with your company than I will make sure that I never do business with your company...

I have been in the service industry for 27 years and I do stand behind all of my work. ALL OF MY WORK IS GARANTEED.
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SORRY DOLLAR.... not good enough.... you should have at least returned the buyer's phone call... Reputation Tarnished... No way around that...
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Boy oh Boy, Well Tinker....
The only thing my mechanics did was verify oil pressure, both engines were fine except one read lower oil pressure on the gauge. First we checked the gauge to check accuracy, and used a mech gauge on the engine to verify the oil pressure. Although it was slightly lower, it was still well within the limits for that engine. If this had been a single engine boat there would not have been any question. PRM's were fine on the water test, by the way.
I did this at the buyers request... and I picked up 1/2 of the bill for him when he did not want to pay it upon closing.
The lower price was negotiated because they buyer was trying to get a deal, don't we all?
I stand behind all of our work, but only if WE ACTUALLY DO IT !
We did not, and I repeat, did not, do anything except check out a few things the customer asked. and I repeat we did tell him he should have a Professional Surveyor check any used boat.
I have called the buyer back, and until I was made aware of this, I did not know my salesman had not returned his LAST call, they did speak several times. So before you make a judgement call, make sure you have the facts right. This will teach me not to carry my laptop around all weekend..That is the end of the story.
Mindi Doller
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I have visited Doller on several occasions and found the service to be excellent. They fixed a drive for me at a last minute notice and were very fair with price. I dont know if the sale of the boat really falls in there hands. If they broker a
boat the only real service is being a middle man.
I guess in My opinion before you buy a boat you have a survey done.
Just my 2 cents
David Ledford
Hotboat mag aug issue pg 85
Champagne taste on a beer Budget

C. P. B. A. Carolina Power Boat Assoc
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I too have done business with Doller.....aside from my differences with one salesman, I have nothing negative to say.....I really fail to see what Mindy would have to gain by knowingly trying to decieve someone in this way.....really........ think about it.....if anyone is to blame it would be the salesman for not following up on the deal........Why would you risk your good name on a oversight like this..........Mindy runs an honest business........
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Doller Offshore (Mindy & crew) have always treated me well. I have purchaced many drives (usually last minute emergency) and parts. They have always treated me fairly and given me quality products.
Sorry to hear about the engine trouble but if there was a question, mabe a full engine survey should have been done or even the sale contingent upon opening up the engine to check it out?

F2-07 Wild Child
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Thumbs down

BUT I thought the question was a difference of 300 rpm between the two engines not a difference in oil pressure.. If I found a difference in rpm of 300. I would first have checked to make sure the props were the same pitch and brand. And I would have checked the grease in the drive for bad signs then I would have checked the plugs to see if they were the right color. As long as I had 10 psi for every 1000 rpm I wouldn't have checked oil pressure. I would have checked under the valve covers and the dip stick for signs of water. The final thing I would have done was a compression check. If nothing showed up after these tests then I guess I would just take my chances. But the engines were advertized as new rebuilt with 10 hours. AND YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT LOOKED AT THEM. AND I ALWAYS DO MY RESEARCH.

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Default call a spade a spade

Tinker- your points are well taken but it seems what the buyer implied and what he actually asked Mindi & Co. to do are quite different.

A professional survey was advised but the buyer chose not to. He did ask to have a few things checked, and was informed of the results of what he asked them to check. With that limited information and remaining doubt which he fully admitted to, he elected to buy anyway.

It also seems that the buyer implies his call was not returned when it sounds more like there were several calls back and forth, and perhaps his last call was unreturned- perhaps there was no new info or he had been given a final and fair answer- all we can do is speculate.

Certainly enough info has been shared which casts serious doubt to any claims against Dollar. They have many satisfied customers, many of which are board regulars, including myself and have rightly earned a good reputation.
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BUT, would you actually spend the money for a survey of FRESH power with ONLY 10 hours from a reputable dealer that claims the engines are new?
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