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today's the last day of camaro/firebird production

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I got my Lt4 SS mid 1997, and the LS1 ws6, and Camaro SS LS1's had been out since 98 anyway, and they had nothing on the LT4, it was not even a race. I still like the LT1's too, they have that brutal feeling to them and a better stock exhaust sound, where as the LS1 is alot more refined and a really smooth powerband, but quiet when stock. I still get to drive alot of them here at work from the pep lot for going to offsite meetings, but you guys all got one up one me, My garage only contains (1) black tahoe

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I think the other guys were inexperienced drivers... no way a stock LT4 SS is going to walk the mighty LS1... nope, no way Maybe it would just inch by, but no way would it walk one.

If you were close to the DC area I'd be calling you out with that LT4 (if you still had it). LT4s do not MPH in the quarter as well as the LS1 (a few MPH shy of the LS1 6spd that typically comes in around 105-106 MPH).

You guys realize that this thread has saved my Formula!

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OK,OK I lied I did do the Ganatelli MAFS and a block back borla system,my other trick was I had my buddy drive the car (Woody Wilhelm) from the SuperCahrged Outlaws(from the old days).

The other thing I lied about is I have 2 99 Ram Air T/A's gotta have the matching bookends for the 71 El Camino which has a 1975 LS7 454 detuned from 13.5:1 to 9.5:1 and runs 12.o's to 12.teens BUT not with me in it.

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Later Sat69
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I got the wav files... can you pass emissions with that cam? It sounds great! How does she run? I've heard that the Hot cam was good for entry level hop ups (Comp makes some pretty impressive stuff but the head work, etc. is too uch for me right now).

Let me know!
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My girlfriend was trying to buy a Trans Am with the Ram Air on it this week. They were trying to get $5,000-10,000 OVER the sticker price!!! She told them where they could stick it!
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Idle is rough until car gets hot but if you get the computer recalibrated for it, you wont even know it is in there
PA emissions is really TOUGH but this car with that cam in there and no computer tuning walked through emissions with a breeze
No problems at all
I was shocked cause I thought to myself oh god here we go, going to have to pull cam to get it to pass and then reinstall cam back in car which is a big job
Takes about 10 hours to R and R the cam
not much money, Air conditioning R234 or whatever that stuff is nowadays, some gaskets, antifreeze and an oil change while it is apart.
If you do decide to do a cam yourself, let me be the first to tell you to go to your local wal mart
get the telescoping magnets about the size of a pencil or small antenna, and before pulling out cam, right before yanking it, grab all the lifters and pull them up off the surface of the cam
you dont need to yank the heads and stuff you can do it while it is all together and in there.
have new cam ready to go lubbed up and schmootzed laying at your feet.
pull stock one out put on floor, grab new one and insert
that part you want to be real slow and quiet and careful, if a lifter falls, your doomed to go fishing with the oil pump off the front of the crank and then yank intake to put back in
some people have reported that the lifters have stayed UP for 2 days
I was not going there
I had my old cam out and new one in in about 90 seconds
no problems buttoned it back up, fired right up, comptuer takes care of timing issues as long as your timing marks are DEAD on where they should be.
Piece of cake
Comp, Lunati make alot of cool ones but I wanted the 112 LSA on mine for the chop, good stock head cam, but I do have headers and free flowing exhaust and some MAF work done so she breathes a little better and the lid and K&N
I did drill out the throttle blade to 17/32'nds to "trick" the computer for a better idle and bumped idle up to 680 or there abouts
I have a permanent SES light though for computer reporting " can not find idle" cause of the cam you see the needle on the tach bouncing from 650-800 and back all the time but she does not stall and she kicks some serious ass at the track when stock, I cant wait to run her with the cam and see if I can hit 11.99 and get tossed from the track cause of the rules that you have to follow in that time bracket
Good luck man
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