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Al Queda Plans

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Wow Cat, you never cease to amaze. Now you are a left wing, atheist, John Burch Society do all your political personalities live in the same cranium????
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Default Great

Tom - I'm glad you are objective enough to look to reason.

If you or anyone else tetering on the top of the wall from left to right needs to learn from hard facts, turn on the Fox News Channel. Particularly O'Reilly and Sean Hannity. They are brilliant. I have been home sick now for 3 days, and I don't think my television has left this channel.

Some great arguments here by the way.


Catmando - You made this statement but like most liberals, you didn't back it up with anything........"The Bushmen have been bad for this nation and bad for the world. We will send them back to Kennebunkport" How have they been bad for this world?

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Default Now that I read back

Catmando also said
I will do anything within legality to defeat George Bush. I will walk the neighborhoods, knock on the doors, man the Democrat phone banks, walk the malls, whatever
What on earth are you talking about???? Liberal gibberish. All those activities do nothing but spread the baseless factually unsupported liberal bandwagon of garbage.

Do you think George Bush is the enemy? Do you think he is interested in more wealth or becoming a dictator? How realistic is that possibility? It's not. If anyone is guilty of that it would be the Clintons (if you don't think so, read some of the posts and links I provided above).

How about cracking open a history book. Learn about people like Sadaam Hussein who have professional rapists on his federal staff.

Look at history, look at the history of Sadaam Hussein, he's not stupid. He is playing the liberals of the US, France and Germany. He knows that he can buy himself time. He has done it before. He's been doing it for almost 25 years. He is firing at our military aircraft every day, 4 tons of nerve gas and other weapons are unaccounted for, if he develops the means, he would like to take us out be it with large scale weapons, chemical/biological weaponry, or funding and backing multiple hard core terrorist attacks. Fact is - he wants us dead, and if we continue to give him the time and opportunities to find a way to do it. HE WILL!


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Just my .02 worth.
The only reason that the U.S.A. has not been directly attacked by another country is because every redneck, chew spittin, self respecting American has a smokepole(firearm) in his/her home.
Russia found out how tough it is to fight a "Dug-in" local "redneck"
in Afganistan sp.? They got their ass kicked by these rag heads!
If we don't want to fight these fu------- here we have to kick their ass now over there and send the ones that are here home in a box!!!!!!!!!!!
"Be the first one on your block to send a rag head home in a box"
Just a modified version of an old song I used to sing to myself years ago.
If your'e old enough you'll know what I mean. If your'e not ask a VET.
No disrespect intended.
and this is a religious war as far as the "ragheads" are concerned. Fight the war when you can win easily, don't wait till it is a challenge to test your skills.
Even school yard rules taught you this!
There I feel Better. How's that for your money's worth

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You rate people on their inability to pronounce a few words but You say nothing about all the EVIL's that the Clinton's did.
Sadam doesn't need an army he has the terrorists to do his work. All he has to do is give the weapons to the terrorists and they will put them where they will do the most harm.
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Default Catmando

You have got to be kidding me.

When was the last time you saw 3037 american civilians in one place. Do you know how many people that is? It's just a number until you really look at 3037 of something. That's how many families have to think about the perilous death of their loved ones. Imagine your wife calling you from a cellphone on the 90th floor telling you she doesn't think she's going to get out, and that's the last time you spoke to her. 3037 families are living without their wives, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters.

Do you think Sadaam Hussein had nothing to do with that attack? Where to you think Usama is today? My guess is, Sadaam knows.

If Iraq had nuclear war heads pointed in our direction, we would at least have something tangible to deal with. It's the hidden threat, and the infiltrating enemy that lives within our own borders funded by religioius fanatic brutal dictators like Sadaam that are a danger to us. I'll remind you again of Sept. 11, 2001 and other forgotten attacks - Yemen, Kenya US Embassy, 1993 World Trade attack, TODAY an American civilian working in Kuwait was gunned down in his car.

(pardon George's pronunciation of nuclear but if that's the worst criticism you can make about his character, that's fine with me).

North Korea is clearly looking for more money from the good old US. They are taking advantage of a sensitive time, a time when they know we won't take immediate action because we are commited to Iraq. They are bluffing and trying to blackmail us for our aid. They want more money and more oil from us.

I demand that you to watch the History channel. "Why can't we Kill Sadaam" is an excellent documentary that will explain the dictator with whom we are dealing.
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Default Tinkerboater is right

Tinkerboater is right. In case you didn't read the entire thread, go back and read about Clinton and check the links I posted. CAN YOU SAY CRIMINAL?
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OK, this argument Cracks me up ..we are the richest country but we have millions in poverty...OK, like we have spent 9 trillion on the GREAT SOCIETY...and we have more poor than we did years that is a great liberal plan. Show me one liberal plan that has worked???? Just one.. that is all I ask. These arguments are fun!!!!
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Default powerqrudy

I can't believe I'm doing this but I am going to defend this statement. There are two plans that I believe have fundamentally worked for several decades. Granted they are in dire need of updating to sustain themselves but they have helped millions of Americans for many years and they security and medicare. Helping to plan for our citizens retirement and healthcare was a good plan. Now that being said I can't think of another
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