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Income and boat payments.........(long)

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Sean don't lie just tell them I have a cig. and walk away... I'm 28 and very proud of what Cyndi and I have. If they don't like it or question it well then they must not be good enough friends with us to know how we can "afford" our stuff!! Our close friends know what and how and we enjoy enjoying(does that make sense)our boat with them!!

I don't turn around and tell them that you should not spend your money putting in a 3k sprinkler system so don't tell me what I should or should not spend my money on


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The name and quote say it all for me.Buy cheap ,look like your living large.
Champagne taste on a beer Budget

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Great topic!!

I tell ya, I think about this sometimes, too...especially when someone has the nerve to start prying into my finances. I've had total strangers at the marina walk up to me and ask "Gee buddy, nice boat...How much?" And "Wow, that's a lot of money, What do you do for a living?!" If only they knew....Mine's not even anywhere near the amount of some of the other fine toys assembled here.

But anyway, like mentioned above...It's not how much, but where you decide to divert your income and savings. We're DINK's(Dual Income, No Kids) and boating is our passion, our pride and joy, our hobby, our recreation and our pasttime! All that in one awesome way to spend time(and money). Sure, It's a significant part of our livlihood, but that's the choice we made....You either get busy living, or you get busy lamenting.
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vagrant...i'm with you man...and I do agree with you 283...

my motto used to be "living well beyond our means" which can be taken two ways...

when I was 23, my friends and I chartered a 65 Hatteras to Block and Newport, R.I. complete with captain and was one hell of a trip!

Now, my girlfriend has calmed me down a bit and I only spend what I can she's got me savin my money so we can buy house one of these days...
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Default BOAT'S (toy's)

I have lots of toys that I have colected and sometimes I have to sell one to buy the next one. But just about every one (exept my freinds with boats) I know dose not understand how I can have old cars AND a BOAT. I try to expain I am 27 no kids good job and I dont waist money. I dont take my wife to the movie theater and out to dinner every week. She drives a 93 Acura and I drive a 91 Metro Infact my close freinds call me CHEEP CHARLIE, or I GOT A DOLLAR.
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I get the same crap from people all the time. You put how much gas in your boat this weekend? Your boat cost as much as your house? The thing they don't realize is the sacrifices some of us make for our passion. I worked my A$$ of for 5 years building a pizza shop from the ground up and when I sold it I bought a 42 Fountain (used) with the money. I bought a self serve carwash and work my a$$ off at that so I can afford my vette.

The people that make the most noise are usually the lazy ones that aren't willing to take a second job or risk owning a business to enjoy their passion

My .02
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I'm pretty fortunate. My father started an audio video retail business and handed it to me when he retired. I make an ok salary. My wifes car is paid for and I only owe a little bit on my 2002 IS300. The mortgage is about $ 850. I have no credit card bills. My last boat was a 2000 PQ 280 and was paid for. I used that as a trade for the 34. I am now making $ 1000.00 boat payments trying to pound it down and out.
Gas for this twin engine gas hog can sometimes be suprising as how much gas it can goo thru!!

Unlike Sean; when I tell people the boat is a PowerQuest, I get a blank stare. Then I have to tell them it's kinda like a Scarab or a Cigarette style boat.

Now what do you tell someone when they ask "how much"? Especially if they are a boating buddy or someone in the know????

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Sean.....i whent through that exact thing a couple yrs ago with the VP of the company I work for , I have worked 60 hrs a week on average for the past 13 yrs...I could just work 40 hours ..NOT !!!.. am paid has been a very good tool to providing myself and my family with the luxuries we decide we would like..most of our toys are modest...and older...and paid for although we have a bunch of em . I have heard them all over the yrs...must be dealing drugs...ect..ect..fact is all about priorities...and setting goals...and then sticking to and achieving them...
works for me everytime...

I came to this town with nothing ...I MEAN NOTHING 14 yrs ago...I will never feel badly that others don't have the things i /we do ...or they wonder how i/we do it...and will never be ashamed of our accomplishments....

i think i would fall in the "never be settled with what we have " catagory..and the " is enough never enough " always striving to better myself... of course I already have the best wife in the whole wide world...

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good point NH, I've always had several jobs at one time and now have a small web business along with my 60 hour per week(salary) job.

I can remember a time when all I had in the fridge was bologna with no bread because it was the cheapest cold cut you can buy. I also remember calling sick to work a day before payday because I didn't have enough money to put enough gas in the car to get to work and back for two days, and then ther was the time when I had to gather up all the change I could find to put enough gas in the car to get home from college(which I paid for) I know where you're coming from...

and now I'm mad at myself for feeling guilty...I've paid my dues, worked very hard at my job while building several boats from nothing in order to get the boat I always wanted...kinda makes you say to yourself "be careful what you wish for"

I'm now laughing out loud because I sound like a schizo crybaby...funny stuff, but true!!!
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Funny this should come up.....Seems like at least once every weekend somebody asks How Much ? Starting to piss me off !!
Where does a total stranger get off asking that kind of Q ?
To the day he died i never even askef my father how much he
made for a living.....NONE of my damn Buss.

I worked my ass off & gave up alot for this boat !!!!

Need to find that thread with all the good answers to that Q.
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