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Trailer Tires??

Old 09-06-2004, 12:53 PM
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Default Re: Trailer Tires??


Almost forgot.

I was at Bill Martin's Tire Center (Statesville, NC) on Saturday and talked to Billy about this exact thing. I have not had the first problem out of my Goodyears. However he said they had a good customer that had nothing but problems out of the Goodyears on a large travel trailer. The guy could not make a single long trip without losing at least one tire.

Billy thought that the trailer was too heavy for the axles and tires it came with. It is a 40 Footer with just two axles. I really to not know how the guy maintains his stuff either.

Bottom line is that he changed him over to Bridgestone's that have a MUCH thicker and stiffer side wall and he says the guy is VERY happy, that it has solved most of his problems.

I did not ask about the series or model of these Bridgestones, but if you want it just give me a call.

Take care
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Old 09-06-2004, 09:44 PM
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Default Re: Trailer Tires??

Hi Mark,
I will give you a call.. need to anyway. My tires are load range D.. max was 65psi I believe. So you may be in a league way above me. I will look into it in the coming weeks. I think I am done for the year anyway, with cam problems again. I wont know for sure until I get the boat into the barn and take a look.
Thanks for the info.. I will call you tomorrow..

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Old 09-07-2004, 11:36 AM
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Default Re: Trailer Tires??

I tow my enclosed race trailer over 20,000 miles a yr. Last yr, new trailer, bargain radial 225/75R D tires, lost 3 of 4 due to belt separation- all warrantied but still a headache. A good friend has owned a tire store for 5 yrs and recommended the tow masters, have had good luck with them. This yr, a better made new trailer (Continental Cargo victory lane), different off-brand tire, lost the first tire in 500 miles due to belt separation, warrantied it too. The rest are hanging in there.

My Myco for the Pantera has the same size tire and bolt pattern (5200 lb axles). This Winter I will switch the tire wheel assy's as the Myco get's very few miles and has the GY marathons which are very fresh.

That said, my buddy the tire guy tells me when it's time to buy 4 tires to get an "old school" 7.00x15, bias with an F rating. They are an inch or two taller, don't recall the weight rating, but he says tire trouble will be over. He does this for a lot of trailers and RV's with good success.

As said, I check my brg and tire temp every time I stop for fuel, air pressure before every long trip. I've seen some people towing with wrong weights/balances and they have a lot of tail wiggle- this will heat up and kill tires too.
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Old 09-07-2004, 12:29 PM
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Default Re: Trailer Tires??

I had no problem with my Carlisles towing 200 miles a weekend all summer long for 3 seasons until this spring and I blew 3 within a month....I switched to the Tow Masters and havent had any problems yet.........

on of my good friends had blown countless Carlisles a few were brand new tires with less than 50 miles on them when they blew, as a result he has spent a ton of hours buffing scratch marks out of his hull.
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Default Re: Trailer Tires??

why is it that I see many trailer tires (specifically Carlisles) that wear unevenly on the inside edge?
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Default Re: Trailer Tires??

Originally Posted by BRUCE SEROFF
why is it that I see many trailer tires (specifically Carlisles) that wear unevenly on the inside edge?
Flex in the axles , caused by over weight or substandard axles. The result is the top of the tire is in and the bottom is out , leaving the the tire riding on the inside edge
I have a new one on order right now for that reason...should have it this week. I have cheated in the past by jacking up the trailer by the center of the axle. This in turn puts a bow in the axle , straightening the tires out

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Default Re: Trailer Tires??

Anyone towing with a Ford Power Stroke notice the trailer tire temp is higher on the right side than the left? All 3 of my right tires run 10 - 20 degrees warmer than the left side. I always thought it was the sun until a recent trip were the sun was on the other side. Could it be the exhaust? Everything else like bearings, brakes, axles and pressures look okay.

No tire problems this year after switching to Tow Masters from Carlisles.
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Default Re: Trailer Tires??

Mr G
I had Carlisles and the tread peeled off. I called them, knowing I got some of the bad batch and they didn't do squat. I bought Del-Nats and they are wearing much much better (recommended by a local place that puts a lot on horse trailers and have worked well). My dad had Good Years on his car hauler. They did stand behind them. So, they did have a bad batch and they took care of it and replaced them. That is a huge factor in my opp.

My only advice. Don't buy Carlisle.
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