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Average Boater

Old 03-14-2005, 09:34 PM
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Default Re: Average Boater

It's all relative. Someone is always going to have something better, bigger, more expensive. Make do with what you want to afford and you'll usually find your friends are those who don't critique you for what you have or don't have.
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Default Re: Average Boater

No.... I don't thik this is a "bash" on guys with $$$..
Like I said.. I'd love to be making $20k/mo....

I had a lot of fun in the few Poker Runs that I've done... Great people no matter what they were piloting...

I think the thread is about what an average boater has for a ride...

So what is average?
I certainly don't call a spankin' new Top Gun an average boater's ride... $300+ is not within the means of the average guy..

Like FO said.. Probably a good average boat...'89 311 Formy...

As far as the Troutmaster... He's a cop... With a boat like that... He's got to be on the take..
Too Old- Nope. Not average. Word is that he owns half the burger kings in the USA. For sport he opened a boat parts shop. He buys sweet muscle boats to park in his garage as trophys. Probably one for every billion burgers sold.
I hear he's getting into the high performance hot dog business...
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Default Re: Average Boater

I am a way-above average boater. I have gold chains that cost more than your sh''tty boat. I have a tow hitch on my Gulfstream. I spend more in one weekend on racing fuel than you will spend on your kids Junior College. I spent more on my wife's tits than you will spend for your "new to you" POS car / truck. I spent MORE than than that on my GIRLFRIENDS tits.

I rule . . . you suck. Get some fenders for that POS boat, and don't even THINK of rafting.
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Default Re: Average Boater

92 26' Larson Senza with fresh 2000 502efi & bravo, 95 suzuki gsxr750,
02 Z71 Tahoe, 99 grand prix GT, and a 80000 home since I added new 1000sq garage, home was build in the 50's so it by no means fancy except for the real hardwood floors. I will be remodeling by myself for several years, can't afford all those expensive contractors. I did get to go to Miami in 04, missed this year because I chose to have a new HDTV Sony 55"
it was one or the other TV won next year though either Key West or Miami but not both
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Default Re: Average Boater

Hey Bryan we know you have all the cash
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Default Re: Average Boater

1988 boat and a fifty year old house here!!

But............The harder I work, the luckier I get!!
I can't talk about it right now, it's being handled by the Postal Inspector. Those guys don't mess around!
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Default Re: Average Boater

I'm happy with my 22' Donzi, which I own. I'd trade some cash for more boating time to tell u the truth. I get out about 6X per season. This spring, I'm looking for a V8 beater to tow the boat with....looking to spend 2G or so. Those 6 times I get out per year, I'm happy to talk to the guy with the bayliner or the TG....I've seen good and bad with lots and little money. I just make sure i enjoy myself when i can finally get the boat wet. As for winning the $$$ race, that's not even one i can guess what? It doesn't bother me........
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Default Re: Average Boater

ok this is not for the average person

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Default Re: Average Boater

I love the rich !!! they pay me good for my construction equipment and they pay me good to landscape their homes and cut their lawns!!!!! plus I by their cars boats and trucks when they trade them in?? I let them take the hit...The ones who think they are all that..who don't talk or wave..They are all small D-ck guys !!!!
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Default Re: Average Boater

average here , 1972 cigarette , restoring. i can not imagine paying a loan on a boat. or the insurance i will say this i'm 35 and if i would have saved all the coin i just pissed away on dumb stuff i wolud be alot more settled. i try to tell younger people to save . that's what my mom used to tell me just put XX amount of money each week and don't touch it. well i didn't and now today i realize why she would tell me that. i pay for the toys as i go. use a credit card only to order and then pay off before end of the month. if i can't i don't buy.

now , i am going to be a father , doctor said it 's going to be a girl so now i am going to start a seperate savings account for her. that will cut into my toy money. my priorities are changing , again, for the better.
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