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NY Reality Check

Old 06-24-2004, 09:54 PM
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Default Re: NY Reality Check

Originally Posted by WickedWon
...people have accused me of "taking the fun out it for them" by raising the bar with my turd...
Nobody sh!ts that color what do they know.

Besides a few dances with Mary and you could own a Concept we wouldn't hold it against you.

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Default Re: NY Reality Check

Originally Posted by Panther
That was a while back, but I thought your accident was'nt during the run. I thought it was before, or maybe it was after the run, no?

Anyway, seems like Apache's are cursed in NY. I think I am changing my decision on a new boat....
It was after the run on the way back to Liberty Landing Marina. My point is that the NYC Harbor is busy, busy, busy!! Too much ferry traffic!! Way to busy to be runnin' WFO!! Granted if you can get out front and take your own line then SWEET!!!
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Default Re: NY Reality Check

Originally Posted by Stormrider
388, but that is 46 and does over 170mph.

And just to think, my neighbor coulda picked that up instead of
his other 1st boat... a 44 Sea Ray.

I'm not sure if an OL would be twice as much as a Skater, MTI or Nortech, but I'd have to believe it would be a couple of 100k more. You're gonna need more power to hit the mid 100s in a V.
Anyone know how much JETSET cost?
This thread has gone astray... wanna start another one on this subject?
jetset coast a million to build and mike fusco bought it for like between 200 and 500 thousand and put abou 300 thousand in it with paint paint and turbine up grades plus he has a whole gragge full off props that coast 5 grand each i was on i 2 years ago did 185mph and turned at 100 it was the the crazest ride of my life.
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Default Re: NY Reality Check

Did you ever think they don't want a working guy in a 28 Sunsation 100% stock even in their Poker runs?
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Default Re: NY Reality Check

Well Robert I help run a poker run every year.

Our LEOPA poker run is ran every year at the end of July. It ranges from 65 to 90 boats every year. The cost this year is $250.00 with a $50.00 discount if you sign up early. ($200.00)

Last years first prize was $1500.00 , 2nd was $500.00 and 3rd was $250.00. We also had another $700.00 dollars worth of gifts to give away.

We gave $2500.00 to Special Olympics and the club still made about $6000.00

The run included a steak roast dinner friday with live entertainment, saturday breakfast, full buffett style sit down lunch, saturday sit down prime rib dinner with live entertainment, and sunday morning breakfast.

THis run is organized by a VOLUNTEER staff consisting of our club members.

The point is that you can have a "low cost" poker run and still have a ton of fun, food provided, and a large turn out. And not to mention we have some nice hardware and EVERYONE has a good time

Dan Burtscher
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Old 06-30-2004, 06:59 AM
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Default Re: NY Reality Check

Jim (WickedWon)

All i can say is you will have a bit of deja vu

Smokin Joe is signed up for SOTW this year and his slip will not be too far from you

As a promoter of a less than cheap poker run all i can say is each run feeds a different set of needs

what we do is to provide a venue that can make money for the Make A Wish foundation and gives there family's boat rides all day on Friday

we have helicopters in the air with camera and video filming the food is nothing short of stellar (steak and Lobster this year on Saturday)

$10,000 is first place prise, goodie bag that is second to none,and there is so many other things going on it is boggling

we are not a $200 poker run and don't try to be

I think there is a need for the less expensive poker runs and we have talked about putting on a different run with less frills
but from our stand point doing any of this without the proper insurance coverage is nuts and very expensive

anyone who wants to contribute as a volunteer and take on any of the financial responsibility to put on one of these runs should call me and we will have you get involved with us

We start planning a year in advance and provide deposits $$$$$$ for everything from helicopters to food to tents to slips to vidio crew exct...... way in advance of having enough money coming in to do this

in the end for us it is (contrary to popular belief) not a profitable proposition but a great way to have a great bunch of people assemble to do some great things for less fortunate children

and have a great weekend of fun

i am not defending our run as Bob and I think you get great value for your money on the SOTW poker run but we will never make everyone happy and we aren't trying to

For those that want to see some GREAT boats and have a great time and contribute to our auction for the kids come on down and participate entry is $1000 for four persons in a boat

To those that would rather not spend the money come on down and watch from the side lines there will be plenty to view

And if you are just feeling charitable please e-mail me if you want to donate something to our Make A Wish auction because this is truly an event that works at providing fun and money for the kids

