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OT: Back in my day

Old 01-12-2003, 11:06 PM
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You guys remember when floppy disks were like 5.5" across and were actually FLOPPY!!! How about the PUNCH CARDS that you had to feed into the machine
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Old 01-12-2003, 11:20 PM
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This ones to little princess. I don't think that most the folks posting, honestly feel that the younger generation is spoiled, but more to the fact that they have a whole lot more conveniences than some of us older people. I certainly had more than my parents did. I think if anyone needs to loosen the diapers it would be you especially someone with so few posts. I can speak from personal experience about being a pre teen, teen, 20, and 30+, can you speak from experience of being 40+, probably not. I will also agree with you that todays youth in many ways have it more difficult, and yes I can say this with experience because I see what my kid has to go through.

This thread, atleast in my opinion was a light hearted attempt to humor us older generation. take it for what it is, nothing more than humor and jump off the soap box.


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Old 01-12-2003, 11:52 PM
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Little Princess, We never had that stuff growing up. You are the first generation to have it tough. We never had any of these new and improved problems of today. Asprin/Drugs. I got an Idea...Next time you need an Asprin, go to a pharmacy, not a local Asprin dealer. Younger people do get away with more today. between my little sister all of my friends kids I weep for the future. High school Shootings (By the way my bus got shot at in Jr.High) What ever happened to beating the crap out of each other...Now they shoot. Drugs, What ever happened to Pot and Beer, now its Meth and Heroin. Teachers have become imune and parents are not around to read the sighns or care. I still put the largest blame on the kids. They know the differance between right and wrong, they just wont see the ramifacations for the wrong choice until it has taken negative effects. Thank God I turned out perfect.
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Old 01-13-2003, 02:00 AM
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Im 40 and one thing I see today that really isnt the kids fault but none the less bugs me is the fact that all the kids (and Im talking 5 yrs and up) call all the adults by their first names! Believe me when I was 9 yrs old I wouldnt have dreamed of going up to my buddies house and knocking on the door and saying "Oh hi Ray, can Ricky come out and play??" I DONT THINK SO!!! He would have backhanded me one then phoned my parents and I wouldve got another one when I got home. I am about the furthest thing away from a nine yr olds peer as you will ever find. They call you by your first name just like their buddies, theres no distinction between adult and wonder they turn around and tell you to F**k OFF, just like they do to their buddies, want some "respect", try making a distinction.............Think about it. And you know what??to this day I still call all my friends parents Mr. so and so and Mrs so and so, and they are still treated with the respect they deserve.
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Old 01-13-2003, 02:42 AM
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Oh yeah, and IDRPSTF, "today is the first generation to have it tough" How about my parents generation. my father was 16 yrs old in 1935, the peak of the depression, my dads family was well off, after all he had a baseball glove, but he didnt have a bicycle, the five kids shared one. My mom on the other hand litterally grew up with dirt floors.....nuff said. THEN after my Dads ****ty teen years in the depression he and his buddies all got shipped off to World War 2!!!!.... PERFECT!!!!!. I remember once when I was about 10 or so I asked my Dad why he didnt call up some of his old friends he grew up with and "talk to them on the phone".
He looked me right in the eye and said "THEY"RE ALL DEAD!!"........"KILLED IN THE WAR" sorry Dad. and we wont even talk about the mental scars these guys are still carrying around 50 yrs later. Oh and electricity, that didnt show up till after the war. 1948ish. Sorry to get so serious in this light hearted thread but every time I hear "Oh we had it tough" I have to say "Sorry, but your upbringing...........was a picnic" Doug
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Old 01-13-2003, 08:48 AM
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It would appear that the common element that is beginning to emerge from most of the above posts is a serious lack of respect with today's younger generation.

I feel this all stems from a lifestyle that is too convenient. That's right, our civility and comfortable way of life in this country has eliminated most, if not all the problems that past generations faced. The toughest thing today is whether to ask for PS2 or Nintendo 64 for christmas, and not a sturdy pair of shoes or a winter coat if your family was fortunate enough to provide them. Kids today demand cars upon getting their licenses, I see high-school age kids with rooms more advanced than a Best Buy and cars that most 30 year-olds couldn't afford 10, 15, 20 years ago. The most basic of tasks and chores has all but been eliminated through modern technology.

I must also agree with that IDRPSTF said...It's due time that the blame went back on the disrespectful kids and they begin facing some real consequences for their actions. This rebelious, punk-ass, whiny, ungreatful generation-X crap has to stop. I fear for the future.

I love listening to today's youth whining about their problems....Fact is, their problems aren't new nor are they limited to them....We all went through the same chit and worse. Ask anyone, and they will tell you so. It's time to man up, woman up, whatever-the-hell-you-consider-yourself-up and deal with it.

It only gets worse as you grow older.

It must absolutely sicken older generations who must listen to the problems of today....think back to those who endured the depression, WWI, WWII, Vietnam...Then reflect upon your own problems and try giving respect to those who support you both home and away from home.

