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Depth Gauge Transducer Mounting?

Old 06-09-2005, 07:56 PM
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Default Depth Gauge Transducer Mounting?

Got a depth gauge that only works when it wants to. The transducer is a transom mount that is mounted sideways on my set back bracket. So as soon as I get any speed at all the transducer is out of the water and the gauge quits. There is another thru the hull transducer mounted between the 2 cat hulls but not hooked up. If hooked up it would read depth until the cat started to fly I think. A 3rd thru the hull transducer was mounted but removed from the aft end of one of the hulls which would be at an angle to straight down. Where do you guys mount your senders in a cat? It looks like someone tried several ideas in my boat and none really worked. I dont want to re-invent the wheel...

Thanks, TJ
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Old 06-09-2005, 09:13 PM
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Default Re: Depth Gauge Transducer Mounting?

The puck style transducers work the best for what you need, I assume you just want depth reading and aren't tryiny to run a bottom recorder or anything. The puck style tranducer just epoxys to the inside of one your sponsons and readds thru the hull, you just need to make sure you recess it through any foam coaring or any other material that the bilge might be lined with. You want to make sure to epoxy it right to the hull and you don't want any air bubbles in the epoxy either.
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Default Re: Depth Gauge Transducer Mounting?

I installed a puck style Gaffrig depth sounder in my old Corsa, and it works just fine. The hull bottom where I mounted it consists of 3/4" of glass, 5/8" of plywood, and another 1/4" glass. I used a short piece of 3" diameter exhaust tubing, stuck it around the transducer, and filled it a ways up with epoxy. That definitely did the trick, and I don't expect to get the transducer out any time soon either...
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Default Re: Depth Gauge Transducer Mounting?

If your able to..... it's a big if.... to test a transducer location before actually gluing it, fill the area you want to glue it to with water and just place the transducer in the water. Again, not sure if you have an area where you can do this. With it being in the water, it will work and you are able to test if it can shoot through the hull and if it will work when running. I was able to do this just recently by pluging up the bilge holes inbetween the cross(port to starboard) running members. I wanted to assure it could shoot through the hull, before gluing it. I also compared the depth numbers to with those from another boat....

Good luck!
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