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need answers to "how much does your boat cost?"

Old 05-02-2002, 02:00 PM
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i usually use "Think 6 figures,more or less" and leave it at that.If they continue to ask,I usually ask if they think they can afford one on what they make.If they answer yes,I will tell them waht it cost.If they answer NO,then I reply "then why are you asking".

PS,Elimi,what speed #s you get for us eliminator guys,have you nailed it to the dash yet?
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Old 05-02-2002, 02:00 PM
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The above replies are some really good responses that I think I may use, depending on what person is asking and how they ask.

For myself I find this question coming from those guys we call Ramp know the guys with no teeth that hang out at the ramp and talk about there past days and trying to get a ride on your boat, or it's the average teenager going fishing with his friend and his uncle...I think when I get this question they just want to know if I am a drug dealer or not, but then I just ignore the question and ask my wife to bring the baby from the truck.

If they persist in the question then I just respond with...let's just say I have good credit and if they want what I got they should call their bank.
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I have had numerous people ask the $$ question. I usually just tell them, I really don't care what they think. I then sometimes get the "you are to young to afford something like that". I have found that alot of people underestimate the cost of the boat. They think you can get one for around 50k, and I tell them it is more than twice that and they are shocked.
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Kind of funny how clueless non-boating types can be when it comes to the price you pay to play. My brother is a good example, smart guy, University of Michigan MBA, financial planner for Merrill Lynch, etc.

He comes out to the boat with the Admiral and I. We get the boat ready to head out, and I mention to the Mrs that I'm going to stop at the fuel dock and fill up. My brother overhears and (tries to) slip the Mrs a $10.00 "for gas". I asked him what he wanted me to do once I started it...

Conversation moves on into the details and he wants to know how big the tank is, "25 or 30 gallons?" Try 100.

"How much gas do you use in a weekend?"

"Maybe 3/4, maybe a tank and a half, depending on how much running we do. At $2.50 a gallon."


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It's too bad that the cost should be an outsiders interest. It's only natural, but it always makes me feel a little guilty for what I have. That's not really fair, but such is life. I had some boats at my house the last two weeks working on them for friends, and finishing my old boat which I had sold. Then I brought my 45' trailer home for my Fountain for several days before finding it a summer home. My retired neighbor says to me yesterday, "June and I were just saying, You must be just getting rich, we see you buying new boats all the time." I laughed and said, " Yeah, If I didn't have some many toys, I wouldn't have to live in such a small house next to people like you!". He laughed and didn't say anything else.
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Originally posted by Fever Mike
I get the same thing with my 2000 Fountain 29 Fever. It is usually a couple standing there with 3 kids. I tell them my wife and I don't have kids and all there expense or college to save for and the boat is our kid!
Mike C.

Just think how I feel when people ask me and I have the wife and my three kids on board It's funny, some people just don't ask. They must realize that my wife and I have our hands full with the three kids and don't need any questions from the dock
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I was actually the second owner of my boat. So what I do is say "to replace this boat the way you see it here is about $120,000." I do like some of the ones you guys posted. Great thread!

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.. i can somewhat relate to the Dad delima.. ove the yrs my father has asked what i have paid for some of the toys i have gone thru..My parents always being well off but very very prudent in thier spending made me feel as though i was wiasting money all the time... they never said it but i just felt that way..I tell them all in great detail if they ask...and have come to find out that even though they don't always agree, they do have a sense of pride that I have become what I have and can afford to do what i do albeit.. i do not have 6 figure boat YET !! they even ask about dif projects I am working on and really do have a interest in my hobbies...
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Default awesome thread

I agree with indy
I just tell them it cost A LOT and leave it at that. However, if I am talking to a fellow boater and the interest is genuine, I have no problem sharing.
But then again I have not had anyone just persist. I am going to try and remember some of these for the future.

Actually sometimes I'm embarassed to even tell people how big of a boat it is (only 28'). They're always "oh man that's huge!" I always think to myself, if you only knew what I wish I had...
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This is a great thread...

I usually just say "Too Much"..99% of people will not follow up to a vague answer like that. Or I'll point to a bigger boat than mine and say "A lot less than that one". I've never really had anyone press me, but if they ever do I will piggy back Baja and say "what is your annual income" if they tell me I'll let them know if they could afford one or not.
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