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Kids & Powerboats


Old 06-03-2002, 06:45 PM
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Maybe next month...
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Since my son was born in January I thing he did not get his first boat ride until March (3 months). My daugher was born in July & I think I waited until she was maybe 14 days old. I had to wait until wife felt good enough to go out. It was a long time ago (18 years) so I might have mssed on the number of days +/-
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One daughter was 1 year old -- the other 6 months old when first out on the boat. They're 10 and 5 now.

They love the sport.

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We started with our daughter when she was 9 months. You need to slow down and just have some patience. Keeping her cool and out of the sun was the biggest challenge. Number two is due in July and we will have him/her out next May!
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Our first was a regular at 15 days old. Second started at about 4 months when the weather broke. They are now 10 and 11 with their own boat. They are real good about using the radio and safety procedures etc. Can't start them too young as long as you explain everything you are doing and what the consequences are if you do not.
Tim T.
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Our son is 22 months now and has been out on the boat 4 times this year. At 10 months last year we took him out a couple of times. Its true about the engine noise putting them to sleep. All it takes is about 15 minutes of a finely tuned big block barking out of 4" transom exhaust at 3000rpm to put him to sleep. We put in and before the first no wake zone he is sound asleep in the cabin for about an hour and a half. Heck bringing him along on our 22 footer convinced my wife that we should buy the 27 footer we have now. Man do I love having a kid! Everytime he sees our boat or any other for that matter he yells, "Ride Boat Daddy!". He tries to climb in the boat in our driveway. Its funny, he grabs the trailer beam and kicks a leg on it like he can climb in the boat like that. Seriously though a 2 year old is a handfull on a boat and the bulk of the work goes to my wife with me driving. So be aware that your first mate will need a lot of help. It also makes going out without him more enjoyable because its so much easier. Boating is a lifelong family hobby.


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Default Kids

Lets see, Frankie was crawling so he was about 6 Months, Sean was born in a boat almost! He was bounced around when my wife was pregnant and was about 3 Months old when he took his first boat ride, He fell a sleep at 70MPH and he still doe's it today.
Got to love it!
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Last year was my first time taking my girlfriends 3 kids on the boat. 2 boys and a girl , boys are 8 and 10 and the girl is 6.
Well my boat is quite loud (big cam and dry exhaust) and when i fired it up the kids eye's lit up, they were like ..."wow" .
They loved the boating experience, the funny thing is with the kids on board I never went over 3200-3300prms (44mph) and the little girl looked over at me and said "doesn't this go any faster ?" I just shook my head and laughed !
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Luke was 6 weeks old friday, We had him out at 2 weeks. He rides in his car seat or rides in a baby bijorne on mom. He sleeps alot, just have to be sure to keep out of the sun.
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This is really turning out to be a great thread! Keep 'em coming! ThunderDan is that so the water can warm up?

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