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Originally Posted by emilsr View Post
Valid and interesting question. Obviously I can only speak for myself, but will be curious to see how everyone responds.

I "discovered" OSO about 4 years ago so haven't been around as long as some. At first I found it to be a great source of information and so was happy to pony up the entrance fee.

As time went on though I grew tired of the endless bashing. It seemed like every disagreement degenerated into name calling and threats...some veiled and some not so veiled. When IB took over it seemed to get even worse.

I've always been of the opinion that boaters need to look out for each other, and that opinion has been verified time and time again on the water. Boaters, in general, are the most friendly and helpful group of people you'll ever hope to run across. I grew up boating with my dad from a young age, have stepped away from the hobby a couple of times over the years, but always seem to come back. Time on the water is great of course, but it's the people that really make it what it is.....a great hobby/sport for just about anyone who wants to participate.

I don't see that camraderie (for the most part) on OSO. Sure, there are some great people here and some very knowledgeable folks willing to help one another and share their vast knowledge. Unfortunately all that gets lost when the vocal minority are monopolizing threads with their keyboard cowboy antics. I'm fairly active on a couple of other boating forums where this sort of behavior is either frowned upon or not tolerated at all. If/when OSO moves in this direction then I'll be glad to become a dues paying supporter again, but I don't care to read about who hates who, and I especially don't want to get drawn into that sort of rock throwing contest ever again. In the meantime I'll just lurk and hope to occasionally find something worth reading out of the thousands of worthless posts.
I agree with much of what you have said, "you grew tired of the endless bashing and name calling and threats" etc. It is unfortunate because there really isn't any need for that kind of behavior on this site. There are a handful of them here who always have to talk smack and many ego's. I beleive in freedom of speech, which is every one's right, I just think that they go over board and ruin the forums by being like that and it turns people off from this site. In cases like this, it is best to just ignore them and there comments, which is also your right to do. I use to subscribe to several Performance Boating Magazines each year but now I just subscribe to one. To me OSO has everything that I'm interested in and it is well worth the cost of my membership to make sure that this sites is maintained. OSO is educational and at times entertaining and is well worth the cost to me.
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Originally Posted by VtSteve View Post
$24.95 a year for Gold membership.
VtSteve ... for 6mos.

$44.95 for 1yr Platinum

I just re-upped my membership after 1yr+ registered. Missed certain areas and features
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If I started paying again I would post in the politics forum and just get banned again and lose the money like the last three times. Not gonna do it, wouldn't be prudent.
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Then don't post in the politics.
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Originally Posted by catastrophe View Post
As I move around the board I see a lot of people on here that are "Registered"
Absolutely not bashing or having any negative opinion re these folks , just curious.

In a lot of the cases some of these folks have been here a long time and are really active and injecting great input, so I dont understand why they would remain as non paying.

I've seen people say that they cant post pics etc. when they wanted to expand on a point or participate in a topic that required pics.
There are some sections here you cant read without being more than Registered and again it makes me wonder with those that spend so much time on here and obviously enjoy the banter , why they would want to miss any of it.

Not negative...just curious.
Catastrophe It's a legit question and I'm going to answer it from both sides of the coin.

1st I'll answer it as forum member. The membership / and their participation in the website is what gives the site it's value. Think about that for a second. Less people / less advertising dollars. Less people smaller site / less information. Less people the place is worthless. The value of the website as a whole comes from your participation / my participation and everyone elses participation.. Every time a post is made on here it raises the value of this place some fraction of a cent.

As a forum member I ask myself, why would I pay to bring value to someone elses table? It doesn't make sense..

Now here's the other side of the coin the forum owner.

I own one of the largest, and by far and away the most participated in, performance boating forum on the west coast.

Being a poster first I couldn't imagine fleecing my membership for money. If the site is worth it's salt that's what the advertisers are for..

As a forum owner though I see this place and I'm jealous to no end.. You see our main site on the west coast was Hotboat (RIP), and because it was free it more or less set the standard. People are used to it and nobody is going to pay. If I were to take away privileges and charge to get them, people would just run to PB.. If PB did it, they'll all just goto my site. So we are in a catch 22.. If myself and PB both charged someone else will just start a free one.. LOL

If I could get 1/3rd of my membership to pay 40.00 a year like here I'd have an extra 70K in my pocket each year. I'd have to have a porn section or something to charge for though, and more or less "add" things, because I'm not in a position where I could take anything away.. If I did again everyone would just run to PB..