Last year we gave rides to over 150 members of the Make a wish foundation (Kids and their family's ) and just under $30,000 in cash

By the way our start of the run is a site to see and we have 74 miles of Width in the lake to spread out over so there is plenty of room to stay out of the slop

less than 2 weeks away

see you all on the water

[email protected]
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Default Re: NY Reality Check

SMOKIN JOE IS GONNA BE THERE I still love that thing ! Marc, don't get me wrong, your's is one of the premier events of the year and unlike NY it's run in real wide open offshore conditions where debris and traffic is rarely an issue (unless you chose to be in it). I hope there will always be a handful of big regional ( and probably expensive) runs staggered on the calendar so that they don't become a "job" to attend but as I make long term plans to attend some of the runs ( work, babbysitter's ect..) and thay are canceled it makes me wonder what the future holds. This thread was to get a better feel for the why's and why nots and I think it was valuable, don't take it personally, i'm just disappointed that three out of the five runs we had planned for were canceled. On a brighter note I ran the boat yesterday and a couple of the small tweaks provided good results, we've got a couple of small mechanical issues to clean up but we'll be at SOTW looking to see all our old " Smoke" friends and make some new ones.

BTW The Cleveland PRA run is the week after SOTW and we are planning on attending, it's $1500.00 for two people but does include rooms at the Ritz for two nights. The timing sucks but it's in our backyard, it'll be interesting to see how many boats show at that $.
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Post Re: NY Reality Check

Immediate Release: Speed, Glamour, and Style Dominate the


When the sun shines, so do all the stars of the National Powerboat Association’s infamous NEW YORK CITY POWERBOAT RALLY. With 143 contestants from all over the nation competing on the Hudson River, multiple helicopters could be seen filming and photographing the event for international TV Shows and glossy magazine publications. The 1st segment of the event was the Patriotic Parade from the Statue of Liberty to the George Washington Bridge, which was lead by the 42’ OUTERLIMITS, “Silent Sam”, the Official Paceboat for the 100+ mph class. Then followed the Speedboat Class led by the 46’ CIGARETTE RACING TEAM’s, “American Muscle” Paceboat and finally the Cruiser Class lead by POWERQUESTS’ 70 mph 32’ Express Cruiser. All powerboats took the start at the George Washington Bridge to commence the 2nd segment of the event, the World Champion Hi-Speed Run to the Tappan Zee Bridge. After completing this 15 mile leg, all boats navigated the 3rd segment of the event, the Poker Run, which took the fleet to Ossining Boat and Canoe Club, Haverstraw Marina, and finally returning to Liberty Landing Marina, the host marina and headquarters for the show.

Mike Fiore’s, XXX, Sterling powered 47’ OUTERLIMITS (the World’s Fastest V-Bottom Record Holder), grabbed the early lead, but was wounded by an electrical system gremlin on one motor. Bob Russell’s OUTERLIMITS, the sister ship to XXX, was backing-up Michael at speeds of 150+ MPH until he blew an engine. Oliver Bock of Canada, was in the mix also with a sister ship of XXX, “Big Soldier” and out ran all the rest of the V-Bottoms and Cats to the Tappan Zee Bridge with his co-pilot Jim Earle, with the exception of one cat…”JET SET”…the tubine powered 40’ Skater Cat of Mike Fusco. Mike came back this year to re-gain his crown as “King Of the Hudson” after missing last year’s event…at speeds of 175+MPH. Oliver Bock’s “Big Soldier” is the new “King of the V-Bottoms”. James Bresnick’s 47 Outerlimits, “Wet N’ Wild” from Massachusetts placed 2nd in the V-Bottoms and a wounded XXX placed 3rd.

Vinny Rifice’s 36’ Skater, “Color Me Bad” with 2000 HP of gas motors, just was not enough to catch JET SET, but placed and impressive 2nd place just ahead of Michael Bartone’s 36’ Skater Cat with 1800 HP total, named “Team Skull”. All of these boats utilized Mercurys’ Speedmaster #6 outdrives except for JET SET, which uses Arneson Surface Drives for propulsion.