Sir, Maam, miss and Mr. work wonders...
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I would agree that the generation now is whiny and punk ass. I was brought up that you use mam/sir when talking to someone you don't know and I still to this day have never had a PS2 or N64. I'm young and I don't even like the current generation with baggy pants with back pockets big enough to fit a laptop in, gold chains around their neck you'd think were clocks, and a lot of other stuff that goes on. I agree with you older guys about the generation though, I'm not like that and my parents would kill me if I ever was like the "normal teen." The generation will change, it may take time but every one who screws up now will get the sense knocked into them. In the mean time the ones who haven't screwed around will just achieve more. A lot of times I'd give anything to live like my dad did back in the 60s/70s in Louisiana.
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I think the main thing we are all forgetting is like my parents have told me though out the year while i was growing up "we want you to have a better life then us" With that mentality instilled in each generation how could the youth of today not be like they are? Granted if some of the morals and standards of the 50's, 60's, 70's..etc stayed with everyone while growing up and parenting then things would be different.....but then were would we be progress wise? You think we'd have all these superfast 2ghtz computers? Maybe but i bet they wouldne be out to the public....cause everyone would be outside doing stuff instead of being couch potatoes and playing games. Society and progress are always moving forward and ever changing....i guess its just a matter of keeping up at your own pace and style. I mean i like certain typrs of music but that dont mean i have to go and dress the part because all the singers and groupies are doing it! I like video games just as much as the next kid...but i'm not about to shell out a few hundred bucks on a stupid game! I have my own priorities and i'll go with them.....
About the only thing that bothers me about looking at the future is that all the future generations seem to want the easy road to financial success. No one wants to be a tool and die maker.....why?....cause they dont want to get dirty. They all have these jobs stereotyped in their heads that they are gonna work in some sweatshop enviornment....well maybe they will in the begining...but the places that i have been in teh past is like a hosptal zone. you can eat off the floors and theres AC through out the building.....and at teh end of the day when your done with work you can stand back and say "hey i built that" not just......."yea i worked on the code for that game" you mean your responsible for the goofy guy to be able to jump up and down? All i say is to each his own.....i have chosen my path and am very happy in life where i am.

Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy horsepower. And I've never seen a sad person hauling a$$!
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Old 01-13-2003, 09:37 AM
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Wow, this brings back memories. I still would not take any of the modern technology away from my 7 yr old daughter. With good parenting, I feel she can still turn out great. She has PS2 and hardly ever plays it. We do family things together (boating, organized sports, etc.).

Also remember You were the remote control. You chose to get paddled at school to avoid ISS or worse, your parents finding out that you cut up in class. If you camped out and were out in the streets late at night, a local officer would put your bicycles in the trunk of his car and drive you back to your camp site.

This thread is great for memories. None of which I regret. I am 35 and graduated high school in 1986. I think that timing was perfect. I hope with todays technology and with the values I can remember growing up with, my children will have endless opportunities in life.
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#1: I think it's great that a young female is into performance boating.

#2: While each generation thinks that the subsequent one has it easy, it is difficult to defend the loosening of morals and the dropping of waistlines of the current teen crop. Sexuality is a normal development in our lives but schools have, in the past, done a passable job of setting reasonable restrictions on the appearance and actions of the teens on school premises.

Back in "my" day, you dressed properly in school (nothing showing bellies, no shorts, no profanity or suggestive clothing or graphics on t shirts), you showed respect to the teachers and staff, you did a reasonable job of following the major rules, you attended class, and you turned in your work on time. If you didn't, you got punished in one of several ways:
You got demerits (towards more substantial punishment)
You got detention (after school)
You got ISS (in-school-suspension)
You got OSS (out-of-school-suspension)
You got your butt fired up with "THE EQUALIZER" (a big club-sized paddle with big holes drilled in it "to let the pain flow freely")

You know those [email protected] you see in school who get detention all the time and still smart off to the teachers and are generally little useless distracting brats? THEY DID NOT EXIST when I was in school.

Some felt "The Equalizer" enough to decide it just wasn't worth it... Some simply KNEW "The Equalizer" EXISTED and stopped well short of meeting it "cheek to cheek".

Other less determined brats (like me) never even got close to that point BECAUSE WE KNEW we would get our tails hammered on.

THESE DAYS the teachers have no EQUALIZER in their arsenal. I am convinced that the EQUALIZER affected far more students sitting in its glass case in the center of the school office than it did when it was pulled out. These days, students have RIGHTS that they did not have in my day. You cannot THREATEN to beat a students tail these days. There is NO "price to pay" for being a royal turd.

That, combined with parents who will NOT discipline their children (there are some of those who live next door to me), create (in my opinion) a whole RACE of turd-children.

I rack my brain trying to remember, but I just can't remember any kids like these from my days...

Sure kids got lots of stuff - I am a prime offender in that respect. There ain't nothing my kids don't have. I'm SURE it is causing them to have trouble getting a balanced perspective on value and money and what is NORMAL. On the flipside, though, my WIFE doesn't even know what is NORMAL (bless her heart, she thinks that cause I spend 20 or 30 grand on toys a year that she should be able to have her dream house anytime she wants it - note: her dream house is truly a dream house...). What my kids DO have, though, is respect and discipline and manners and compassion. I am proud of my kids and very often they will pull me aside and tell me to "watch how bad Jimmy acts to his MOM" or something along those lines. They KNOW what disrespect is and know the difference in "cute" and "smartbutt"...

Feel free to defend your generation.
Tell us things that will make us feel better about today's teens. I know that I, for one, would love to know that todays kids aren't a lost cause...
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