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check out how these trim tabs are mounted

Old 10-04-2002, 12:24 PM
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Just wanted to say hi. Are you still racing with Team Tellium, I tought I saw the boat in a for sale ad somewhere. Drop a line and say hi sometime.

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my guess would be mounting them all the way out at an angle would be more to level an uneven load like a fat chick,2-3 skinny chicks--the further out the more leverage--the go-fast might be better off in tight-less drag,but still able to keep/bring the bow down---my 02
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y'know, I had never seen any like that but the more I look at it, the more it makes sense.

Tabs are supposed to push the bow down or roll the boat to one side or the other or a combination of both. Mounting the tabs parallel to the plane of axis accomplishes the above with the least side-thrust component..

Here's what I'm getting at: with tabs mounted at an angle, the also act as a rudder in addition to lifting the stern.

Picture an extreme example: A REALLY REALLY deep vee hull, much deeper than we ever see (with the sides almost straight up and down). Tabs mounted to the hull angle will function almost exclusively as rudders, and not impart much vertical lift to the stern.

While we don't have that level of exaggeration in our hulls, if you slowly widen the vee in your mind until you get to a normal 24 degree vee, you will see that they slowly start acting as leveling tabs more and more and less as rudders. They only stop acting as rudders in the position that they are in the Velocity picture.

Obviously, the Velocity tabs can be more effective at lowering the nose without getting "duckfooted" like my tabs are mounted (with the angle of the hull). A duckfooted boat clearly has much more drag than the Velocity tabs when the tabs are lowered very much.

makes me want to change mine...
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