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STUPIDEST thing you have ever done, while boating...

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I get sick to my stomach thinking about this one. About 10 years ago, I took a group of friends out on the river for a day of tubing, knee boarding and skiing in my new 19 ft Bayliner. We were out for about an hour when one of the guys decided to knee board (it was his first time). He popped right up and had gone about 300 yards when he finally fell off. After watching him fall off, I guess I thought it was time to turn around and actually watch where the hell I was going. As I turned my head, I see this smaller ski boat right in front of me. To make matters worse, the people were in the water right behind there boat and I was just feet away from crushing them between the two boats. I pulled back on the throttle and turned as sharp as I could and the stern of my Bayliner bumped the stern of there boat just missing the people in the water.

If the guy on the keeboard had not fallen off when he did, I'm sure I would have seriously injured or killed the people in the water and I would be sitting in a jail cell right now.

Not a funny one to say the least, just STUPIDITY on my part. OK, I'm going to throw-up now.

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Late October in up state NY around 7PM. Drop the boat in tie it up and take off in the truck to park the trailer. Walking back to the boat I notice the bow is way too high in the air. I get that feeling (you know that feeling) I start running and stripping my cloths off jump in the boat grab the plug over the side, put the plug in. The water is 2" inches from the blower vents.

Get out of the water turn on the pump, dry off, and get dressed. The water is up over the starter so I opt to pump water until it is down prior to starting the motor. By the way it is about 45 degrees out side. By the time the water gets down the battery is too weak to start the motor.

I drive to a friend’s boat house and grab a spare battery off the charger run back and install it in the boat. Battery is dead. Found out later was no good. Take my battery back put it on the charger and go to look for a hotel. No rooms to be found anywhere, booked due to some fishing event.

Go back to the boat and crash in the cabin. Pissed!
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Was cleaning the bow of my boat while it was on the lift about 8 feet above the water and slipped and fell off the boat
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Not sure if this qualifies as stupid but it sure is an amusing story. Several years ago when i still had my Scorpion i was out on the boat for the weekend and a friend of mine calls an says lets hit the Erie Islands. I was already out in the bay but we were taking his boat so i had to get up river. It was early morning and i had spent the night at a local marina then went out in the bay for sunrise. As i was sitting there offshore a fog started to creep in blocking the mouth of the river. I know the area pretty well so as i approached the fog from the north side of the man made island, my plan was to idle in on one motor and try and locate the corner of the island, follow the shore down around the bend into the channel then take a compass heading to get across the river and follow that shore till it cleared up, by the way i had just bought my first GPS and conveniently left it at home. Anyway this was some ridiculously thick fog maybe fifty or sixty feet of visibility so i was going very slow. I poked my way in and found the first corner then proceeded around the second corner, down the channel and took a heading. Got to the end and of the island and off into the darkness. Well after several minutes and enough time that i should have located the other shore i get a bit concerned. As I'm peering into the fog for any sign of shore i saw a dark shadow of some large, very large objects and a steel cornered wall of some type. It totally threw me for a loop as it was not what i was expecting, as i made out the objects i saw a few train cars a guard office a truck and some other stuff. I had idled all the way to the end of one of our coal docks and had not been able to see either side it was so thick. I had forgotten all about those things

By the way it was duck hunting season opener and while in the fog by the island i heard shots every fey minutes or so

The fog started right about where that color change in the water is
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too many to list
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Well, not as funny other posts, but pretty stupid. 15 yrs. ago, 16 ft. searay with 150 xr2 merc used for skiing. Really wanted to go boating. Forgot to install thrust washer when installing prop. Needed new lower unit.
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Originally Posted by spk1 View Post
I was 16, and had an 18 foot wellcraft, my friends and I were jumping the larger boat wakes in the galveston ship channel. This 55-60ft chriscraft motoryacht was crusing a few hundred yards in front of us, and it was putting up a prettty nice wake. So I gunned it and headed right for the wake,, (from behind), As I entered the wake of the chriscraft, it got pretty choppy,,and, The wood under the captains chair was rotten,, the chair gave way,, I fell back on the floor. Now Im in complete panic, because the last vision I had was us headed right for the cockpit of the motor yacht,, , I scrambled to the wheel,, and while still on my hands and knees turned the wheel with everything I had.. The boat spun,, and Fire Hosed Everybody In the backof the motoryacht cockpit, (if it was a sailboat it probably would have been funny), anyway,, scared the crap out of us,, and we raced back to the dock, and laid low for the next few days.
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Originally Posted by T-RAV View Post

What the hell is TFF?
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Originally Posted by 96scarab View Post
What the hell is TFF?
My guess....

That's F'ing Funny

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Default You want stupid

Just put the boat in the water the other day, flock of birds crapped on the boat. Me, being anal about my boat being clean. Grabbed the paper towels and my cleaning solutions. I got the inside cleaned and all the around the boat. Then I notice a few over the side. As I.m leaning over half my body over the edge, a barge wave hits, flips me over the side. No biggie, tell my buddy turn engine off, so I can get back in with the ladder. Engine on and in neutral so really should not be any concern, but safety is important. Then he says no grab my hand I will pull you up. I'm 225 lbs, 6', he is 175 lbs, 5' 8". Next thing you know, nobody is in the boat, both of us are in the water. Engine still on. I took precaution getting the ladder out and back on the boat.
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