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Old 06-03-2002, 10:32 PM
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you got that right Tim....
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Tim, your wife might be right about the "brain" thing. Come to think of it, I was out boating at a very young age also. That is what happened to most of us, the OSO membership. Thats it we are "Boat Heads"
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Old 06-03-2002, 10:36 PM
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Our son was 4 months when we took him out for the first time. We had a 17' bow rider at the time and he was our spotter when we waterskied on an inland lake up north. Our daughter was an October baby, so she had to wait until she was 7 or 8 months old. They are 5 1/2 and 8 now and still fall asleep, usually on the way back to the dock. They know how to start the blowers, tie a cleat hitch and get out the fenders.

Even though they are fun to have on the boat, it's still nice to go without them once in awhile.
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My daughter was about six months old for her first ride on the boat. She's 2 1/2 now and talks about going for a boat ride every single day (usually more than once if you know what I mean ) My son took his first boat ride at 3 and now (at 8) wants to help me drive It is truely fun for the whole family!!
Attached is a pic from last weekend
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Our son was 8 months when we took him out in our 19' Mastercraft ski boat. The car seat worked great, just don't let the boat "slap" too hard, young eyes can get detached retinas easier than adults. Other than that, go easy and keep them out of the sun.

Dave W.
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I guess I'll be in the market for either an umbrella or a temp. bimini huh? Ahhh! Hell no, they can go in the cabin and turn on the 2.5/40 Air Condtioning! (Open hatch and run the 2.5's at 40 MPH.

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My oldest was about 2 for his first ride and he is turning into a serious boater at 12(you saw his new toy). My youngest was about 8 months on his first ride and he falls asleep every time. He slept for about an hour in 3-4's this weekend Of course having a big cabin and all the stuff makes kids on the boat a little easier. Thank goodness we have 2 different berths for them cause there's NO WAY they would sleep in the same place
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My son had his first boat ride at 5 months old and I only waited that long because the weather was a little too cool. By the end of summer last year he'd been out 5-6 times and the starting of the engine still gave him a little scare, as it still does at 17 months old.
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My oldest Son was driving a Boat at the age of 4, with myself onboard of course, Thanks Sharkey for bringing back the memories, He also starts Collage next year where did all the time go? Suddenly I feel very old.

Best Regards
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Here is a photo of the nearly 50 kids in attendance at the last Heat Wave Poker Run. Our poker runs aren't just for the adults. The kids need to have fun also.
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