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GPS data behind the "My Way" shootout runs.

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Originally Posted by buck183 View Post
Let me know when you're ready to check it off your bucket list. I'll make sure I'm there to help show you around.

Will do,I definitely do not want to go up there blind!!

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Here is a post worth mentioning.

If I may quote Chip Romer from another thread.
By the way Congrats Skater Bro 191 Dam thats hauling the mail!

Originally Posted by scoop123 View Post
Thanks for all your positive comments on our run. Although I feel I need to set the record straight from my perspective. The radar at LOTO is very accurate, where and when it reads your speed. Try to fight a ticket in court. This speed contest is to start at or below 40 MPH (radar verified) then go the distance of 1 mile and document the highest speed in that distance via a radar gun. We did 191 MPH at the spot the radar gun registered. No Doubt… But if you notice in the video I did not let off the throttles at the end of the 1 mile course. I stayed in them for a couple of seconds in the shut down area to make sure I got everything out of the run. My boat is still accelerating until I stop applying power. My GPS is recording the highest speed no matter the distance. So in 1 mile plus the distance I went until I pulled the throttles back I did 198 MPH via my GPS. I should not have put my GPS number in the video. It leads one to believe I am contesting the radar number. I am not… The contest is the fastest speed you can go in 1 mile not 1 ½ miles. If the course were 1 ½ miles we would have done 200 MPH but it is 1 mile. The shootout radar recordings are accurate. We did 191 MPH at the 1 mile mark, period. And what a ride it was… Chip
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Default Another point of view...

Originally Posted by 29scarab10 View Post
... What would be real interesting is if they changed the data to measure it at 4880'...
Interesting idea. Thanks for posting!

I checked out the data at 4880'. It was a bit of an approximation, but based on the 217 mph run, the speed at 4880' was about 213 mph.

FYI, from 70 mph to 217 mph, the accel (per time) dropped to one fifth. In the same stretch, the accel (per distance) dropped to one sixteenth. It's not useful to measure it that way. Use time, but remember that it's still not constant. If you use standard equations of motion the math works out with no 'missing' speed or time.

If you have other ideas post them and I'll try to reply.


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Default Thansk for the feedback...

Thanks to everybody for posting their thoughts on the video.

It's easy to post stuff on YouTube. But sometimes it's tricky to initiate dialog without having the whole thing blow up. I tried my very best to shed light on some ideas while remaining as objective as possible. I'm pleased to see the response.

The numbers are posted for 2011. I don't imagine they'll change and I personally wouldn't want them to. This is an event for fun and charity. Besides, where would it end? What was David Scott's actual speed? What about Callan's 209 record? What about the 100 mph runners? I think we should encourage people to be confident to post their GPS numbers for the heck of it, as unofficial as it may all be. It's a spectator event... so let the fans know.

Continue to post your thoughts. If I see questions embedded that I can chase with facts and numbers I'll try my best to respond.

Thanks again to everybody. And a huge thanks to the MyWay crew for providing access to the numbers during the event, and access to the raw data the week after. Clearly people were interested in knowing.

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Originally Posted by 29scarab10 View Post
Other dealt with the problem in other ways for example Eddie Young and Bruce Gibson covered the noise of there boat in a metal tape.
What was the difference between their GPS and the radar? Anyone know?

Maybe the answer is as easy as a roll of aluminum duct tape for each driver.
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