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What does your significant other think about boating?

Old 04-16-2012, 12:29 AM
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I just pay for her boat. I'm perfectly fine with any boat that has a motor. I love going fast but I also like cruiser room when I get there. We joke that my wife owns the Cig, my 7 y.o. daughter owns the cruiser, my 12 y.o. son owns the fish and ski and I own the the paddle boat.... and I gave the paddle boat to the neighbor a few weeks ago.
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did anyone said her wife says it is too expensive? mine does !!!!
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She doesn't say anything since I don't have an S/O
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My wife can barely swim so she has a little fear of the water.

My 24 Superboat scared the chit out of her. She seems to like the 30 a lot more.

I think overall she enjoys it unless it's too rough or too hot. But, if I said I was going to get out of boating, I don't think she would object.
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I told the wife I wanted to keep the 311 out of the water this year she said NO WAY. She does not like the Donzi so much but loves the 311. The other day she said she wanted to buy a pontoon just for hanging out and pulling tubes around. Looks like we are going to need a bigger dock!
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I'm going to look at a pontoon today to keep the wife happy. She wants something that she can take the kids out in and run into chit while I'm at work. She doesn't know it has twin 150's yet. The guy says it will run 55-60. I can't imagine getting passed by my wife in a pontoon boat. It may hurt some feelings on the local lake. I will report back.
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Originally Posted by VetteSteve View Post
My wife does not boat often. She will come along if we are going to get something to eat and/or taking friends out for a ride. I to like to go fast but try to refrain when wife is on board.
My wife doesn't dig powerboats. She likes the sea-doos and loves pontoons, cruising/hanging out. This combined with my son wakeboarding, and me wanting us ALL out together on the water is why I sold my 26 and we are shopping for a wakeboat. I still have my 540powered 20' jetboat so I still get to have some fun when the lake is smooth. I still love powerboats, and will probably get another one but probably at least a few years out.
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My ex wife LOVED boating but hated going fast. We owned a v bottom performance boat but I swear she thought it was a pontoon boat. We averaged 5 mph all day!
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my wife isn't much for hanging out in the sun too long, but she doesn't mind going fast and the left-seat-speed-alarm has never gone off. Got to love her for that!
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I got very lucky!!!
My wife throttles harder than I, good thing she is married to an engine guy.
I took video running on Lake Michigan she at the throttles, I get sick watching the video as the camera was all over as she aired it out and I could not stand/sit and film,
She wants her own single/eng cat now
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