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Whats with all the Bashing???

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Old 06-13-2010, 04:01 PM
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You guys are all unbelievable!

Shogren - you wanted to just drop it and even went as far as deleting all of your posts on the last topic and yet here you are still talking about it! If you stop posting then in 2 days when this post falls of of page 2 of "new posts" it will be forgotten!

In regards to the bashing and using the forum as a way to do this....well guess what, welcome to the digital age! The main purpose of this forum is sharing of information, whether certain people feel it's good or bad tough $hit! If your going to be a member of this forum and a dealer in the industry you have to take the good with the bad! I am sure if the post was about a fantastic experience the buyer had had with a dealer then the discussion would go on for pages and pages and the post would probably have never been closed!

Truly drop it and move on!!
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Originally Posted by drypipetiger View Post
Sounds painful!
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Yes the bashing needs to stop.

For most of us here, boating is an escape from our own lines of work that cause stress and OSO is a land-locked boater's "fantasy league" for all things marine.

As for the digital age, it presents one more "filter" that can mask truth, cause misunderstanding, and seemingly remove any accountability for one's words or actions.

Try to imagine OSO as a big room where we are all face-to-face and in person interacting. Also, the truth about every comment made to each other is announced immediately after it is said if it does not agree with the original statement.

How much bashing do you think would go on in this big room ?
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Originally Posted by Fast Shafts View Post
I may be the exception here, but I find some of these threads informative. I recently found my race engine siezed after paying a highly respected performance shop to winterize it. I haven't "bashed" them on line-but I wished I had read threads from others before going to this shop. How a shop/builder handles a problem can make all the difference. If a builder/shop handles the problem fairly, this should be posted also.
If you check the forum index there's a 'beware and stolen' forum where this gripes can be posted.
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Originally Posted by mastercraft240 View Post
Get over here and change my blown start before I start bashing your @ass with miller lights.
You could break an Anvil!!!
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"mob mentality" is always a real concern with forums.

I thoughT the shogren topic was a bit sudden and mostly un called for. I think the outerlimits topic is a topic that is discussed all the time with various companies being the topic/ complaint (TS design) and that thread only really had one person saying something that was preceaved negative, and I didn't even read the other thread.

With the whole CS/serious thing I think a lot of people are pissy and edgy.

What'cha gonna do?

I can tell you this; most in the industry lurk on here, even people you wouldn't'd be suprised. And most of them would rather not have direct contact via computer with the mob mentality, "nitwits", know it alls and "keyboard cowboys". Doesn't matter if there's drama or not IMHO.
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I've stayed pretty much away from OSO general discussion for several months, and am laughing that this is the first thread I pick out and read. Guess I will go away for another 6 months....
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I am typically a lurker, and rarely ever post, but this exact topic has been really nagging me lately. I have had a terrible experience with a "well known" engine builder, and know of several others that are in the exact same boat as I. I had planned to post a "warning" and state a quick case (no name calling), but with the way a lot of threads turn on these boards I am thinking I won't because of the "attack" that I don't want to deal with. It is too bad because next year there will be several more people wishing they had known our situation.
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I have to agree with thisistank. I have come here less lately because of all the whining going on. It seems that the Beware and Stolen forum is usually the same group of guys taking turns bashing the same guy over and over. It would be easier to take if it wasn't the same guys every day. Then the threads bashing a marina, engine builder or boat sales, usually by someone with less than 20 posts. Not that the post count has anything to do with it but if I see lots of posts it seems to have more creditability. It seems to me like so many here have an agenda and seldom are open minded about it.
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OSO is a big place. Quite frankly, if you don't like a certain thread or topic - stay away from it. There's plenty of other stuff to talk about and plenty of other threads (99% of them) that don't involve drama. The problem is, most like the drama and feed it. A lot of the time it's like that car wreck you just can't look away from.

I've been posting or lurking on here since Jeff Cheng started OSO. There's always been some type of drama ever since the beginning. I could fill pages on a thread talking about all tebdrama over the years. The stuff posted lately is Just another round of it. Its like hemeroids, it flares up at different times and spots and then goes away. This round will go away too.
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