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Gladiator flipped in Biscayne Bay...

Old 04-28-2004, 10:34 AM
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Originally posted by Sloman
Thank god we got the so called facts,
so called huh. I guess I'm just sitting here making this chit up.
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Is it stepped hulls..... who knows? Try buying a new boat without steps from Fountain, Cig, Donzi, Outerlimits, Skater etc. It is impossible. they all build stepped hulls because their faster, more efficient and the new technology. They build them because they sell. How many manufacturers have the inclination or resources to send an accident investigator out to accidents. Let me take a wild guess and say none.

lets ask the drivers of the accidents........ the dead cannot talk and the blessed ones will not tell the truth or are not knowledgeable enough to give you the facts when they get out of the hospital.

We can ask the local or national authorities. the local police, water patrol and / or Coast Guard are not effectively equipped to determine accident cause. I believe the Coast Guard tracks type of boat ( motor, sail, row ) and length. I doubt their national stats show 14 Fountains, 2 Skaters etc. I doubt seriously if they knew the difference between a steeped and a nonstepped hull. I am not trying to disrespect these valuable lifesaving institutions. They are not trained and / or funded in these investigations or for their statistics.

Government agency....... something like the national Highway & safety Adm for boats. They would certainly get to the bottom of the cause, root out bad designs and / or products. Fat chance they would ever form such an agency as there are neither enough boats nor enough deaths to fund it.

Bottomline........ this is mostly mental masturbation. We need to continue to have fun, excercise some caution and pray alot.

Sorry for being so long winded
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Boat wake ?

Got to be carful of them when you are at speed.

I learned a good lesson about them a many years back.

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brandon- thanks for the 411. i knew i could count on the Cigarette Secret Service!!

as Cig1 mentioned, conditions have to be perfect for me to lay down a speed pass. if conditions aren't perfect, i don't care to push it to the edge....i've got too much to risk. if i make a mistake and kill myself, that is one thing, but if i make a mistake w/ passengers in my boat that is a totally different situation. i couldn't live with the guilt of hurting/killing a passenger......

BTW, since i own a 100mph boat.....doesn't that make me an expert??

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Default to GLH ( of course being it was a Cig had nothing to do with his comments) and other's I can only offer this:

If you can't answer a man's argument, all is not lost; you can still call him vile names.
- Elbert Hubbard


Albert Einstein - "The difference between genius and stupidity
is that genius has limits". calling is a compliment from you guys...and I have you?

ever know that Einstein was a sailor?

when boats violently spinout in calm waters a small distance from shore it's design...even trained pro's can't react that don't waste time calling me the designs and power..and educate...amazing that a 400k boat does this...if a sportscar did this they would pull it off the market... only point is that like in the stock market the greedy get slaughtered...too much greed in "design" can lead to that too....a few of these "stepped boats" look like a "Great White" Shark bit the undersides off the can see they will spinout easily...

...I say in retrospect Formula took the right approach...5 mph more...not the fastest but so far no "tree climbers"

....The Tiger..has smaller steps and handles great according to a recent my .02

rethink things...and if you have the right design great and if this is really SLOWING my decision process down...

...I am gonna test drive it or it don't come home!
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Mr. Demeanor
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If you wont listen to the guys who know about his stuff, then try listening to a guy wo knows nothing about hull design, HO engines, etc etc.....

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Did someone say video?
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LPA2106, since you are an expert on the stock market, expert boat designer/critic, and a philosopher, maybe your time is better spent daytrading or writing books or proverbs

How in the hell do you have that many posts about absolutely nothing in that short period of time?
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