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Headed to MI, any suggestions or comments?

Old 01-06-2005, 09:33 PM
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Default Re: Headed to MI, any suggestions or comments?

I'm in the Kalamazoo-Battle Creek area of Southwest Mi. Unless its construction, real estate, or poor paying manufacturing----I'm not sure about your employment possibilities. But the good part, like dyno says, is you can't beat Lake Michigan. Keith
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Old 01-06-2005, 10:27 PM
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Default Re: Headed to MI, any suggestions or comments?

Hey Woogie, who are you? I live on the North side near the State Park. I luanch at the DNR ramp.
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Old 01-06-2005, 11:23 PM
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Default Re: Headed to MI, any suggestions or comments?

I live in saint clair shores. Many nice homes, also look into harrson twp.
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Default Re: Headed to MI, any suggestions or comments?

Can somebody tell me how Michigan is better than Florida?

-Governor taxing us every which way (license fees, click it or ticket,)
-Cities (like the St. Clair Shores) raise property taxes to hire more give you seat belt raise give cops overtime to patrol give parking raise revenues)
-Hip Hop Mayor of Detroit (I'm jealous of all his strippers)
-Detroit...greyest city on earth
-High unemployment...not gonna change anytime soon..yet Fed is raising interest rates... cause the rest of county ain't a piece of Michigan.... and they actually have positive GDP
-guys with 3 teeth...sayin' we need more more jobs can leave
-Bad roads (you have to have a SUV....or you'll bend rims)
-Bad weather
-spend 20 minutes a week scraping ice of your windsheild
-freeze your azz off for the first 10 minutes on your way to work...while you can't see out your windsheild
-car door freezes shut.....break handle opening door...start day off on bad note
-shovel the perimeter of your roof to prevent ice damns
-shovel the driveway, sidewalk etc.
-have to get up extra early to clean and warm car=less sleep or....late for work
-all this while on your so-called Christmas Vacation
-salt all over every crevis of your car=rust
-4 month boating season....and it'll rain on saturday and sunday
-go boating not cause you want to...but because you make 12 payments a year and can only use the thing 4 months... and you feel guilty
-4 month golf'll rain on golf day...then course will be too wet half the time,
and when it's a nice day..local courses are packed (cause everybodys gotta golf...cause they only got a 4 month season)
-public schools in wealthy areas (Bloomfield, Rochester Hills, Troy) are are cartel (teachers union) controlled waste of my tax money..see Governor
-fat people(all of U.S midwest)(fat people are slow in the grocery line, and at the mall, etc.....4 skinny females......8 thousand guys chasin'em.....fat girls even start thinking their hot)
-vacation= leave state
-tomorrow....people are boating in Florida....tomorrow...people in Michigan are posting on the internet...about boating

-Tee times on Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.
-Fun Runs on New Years Day(what are you doing over the holidays?.....ah... boating
-South invention....skinny people....who are good looking.
-lower taxes (state average)
-lower cost of living (state average)
-hurricane guarentees new HD tv's every 4 years.... and new stereo...take my clothes while you're at it
-car last fat people at grocery store banging into everything
-don't have to go tanning
-Key West..Miami Vice...stiltsville...Marathon......long bridge over beautiful water
-Southern people are more friendly......and skinnyer
-vacation destination...cause it's desirable...unlike Michigan

"Re: Headed to MI, any suggestions or comments?"


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Default Re: Headed to MI, any suggestions or comments?

Man, these posts are great!! LMAO!! vtec, unfortunately, I can see it all now! Too bad the wife just went to bed. She won't be able to read that one till later today!

By starting this thread, at least she's convinced that I'm trying!

Mark, I'll email you...
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Default Re: Headed to MI, any suggestions or comments?

FLORIDA?Every year i go visit my parents in florida for a week,usually the coldest wk they have on record,especially when i tow my boat down their!! I always see OLD people when i'm down their but i do see the skinny girls you guys are talking about every time i turn on cops,if you could get them off the crystal meth and take them to a dentist i guess they would be ok but then again they'd probably fatten up once they were no longer homeless and started eating again . If you do move to michigan,we have great boating and snowmobiling, BUT,you'll have to find something else to do the other 6 months a year ,Smitty
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Default Re: Headed to MI, any suggestions or comments?

Closed on new house wensday and have old house going on market soon, 2100 sq ft, 1 acre, 3600 sq ft building with 2 hoist and overhead crane 1 mile south of Metro airport.
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Default Re: Headed to MI, any suggestions or comments?

Originally Posted by formula1
Well, after much debate, it seems that in light of the crazy real estate values in the DC area, we are going to cash in and move elsewhere. Since my wife and I have alot of family still in the Detriot, MI area, she claims that is the most logical move we could make. Michigan is NOT my first choice, but it does make sense.

Anyway, the real meat of this thread is, I know there are alot of MIchigan & Ohio guys and gals on this board. Maybe ya'll could help me out! I've spent the last 13 years in auto or marine sales and finance. So, my career path will most likely be in one of those two areas (unless I can find something more exciting!). I don't really want to be a salesperson (I would if I had to), but rather a sales manager or finance.

What are the "good" dealers to do business with (or work for) in the Southeastern MI or Northwestern OH (Toledo) areas? Any experiences would be appreciated!

PS. I DID read Blaster's thread this morning! Best of luck to him!
Duhhhh, Head South young man Head South. Newport Beach, the Outer Banks, Florida, Corpus Christi, Long Beach CA. WTF, Michigan or Ohio? If you could get a gig for 7 months and head south the other time good.
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Default Re: Headed to MI, any suggestions or comments?

Originally Posted by Ms PatriYacht
yes an warm weather , it looks like you guys are wearing sweat shirts and if I am not mistaken that run was in August
No Donna that was in June.....a litlle ice here and there yet
If your boat has a sail do you ride a horse to the ramp?
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Default Re: Headed to MI, any suggestions or comments?

Formula1, I'll sell ya my place....I'm looking for a reason to get the hell outta here!!!
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