At the end of the day though.. Forum owner / and poster.. If the membership brings the value to the site, then charging for membership just seems like "double dipping" to me.

Make no mistake though, and remember that "jealous to no end" comment above.. If I figure out a way that I could sell a membership on the West coast and get away with it, I'll do it in 2 seconds flat.. I believe PB would as well. LOL

This is just more what people are used to then anythign else.. Where I'm from nobody is used to paying.. Over here people are used to it, and it's frowned upon if you don't. (on some level)

I wish I could get my membership to have that sentiment.. LOL Make my toy fund a lot bigger a lot faster!


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Once you go VIP, you never go back...
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I believe this non-paying trend is a reflection of how things have changed, and are still changing...
Now before anyone takes exception, remember I was in on the early pages of Xcav8r's "real WAG" thread some 8 years ago...

The sport is dying. A slow death but death nontheless.
The "big days" as in easy $ days of the 90's that carried over by momentum into the new millenium, that was the lifeblood of the perf boat sector/demographic are gone and never to return...
That same demographic is now 10-15-20 years older, and for many the "hardcore" "dedicated to this" days have run their course as is often the case with hobbies and interests. Life changes and interests change- it's wholly natural really...
Yes, many will hang on 'cause... well, the good fast times and the memories associated are hard to let go...

the great majority, if they are staying in, aren't buying new perf boats! If they are buying it's comfort and something more all-around usable.
Or like myself looking at waterfront and a center console!?
Think about it...if you love the WATER so much (which your years perf boating certianly cemented) the natural progression of the love of the water is to live waterfront, at least seasonally, and be happy to be there, and on the water in something utilitarian and easy to keep.
Only so many hours in a day, and frankly I'd like to spend more time relaxing and less time taking care of all this stuff that doesn't pay you back in value.

also, not alot of new blood coming in to the sport either!
exhorbinant costs, tight money- you get it.

The whole feel changed here when Steve sold. Some of you will say it's still here but it's not. (see above about wanting to hang on...)
Some of the members remain, but the "feel" that this was something exclusive amongst us?
NOPE- gone
gone corporate which many of us after the last 20 years in this country just have an inherant distaste for...

Smart guy that Steve cashed out just right as very much of the writing above was already on the wall.

bottom line:
I belong to at least one forum for each of my interests...
there is nothing "spectacular" here to be the only one I pay for.
I have NO trouble sharing info and assistance anywhere I don't get charged, and yup, you can get porn and politics anywhere

been up all night and may not have been the most eloquent with my post but I can't imagine I'm the only one!
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Interesting thread.

Few short points and I'm done:

- There is a sense of entitlement in some response that is frighteningly misguided in a free enterprise society. If all had that thinking this site would not exist, period.

- Just like life and evolving in society if idiots show up or post, move away and ignore, "don't feed the troll". No one is obligated to keep reading anything.

- Most business connection in my professional life have been made or are tied to people I have met here. I would not say that being here on OSO gets all the credit but it facilitated a lot of dealings.

- I have met and become friends with the greatest, most trustworthy and reliable friends on this site. The odd idiot shows up just as in life, I then just deal with it for what it's worth.

- The benefits I have gotten from relationships built on this site cannot be evaluated in dollars.

- If you see no value in a fee for keeping this site going by contributing and taking advantage of all this, maybe your not using this tool right... But that is your right!

As Forrest Gump says, " That's all I have to say about that"

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Originally Posted by Rippem View Post
The sport is dying. A slow death but death nontheless.
The "big days" as in easy $ days of the 90's that carried over by momentum into the new millenium, that was the lifeblood of the perf boat sector/demographic are gone and never to return...
I disagree with your word choice.

Not 'dying'... evolving. Just like everything else in life.

I prefer to take a wider view. People are always going to love boating and being on the water, and a good percentage of those people are going to want to go fast.

And, I'm with GLH on the membership thing. Can't put a price on the friendships I've made here.
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Originally Posted by jayboat View Post
No refunds- official policy.
Now that you officially know about it, it's time you posted in the 'wives and girlfriends' thread.
Ditto on that one Jay
official policy
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