For the 5th consecutive year, Ron Bender’s, “Wild Thing” from Ohio, won “Best Looking Crew”, all costumed up as Batman and Crew. The “Best Looking Boat” Award went to George Magnifico’s 36’ Eliminator, sponsored by his company, Fastboats, Inc, the new Northeast distributor for Eliminators. Mark Jameson won the coveted “SPIRIT OF THE NPBA” Award for doing exactly what the title infers…SPIRIT and ENTHUSIASM for the Sport! Our “Youngest Captain Award” was passed on from Ryan Friedman to Tom Hart, Jr. in his 38’ Cigarette Top Gun, “Steppin’ Up”. He is quite a captain at 15 years old!

The real winners of the day were Charlie Tesauro and George Magnifico. They tied with each having a matching Full House and split the Five Thousand Dollar Grand Prize. That should help put some gas in his Charlie’s Skater Cat and George’s Eliminator Cat for a few more runs.

With support and sponsorship from Outerlimits, Cigarette Racing Team, Powerquest, Ocean Performance, Eliminator by FASTBOATS, INC., Trenton Marine Center, Typhoon Performance Marine, Hustler, Formula, Tiger Performance, Livorsi Marine, Mercury Racing, Huber Marine, Total Dollar Insurance,, Myco Trailers, Double Tree Club Suites, Liberty Landing Marina, Chillybear, ThinkFast Films, Patsy’s Bay Marina, Boat world USA, Glasswerx, Marc Jameson Chimneys, PROROC, 4 Fifty 5 Restaurant, Steamboat Landing Restaurant, Full Throttle Marine, Jose Cuervo, Smirnoff Vodka, Black Haus, Total Marine, American Marine Insurance Services, Velocity Powerboats, Top-Knot, Mattituck Marine, Frenzy Wax, Marine Power Service, and of course FRENZY PERFORMANCE, this event was the epitome of,


…the ingredients that make this the greatest powerboat spectacle in the world.


Make your reservations now. Next year’s date is June 18, 2005.

Our next great event that you do not want to miss is



September 18th, 2004.

For further info, go to:

Digital Photography & Video one BYTE at a time !
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Post Re: NY Reality Check

The NY Runs have really grown and they have been great to attend.

But I have been hearing the same complaints year after year about the catered Hot Dogs & Hamburgers and running a bit loose on the safety aspect.

Unfortunately there were some injuries in this year's event....

I am not clear on all the details but last I heard they are all out of the hospital.

I hope for future events, the NPBA will adopt the "Ten Commandments of a Poker Run" as used by other organizations to help keep everyone safe.

(1) Absolutely no alcoholic beverages until the Poker Run is OVER.

(2) All participating poker run boat occupants must wear PFD's

(3) Driver must wear ignition safety switch lanyard(s) while the boat is underway

(4) No sitting on top of the seats or on sunpads when the boat is on plane

(5) Break starts up into groups based on speed

(6) Medical/rescue personnel onboard at least one boat in every group

(7) No passing the paceboat

(8) Minimum separation of 100' fore-and-aft and 50' side-to-side between boats when on plane

(9) Written instructions/charts handed out by organizer with appropriate speed limit and safety notations.

(10)Strict speed limits in congested areas.

* Created by NJPPC Member Chuck Sprague

I would like to see the NPBA continue their big events along with many other organizations throughout the country..

Hopefully all will get on the same page with these quite simple and easy to adhere to guidelines...

Best of luck for the future of our Poker Runs everywhere.

Side note:

If we don't keep a handle on running fast safely, we may soon find exclusions in our insurance policies that we may not be covered when the boat is entered in a Poker Run event....
None of us would want to see that. That would put an end to all Poker Runs.
So let's police ourselves and run smart. Run SAFE as SAFE can be....

Thanks for the largest display of boats I have seen yet in the NJ area.
Thank you for the hard work put into this, and I hope you don't take this post negatively. I would say more like constructive criticism...Hoping to see things better for the future of Poker Runs.

Digital Photography & Video one BYTE at a time !
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Default Re: NY Reality Check

I think poker runs can fill the needs of all.For the guy climbing the ladder it gives him the chance to see what up grades he can do to a older boat,engine upgrades,graphics,dashes,etc for the guy at the top time to show case the latest and meet other guys in the big league.Its not about how much or how fast we all have the same love and thats powerboating.Have met many good friends through poker runs the last 10 years some in 24 skaters(shane) to 50 Nortech Jim Leonardo its not just the boats its about the people.You dont have to be in the run to enjoy some of the most exotic hardware in the world just walk the docks,these guys love to showcase there toys thats what its about!!So its not always about the fastest,theres always someone building one to beat you!!hope to see you at SOTW Tom Abrams
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