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Aluminum Trailers?

Old 08-10-2004, 09:51 PM
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Default Re: Aluminum Trailers?

A trailer is a "BOAT ACCESSORY" and should be treated as such.
Women do not want you for how "Hot" your trailer is.
Your buddies dont want to "Ride" on your trailer becuase its nicer than theres.
And Your boat wont go any faster or suck less gas becuse of your trailer.
So buy what gives the lighest safest ride and lasts longer. Who cares about what it looks like. Painted trailers look like old bars after 3 years (And thats if you take care of them). Steel is heavy and welds rust. Galvinized looks old from day one and WILL carod. So Aluminum is the way to go.
Lighter, lasts longer, and is cheaper in the long run.
I would suggest West Coast Trailers 949-254-9360. They have takencare of many members on this board and deliver accross the country.
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Default Re: Aluminum Trailers?

I Would Go With A Myco Trailer And Like Steve 1 Says You Get What You Pay For But It's Worth It. Other Good Trailer Is Ameritrail And Manning. I Have A Manning Trailer Poker Run Edition On My Gun
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Default Re: Aluminum Trailers?

I bought an aluminum MYCO for my 33 Powerplay. It was a decision I put alot of effort into and I finally bought the Myco and I am very happy with it. It tows great, looks great, etc.....
I used to tow boats for a living, logging more than 200,000 miles and the Myco's are the best trailer I have ever encounterd time after time. Their reliability and customer service are excellent. They are expensive, but you do get what you pay for.

I would also HEAVILY base my decision on how long you think you will keep the boat. If you know you are going to sell the boat in a few years and move up to some bigger/better, I would probably spend less money than the Myco. I would look at the Hi-tech (call Fred--"Too Old") or Wayne from West Coast Trailers (949-254-9360) is a good honest guy also.
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Default Re: Aluminum Trailers?

We have a Trick Marine Series. I agree, MYCO is a great trailer also. We are stiving to provide quality at a competitive price.
We have had a name change to some degree for the step hull and high performance applications Allison High Performance. This is due to the unique needs of the performance boat hulls. Fred at Trick has some additional specifications to further raise the bar.

I agree, Most definately, you get what you pay for. We are confident you will get a positive tow at interstate speeds, great hull support, and easy loading. It is my goal to raise the bar with continual change/improvement. To give you a trailer that can be adjusted to accomidate several step hull boats in a given size range. We do not want to participate in the "dime a dozen" typical aluminum trailer market with cheaper or smaller (Read marginal) materials.

Thanks for the positive posts. Trailers are definately not a glamorous business but it is very much personal in stiving to be the best value for the dollar.
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Default Re: Aluminum Trailers?

Additional Note. We have just come to an agreement on Powder coating.
We will now have available:

Polished frame with powder coat fenders/step pads, tongue and winch
Trailer totally polished out or
Powder coated main beams with polished inner frame materials and fenders.

We have additionally located
18" wheel/tires in various styles for the 7K & 10,500 trailers
22 in wheels in various for the 15K trailers.

In the 15K range Allison High Performance trailer we are now including 16" aluminum wheels with a lower profile 255/75/16E tire.

These in addition to our adjustible step hull bunking system are industry firsts. Who says aluminum trailers have to be boring??????
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Default Re: Aluminum Trailers?

TO come:::::
Working on mounting solutions for the OUTLAW disk brakes (OSO Member also).
These brakes are the best brake calipers I have seen to date. Additionally, proven by NASCAR and NASCAR truck series - as well as other racing venues.

Allison High Performance Series are now standard with DOT brake lines.
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Default Re: Aluminum Trailers?

Thanks so much for the input. I knew that I could count on my OSO brothers to provide the information that I need to make my decision................Roger Holmberg AKA "Roger 1''
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Default Re: Aluminum Trailers?

We have a Hi Tech under the new 29 Extreme and all I have heard are compiments on the trailer. Bill is a top notch guy to deal with and builds a quality trailer. Dave Warden
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Default Re: Aluminum Trailers?

Originally Posted by Tempest
I just put a midnight express on one made by Hi Tech Marine and had it hauled over 3000 miles. The trailer works great and tracks great.

They are at aluminum boat
I am trying to remember your boat,,,,, I am usually pretty good with that. What size trailer did you get? Did you go through Customer service on the trailer? Probably not putting two and two together here - signs of aging. I just like to know each performance boat and customer due to each type/model boat having unique needs as well as each person using the boat/trailer. Ps. Would love a pic of the boat on the trailer.

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Default Re: Aluminum Trailers?

If I was buying one new for a boat I was going to keep a while, I would buy a Myco; identical to Thunder32's above, except I would add a third 6K lb axle.

Do not buy a Rocket Trailer if it was the last trailer on the planet. You would be better off just dragging your boat behind the truck on a sheet of plywood. I put so much work into mine I could have built a new one from scratch; including melting down my own Pepsi cans.

I currently have
under Monsoon. It is a fantastic trailer, with a one of a kind wishbone design, and many cross supports. It still flexes front to back; but they all do.

Definately over-engineer your axles, even by several thousand pounds. I have 3-6K lb axles (18K lb total capacity) on my trailer, and my entire trailer/boat/fuel is around 12K. The problem is, when you are ascending or decending the boat ramp, your entire boat's weight is on the front axle of the trailer. Your rear axle (and middle sometimes in my case) is off the ground. This tends to wear out the suspension on your front axle, which is what is happening to mine. I will need too replace my front (torsion) axle someday.

I have since modified the trailer for use with a Weight Distributing Hitch, and added a second Tongue Jack.

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