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Ot: Concealed Guns...What are your thoughts

Old 10-06-2003, 10:52 PM
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If you carry and have cause to use be prepared for the consequence of possibly taking a life. Being in the military I learned to take a life but never had to. I also learned CPR as a Firefighter/First Responder but the first time I had to perform it on a dying person it was totally different from a rubber dummy. The same would hold true of holding a gun at a person you intended to shoot. If it was a choice between myself or my family being hurt or killed there would be no hesitation on my part.
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I have one in MI and had to do a FBI background check as well as a 12 hour course and a shooting test. I do not carry all that often. I can tell you first hand that pointing at a paper target is 110% not the same a spointing a another human. I was put in a VERY bad situation where I was forced to draw. I was 100% in the right to shoot these morons and was very close, the hammer was about 3/4 the way back with the trigger. My neighbor who is a sheriff also had his drawn on a few of them. The scarriest moment in my life was drawing on a coke head and having him say "what are you going to do with your BB gun" and keep advancing. THANK GOD it all worked out to where I did not have to fire, my neighbor after seeing this whole thing before he got involed (not by choice but to protect himself as well)had 3 EMS units on the way. he said he has never seen such restraint and that he would have fired. The thought of being about 1/16" of taking a life is not a pleasant one, But I guess the moral is without my CCW I do not think I would be typing this..
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I wish NJ would have a carry law.

I'd feel much better walking through Newark with a gun on my belt. Problem is that only law abiding people don't carry Newark NJ.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I heard that car jackings in Florida reached an all time high, then they allowed ANYONE to carry a gun in thier car. Carjackings declined dramatically.

Just as America has an army (weapon) and hopes not to use it unless needed, so should each person have the ability to protect themselves.

I shoot at a range at least once a week. I would wager money that I'm a better shot than 90% of the police in my area.
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Old 10-06-2003, 11:29 PM
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I escaped from New Orleans, La. (aka 'The Scene of the Crime') about 15 years ago...

I lived near my job at the time and used to frequently go to the office at night to do maintenance. As I was leaving, a fine upstanding young man demanded money or a ride from me. I ignored him and quickly got in my car. He approached me on the drivers side with his buddy on the passenger side. He didn't see what I was doing, and his hand was going inside his jacket. I pulled out a desert Eagle 44 mag and chambered a round. They both saw this and ran.

I hate to think what may have otherwise happened, and do not go to New Orleans unarmed, period.
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Old 10-06-2003, 11:38 PM
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Originally posted by Grin&Barrett
...... If it was a choice between myself or my family being hurt or killed there would be no hesitation on my part.
That and friends ... no hesitation, but only in a life or death situation
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Old 10-06-2003, 11:54 PM
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Well I am not sure what your question is. Is it better to have concealed vs. unconcealed? If that is the case the concealed is MUCH better. Lets face it, guns make people nervous. As it is my right to carry it is another persons right to feel comfortable standing next to me. If they see a gun on my side they are not likely to feel comfortable (I know that I would not have felt comfortable before I learned how to handle guns).

If your question is about people right to carry at all then I say YES it is peoples right. They should have to pass a course (as in MA we have to take a few hour gun safty course and show some proficiency with carrying a gun). Of all the people that I know that actually have a license to carry most do not unless they feel that they are going some place that they may need it. MA if a for the most part a very safe state so I only carry when I ma going to not so safe areas with a lot of equipment in my car and I think that I may be a target for a robbery. If it is btwn some one taking all my stuff then they are going to get it and I will let them go and call the cops later. If I feel that they are going to hurt me then I would rather be hurt then kill some one. If I am in fear for my life (and that is the statute for shooting some one) then I would not hesitate to pull that trigger.

Owning a gun is a awsome responsibility and it is NOT to be taken lightly.

Put your best foot forward!
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Old 10-07-2003, 12:23 AM
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I got my CHL as soon as Texas allowed it(certificate#981) I have heard more good than bad news from this law. It has done very well here as far as crime rates etc.
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Its good to hear that some states actually do require classes to go along with the certifications. Someday Pa. might but I find that very hard to believe. This state is so backwards. I agree with most of the comments here. I do think that people should have the right and ability to carry in order to keep themselves or others safe. I just want people to realize the realities of what it is like to possible have to shoot a person. From experience, the first time I had to pull a gun on a person I was extremely nervouse. This after training on not only how to use the gun but also on all of the legal and moral aspects of it. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the area I work in, I no longer have that nervous feeling. So far I am lucky enough that I have not had to actually shoot somebody. You would not believe the mess that ensues. Investigations on if it was legal or justified, the public slander, Civil litigation, special interest groups ( Varies on who you shoot ) that cry foul and want you to go to jail and then the fact that you either shot somebody or actually took a life. There have been two people that I worked with that actually shot and killed people in the line of duty here and both were cleared. But they still had to go through the gauntlet before hand. It is not fun and I would not wish it on anybody here. So know your facts, know your weapon and be comfortable with it.
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Florida requires a course in concealed carry and a certification of completion.
I know several people that carry every day. One guy made sure his two daughters earned their carry permits which saved them in an attempted car jacking.
My brother lives in Ohio and he has his carry permit. The wife and I are considering doing the same.

I thought Jersey allowed concealed carry?
My friends dad, a locksmith, used to carry. He had a shop In Lakewood, NJ. One day three guys came in to have keys made, one clubbed him over the head while another checked the cash box, the third kept watch with a shotgun. He woke up while they were still there, grabbed his 45 Colt 1911, the guy with the shotgun was the first to go (dead), the guy that hit him lost a knee and the third hit the deck and stayed there till the cops came. Lakewood police commended him on his quick, decisive action.

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