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GPS data behind the "My Way" shootout runs.

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Default GPS data behind the "My Way" shootout runs.

Don't know if this has been posted yet. If so I'll delete.

Thought it was pretty interesting.

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The powers at be should regroup on how speed is measured
this is not the first time this has happened.
I can only imagine the frustration involved in running under
these conditions.
The contenders are certainly appreciated.
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WOW!!! great info
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Intersting for sure.......
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WOW, those are impressive speeds!!! Sure has to be a better way to measure boat speeds than the current set-up.
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I think the point has been reached where the event organizers need to find a different means of accurately recording speeds.

Maybe they should install sealed self powered GPS units in each boat right before the run and retrieve it right after the run and use that data.
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Even though it's a charity event, it needs to be accurate. The guys who show up, spends thousands of $$$ for and during this weekend, and risk even more by running their stuff all out. Also, going 220 mph, is a big deal. When someone volunteerly do this for our entertainment, it needs to be spot on. Otherwise it's pointless IMO. Get rid of the radar system.
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In this day and age...
This video clearly shows the technology is here(and has been for years) to do the RIGHT job..!!!
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Great video and thanks. Technology is what they (loto shootout) needs to do the correct job.
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I am not trying to take anything away from MYWAY. The boat is beatiful and very fast.
What is decieving is this, the course is 1 mile from start to finish lines but the rader is measuring you approximately 400' in front of the the finish line which makes the actual course 4880' or approximately .9 of a mile. All of this was covered at the 2010 drivers meeting but was not touched on at this years drivers meeting.
For people that do not believe that 400' makes much of a difference, look at this way. The boat accelerated form 40 to 217 in 5280' which means it picked up .033MPH per foot. Take 400 and multiply .033 and you get 13.2. Take 13.2 from the 217 mentioned in the video and you would get 204 on rader because it rounds up past 99.9 MPH. What this must means is somewhere during the course the boat must have accelerated more than .033 mph per foot to get the extra 4 mph. What would be real interesting is if they changed the data to measure it at 4880'.
My point in all this is I believe you all are trying to fix something that is not broken. I know that after doing some playing with mine if I used my chart plotter and looked at the speed I was going after .9 of a mile and using my GPS the speed was the same as the rader. If I look at it after 1 mile there is about 3 mph difference.
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