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Are most OSO'ers White Republicans?

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Originally posted by HyperBaja
I am white, under middle age, dont know about all that politic crap, decided to stay away from that one years ago, and proud of that decision today.
That's because you haven't started to pay taxes yet.....funny how that changes a man's mind about political affiliation...

I am a member of the most discriminated against group of people in America......single white male business owner. Republican, just incase anyone was wondering.....HeHeHe......Proud of who I am what what I belive in.....
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Mr. Demeanor
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American Druid.

Great grandmother was American Indian.
Last name translates to the Druid God of the Underworld.
I'm also a Positivist.
Politics, more interested in the person than the party.
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I too am proud of being among the most despised:
an angry white european pistol packing male republican.
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Unfortunately, I am also a single white herosexual, middle class, educated, republican, gun owning male.

From what I learned in my multiculturalism and diversity classes at MSU, (taught during my calculus II class, go figure?) that I am the root of all evils on this earth, and I can also double as the DEVIL.

And my dad said I didn't learn anything there.
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I'm saving this one for Madas

(Sadam spelled backwards)
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What the hell kind of phucking bull $hit thread is this???????

Next we'll see threads about "camel jockey's" and "towel heads" and "sand suckers".........racists and racist threads suck, period.
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White with brown ring around left eye and spot above tail.
Will hump any politicians leg regardless of political affiliation.
Heaven is a warm fire hydrant- guess that makes me religeous.

Strengths- can 'Land Mine' a neighbors yard in 2 minutes.
Weaknesses- anything I'm not supposed to do.

Bulldog AKA Ronnie

PS Nort- I'll send you some puppy prozac. What happened to your Dolemite gig?????
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This is RACIST ??? That's when you know the chit has gotten out of hand with this PC bullchit, when average men in a free country can't speak clearly and openly in a casual arena about who they are...and how they stand, and be phukin' proud of it. If a Black man or a green man or any color man, spoke forward on this thread, stated who he was, where he stands on chit, and that he is damn proud of you think he'd be getting flamed? I don't. You don't give enough credit to free thinking Americans such as the people on this forum and in this thread. I'm similar to the majority here, white/anglo/middle class/Christian/Republican hard working bastard and proud of it...and also a freedom loving American ... understanding (most of the time) and tolerating (all of the time) any man thinking he's the greatest. I may not agree...but he's got as much right, as I do in this country, to think so...and to think it out loud if he chooses! In order to preach tolerance you have to be tolerant including tolerating what these men are proud of in this thread! By the way, 4/5 of the info being given is about income level, religious affiliation, political affiliation, where they stand on gun control, and sexuality... (Troutly) How the hell do the racially sensative constrew all this data to be RACIST ???? Kinda reaching aren't we??

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Well said! I couldn't agree more. I'm DAMN PROUD of who I am and where I'm from. There is more I could say but, this is not the time nor the place.
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