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OT: Back in my day

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truth is , its a real shame how kids spend their time these days , always inside , hardly ever doing anything physical.

when i was growing up their were 20 guys around my age in the neighborhood. we would leave the house around 7 am with a p & j sandwich in our back pocket and head for the woods. play army , build forts , catch frogs , turtles , or anything else we could get hold of. wouldnt come back home till 6 pm for dinner then back out again to play hide & seek. DAMM , i had it good.
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I've got a ColecoVision down in the playroom. Lots of games including the steering wheel and accelerator pedal...

I remember when I was home sick from school for a couple of days, nearly dead, and Mom still had to go work a half day. She brought in the family's black and white tv to my room so I could watch it. I had to nail 2 broom handles together and baling wire a fork on the end of it to make my own "remote control".

We were only allowed to watch 1 hour of tv (during the week) unless we got straight A's - then we could watch 2 hours.

Girls in school were sluts if they wore red LIPSTICK (we, of course, were savvy to this advertisement and consequently only hung around with those girls).

Nobody drank coffee. There were NO vending machines in school - you ate "meat surprise" and drank milk OR brought a sandwich from home...

I didn't get a videogame till I was in HIGH SCHOOL (atari).

I agree that kids these days are ruined.
My kids are 10 and 12. My kids are excited to get old enough to go to work at one of my shops in the summers. We'll see how that pans out when it happens...

The way that kids these days talk back to parents and teachers blows my mind. There is serious repurcussions (fanny whacking) at my house for [email protected] talking back to any adult - even if I hear it 3rd party. Some of my friends' kids leave me amazed - combative, foul mouth, talking back, and the parents just laugh it off (let me fix them for you..) My kids are pretty good so far and I'm proud. Great grades, sweet, lots of hugs... The test is coming soon, though.

As good as they are, they still wouldn't know what hit them if they found themselves back in the 70s...
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Anyone remember when Hoffman TV came out with their up scale Yellow vision>>
How about Jackiw Gleason>>
How about Sinatras first appearance in a theater?? It was the Paramont and I was back stage.
How about Steve Allen and the tonigt show??
Dean Martin
The rat pack
Benny Goodman??
<==Proud to be the oldest on this board at this ripe old age..
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Back in the late 60s & early 70s, a high school kid that worked could afford to build and maintain a hot rod and was allowed to drive(race) it to school.
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I think they call it Progress
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We had kids of own when we sprung for the " INTELLIVISION"
What a P.O.S.

Then we went for the BETA-MAX video player

As a kid I was like Lotoparty. Out the door at the crack of dawn didn't return till dark.

As teenagers we were always taking something apart to see what made it tick, and then see if we could make it go faster.
I.E. mini bikes, gocarts Then later on Z-28's , Vette's etc.
came in handy when this boat insanity started.

Bottom line is only dorks stayed in the house.

BTW anyone remember winky dinks
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oh my god!! did all you old fogies put the dippers on to tight today. Most kids like my self kinow how lucky we are to have all the crud that mom and dad buy for us. However we have a difficult time in todays word just like you old people had to deal with when you were younger. They may not be the same problens that you had to deal with but they are equally a difficult to get through. Did you guys have to worry about the drugs that are going arround that are very easy to od on how about thinking that the pill that you think is asprin is something else that your body doesnt agree with so you end up dead. How about pressure comeing from you at every angle for you to be the perfect person which includes looking perfect acting perfect having great grades in your APclasses.
No I dinn't think you had to deal with that so looswen your dippers, and get over it.
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Hm okay well I'm under 20 and I realize that the younger generation is spoiled in a lot of ways. Not each kid is though, I mean I've done well and my parents got divorced so I never got handouts from every angle. I do agree that many parents now a days don't care as they are always at work and by the time they are home they'd rather not deal with their kids especially teens. But also, look at the increase in child abuse now. A lot of the problems with young people now are the kids themselves, but a lot of it stems from the parents. I do a lot of stupid stuf myself but I don't do drugs and all. I hang out at K-mart on my nights at a car meet and then go race instead of getting dead drunk at some party. For a lot of kids though it does hit home senior year in highschool when college rolls around. There are still a lot of good kids (teens in particular) out there, just not as many as there used to be. I can tell you that a lot of it depends on where you are raised ie south or north too. Just my 2cents.

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I'm 30. I spent most my time outside getting into whatever looked like trouble. I was however a big Atari 2600 Indy 500 fan. I would play that ice oval game on Indy 500 until my thumbs were numb. You guys are crakcing me up, great stuff.....Colecovision, Betamax, texas Instrumnet calculators!!! HAHAHAHA

I got one for you. I used to play pro wrestling on Nintendo. I would be Starman, and the computer would SCREW you everytime you got to the championship bout!!!HAHAHAHA. I spent my TV time watching the Duke Boys, John and Punch, BJ McKay and Thomas Magnum. Then came Crockett and Tubs, perhaps the coolest show on the planet. You guys remember those Friday night TV shows!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!

I think that poor parenting in mostly to blame for the lack of respect kids show today. Mavflyby, I agree with what you are saying, but the numbers of unmotivated, spoiled and disrespectful kids certainly seems higher. That, and we are getting fat as a society, and for kids , that is bigtime unhealthy.....

One thing Little Princess said is correct. Aids, guns in school and drugs in school are more frequent today. But each generation had it's issues to deal with. It's all relative.
Good stuff guys and gals.....
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like Billy Jole said "We didn't start the fire It was always burning Since the worlds been turning on us We didn't start the fire But when we are gone Will it still burn on"
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