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Default Sunsation 32 MCOB

Hi all

New member, researching a Sunsation 32 MCOB, been reading past post, getting somewhat educated, see below comments and then my questions, hope that you all can help, also hope that this info might be a great piece of history to keep as a sticky for this great brand / model for others, as people have moved on the center “C” boat, these seem to be an “overlooked” value, thanks in advance !!!

2003 - the older style “Dominator” (with shorter freeboard / less cabin headroom, NO enclosed head) begins production, these are more “sleek”

2003 – not completely sure but it appears that the Mid Cabin Open Bow (MCOB) also began production at this same time

*** also not sure when “McLeod” standup seats were introduced but seems to be around this time, most seem to have these ?

2006 – the “Innovator” was introduced, very rare boat, maybe a handful were built, nicknamed by some as the ‘”flip up” dash

2007 – the “Legacy” Dominator was introduced, has the NEW twin step hull, has taller freeboard, has more cabin room, has enclosed head, also 1,000lbs heavier

2007 – the keel pad gets upgraded from “V” to a flat “10” pad (also gets a 90 degree chine angle), some suggest that the boat is a bit more stable speed with flat pad, thoughts ?

2007 – the dash also gets upgraded (there are now 5 smaller gauges on the Port side of the boat, a big GPS dial in the middle, and 5 smaller gauges plus 2 larger rpm) in front of driver), thoughts ?

2007 – first “SSR” introduced, gets new Mitcher T paint options, trim tab controls are now in throttle, apparently 50 more changes but not sure how many are “noteworthy”, thoughts ?

2007 – first “SS” introduced, not real sure of specs BUT seems to be an SSR minus something ?

2009 – first “S” (performance) model introduced, this has stripped galley, maybe 40lbs lighter, maybe a little bit faster

2009 – Re “SSR” brand, some refer to boats as early as 2007 being “SSR” models, however, from 2007/2009 I don’t see any diminishment between S, SS, SSR models, so a bit confusing

2009 – Re “SSR” brand seems to become much more “visible” from 2009 on, the MSRP on 2009/15 SSR seemed to be north of $200k+ whereas, pre credit crises, the MSRP seemed to be more in the $140k range

2010 – first “XRT” introduced, I have seen less than a handful of closed bows, I have only seen one MCOB, not sure how many were made

2010 – Re motors, twin 8.1/8.2 (430hp) motors replace the twin 496/496 HO (425hp) motors, is there any real advantage to the 8.1/8.2 motors, about same hp but seem 3-5 mph faster?

*** most common motor seems to be the 496 HO (425hp), all 496’s seem to how included hydraulic steering (which is apparently very nice to have), 82 mph boat ?

*** some comment that the 496 HO was expensive to insure, so 496 (375hp) was more common in some states

*** there are also a few twin 6.2 (320hp) out there, however, most comment that these boats seem a bit “underpowered”

*** there are also some with the “blue” merc racing motors (500/525) which were 85/90 mph boats, but “blue” motor may need a rebuild earlier, also may need premium gas

*** there are also some notes re X dimension being raised 1 5/8” over standard, is this important ?

*** and not that I need more power, but some seem to be installing a “procharger” on the 496 HO to bump to 625hp (5psi), but then you need premium gas, thoughts ?

2014 – in April 2014, Sunsation began transitioning from the 28/32 MCOB’s to the 29-34 CCX’s, the 28 w/single 8.2 MSRP was $114,900, the 32 MCOB w/ twin 8.2 MSRP was $174,900

2014 – in June 2014, Sunsation was offering $10k rebate on 288’s and $20k rebate on 32’s

2015 – end of production, I have read that total MBOC production was maybe 60 boats, with most being made prior 2007/2008 (one post I read suggest as few as a dozen MCOB were built after 2007/08)

Again, any comments / clarifications re above notes would be much appreciated, especially thoughts re the acquisition of one of these boats, specifically …
  1. S, SS, SSR, XRT models (extreme race tech – is this boat too unique), what were options and production numbers, any old brochures, thoughts re market price (lots of OLD listings), anyone have one they are selling ?
  2. assuming you keep the boat for 10yrs, what are must have options, which years would you buy, etc - seems like either the 2007-2009 496 HO MCOB SSR or the 2010-2014 8.1/8.2 HO MCOB SSR ?
  3. always hard to know the future but forum members overall thoughts re the closed bow mkt, the MCOB mkt, and the performance boat mkt overall (are the "Dominators" dino's, are the new CCX boats the ONLY future)?
Full disclosure, I have a 2017 Viper ACR, love the “analog” functionality of that car, as we seem to be turning more to government support these days, I fear we will lose these performance machines, so better buy now !!!

Thanks all !!!

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Gotta love Vipers. I had a 2003 SRT-10 for a number of years. Such a fun car. Owned it when I had my 2005 MCOB 6.2L Dominator. I've been on four different Sunsation 32s. I think you'll have a great time with any of them. I really enjoyed my 6.2L boat. They sound good, reasonably fast. But, the 496 HOs are definitely a blast to drive and if you can, that's the one to get. The torque difference is enormous. I sold my MCOB to get a Donzi 35 closed bow. I really miss the open bow. So much fun and awesome for entertaining larger groups on the boat. I rarely get any use out of the cabin on my Donzi and it feels like wasted space compared to my Sunny open bow.
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Thanks Capitan, input appreciated !!!
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Good job on the research. Lots of data here. You may want to circle back on the Innovator and the "SS" year and recheck. Innovator was a 2005 boat and the SS was released in 2006 using the Innovator bottom which is a departure from the 05' Dominator/MCOB bottom. The effect was a taller stance and a stepped hull. I personally think that the 05 and earlier have a much better look while static in the water than the 06 and newer.
I don't think that the 496HO's add much to insurance as long as you have a good driving and claims record. Captain Yarrr is correct, the torque in the HO's matter and put a smile on your face everytime.
I would not consider these boats dinosuars and I don't think that comparing them with the CCX is a fair comparison, with the exception of the market and demand where center consoles are all the rage.
The open bow expands the usability and capacity of the boat significantly. It also makes it easier to dock, board, launch etc.
I love my MCOB and plan to keep it for a long time, so I've have had some work done to the boat to keep her fresh. Here are a few links from the build so you can see how versatile these boats are.



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Thanks for the comments AZ Boater

The hope was to create a bit of a "data base" re these boats, I'm sure i missed a few things but as this tread continues they will be "corrected", hence, your input and others is invaluable !!!

Love your boat, in fact, just watched the video on it this am, my bad, did not mean to "compare" them to the CCX directly (as you note, that would be unfair), more just thinking about the direction of performance boating, we seem to have gone from closed bow to MCOB to CC, that said, it's great that people like you and others (and soon to be me) have not forgotten these boats !!!
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