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Latest Hurricane?

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Default Re: Latest Hurricane?

Orlando has been getting approx 50 sustained with gusts of prob 70 so far , maybe 2 inches of rain . Prob get a little worse as the day goes on. So far so good.

Ivan is now a hurricane may track this way over the next week or 2.
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Default Re: Latest Hurricane?

Originally Posted by Fever Mike
Formula Outlaw, yes a Sailboater is lost off Eggmont Key. A Father took his 2 kids out to sail today...I can't even believe that! He radio'd to the Coast Guard that is deck was swamp and he is going down with his 2 samll children aboard. they never found him and the CG reported on Ch 8 NBC news that the waves were 6-8 feet.
How can anyone by that moronically stupid???? If they do find him, they should take his kids away and throw his azz his jail for endangering them to that extent.

And on another note of stupidity: last night a couple decided to take a raft, yes a RAFT, out off the old "Midnight Pass" area, south Siesta Key beginning of Casey Key area. The raft started drifting uncontrollably and she jumped overboard to swim for shore. Somehow the CG managed to rescue both of them. I have no idea how the CG was even informed.

We now have two more candidates for the "Darwin Awards"....

I find it so incredible that you hear so many more accounts of total and complete stupidity than you ever hear of brilliance.

Later this afternoon they are calling for 14 to 20 foot seas. The local station just gave it's "boating forecast" and all the announcer said was "if you're thinking of going out in a boat, call 911 and commit yourself".

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Default Re: Latest Hurricane?

The winds are still very strong here, as they have been all night, since around midnight, occasional higher gusts and squalls too.
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Default Re: Latest Hurricane?

My father and brother are holed up in my father's house in Boca east of 95. No power since 10AM yesterday morning....nerves getting a litlle frazzled...due to boredom. A lot of trees down on the golf course behind the house. I'm going down on Tues. after my flight for today was cancelled. A friend of mine has a condo in Jupiter (Jonathan's Landing) with no shutters and an 8 month old 31 Jupiter CC stored on blocks in Palm Beach Gardens. When I go down I have to check on them...hoping for the best.
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Default Re: Latest Hurricane?

Winds and rain goin horizontal bursts. (Altamonte Springs)...Lost power at 9am. Same status for 12-20 hours expected. Using laptop..

Take care every body
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Default Re: Latest Hurricane?

wind picking up here ... rain is due this pm ..and looks like a northward drift will make it worse here .....I am at werk ( power co...a zoo) ..Got T holding down the 311 ......
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Default Re: Latest Hurricane?

I am still going strong here... no power loss... yet... I am actually suprised that I have not lost power.... Just walked around my house.. no damage, just a few limbs down, the boat is just fine. there is not as much damage in my neighborhood that i can see compared to the last storm. I feel really bad for the people who lost their roof in the last storm, and now are getting nailed again.
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Default Re: Latest Hurricane?

Originally Posted by Payton
Any word this morning?


Here is the situation,

About midnight it started picking up pretty bad, I was in the garage having a smoke, and the attic door was flopping up and down, so I went outside to take a look. Shingles flying off the front of the roof, but no leaks, the tarpaper held up, I only have one area in the attic where the plywood has slight moisture. SO, I go out back, and sections of fence are flapping back and forth. I go watch some more tv(we kept power, phone, and cable through the whole thing, cable just went out now). Around 2AM, it started slowing down, so I went out back, and removed any loose remaining fence panels. Wind blew through the night. My neighbor lost some of his siding, Trees, and lightposts down all over. We went out in the truck for a ride this morning, and I have tons of pics, just gota get them uploaded. Good luck to you guys in other areas of the path.
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Default Re: Latest Hurricane?

Originally Posted by wwwTOPDJcom
my dad is in Port St Lucie and is shut up in his house with no power
He called me and said he was ok , and was missing his AC lack of power, phones and cells still work so far. pretty warm in a house with the shutters on. I think he will be fine lost a few tree's
Not to bad for ground Zero
Sin-D is in Port St. Lucie also, and I spoke with her this morning. She reports basically the same thing...going stir crazy, and hot as hell, but fortunate that they have not sustained any damage to their home. She said their is lots of debris floating around, and several trees down, but no hot power lines in her area. Melbourne on the other hand, has been pelted for about 28 hours now. Haven't heard anything from anyone there since 2pm yesterday. No fatalities reported, so, no news is good news.

We're battened down here, getting ready for our share of wind and rains, which should be hitting within the hour. Stay safe all.....
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Default Re: Latest Hurricane?

It's blowing pretty good here. We are suppose to have 90 mph by 4:00. Trees are really bending down. Good luck everyone!!!! Dave
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