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Originally Posted by TylerBurich View Post
As Slippery stated above this whole order a truck process has been completely turned upside down. To add to the "Black Magic" formula as to which trucks get built first, I believe with Ford right now the Diesels are taking precedence. I believe this to be why some have received their Diesel Super Duty's long before my Gas truck will be scheduled. My order was placed in August, I have a friend who just placed an order for 2 diesel trucks (F-350 and F-450) and I would almost bet his trucks will be here as soon as mine, ordered from same dealer. Our local dealer has been stocking the lifted trucks from upfitters like Sherrod and Rocky Ridge because that's all they can get in a super duty right now. I have no clue how that affects their allocations when they buy from an upfitter like that but I hope it doesn't do anything to further complicate the Retail Order process.

I don't know if it's true, but we heard a rumor diesel availability was going to free up a bit...something about the diesel engines didn't require the same "automotive" style chip.
I have no idea whether that's true or not & don't really remember who/what/where we heard it from. That would have made sense to me years ago, but today's diesels are as complex as the gas engines - other than that ridiculous "shut off at a stoplight" program the diesels don't have yet.

The whole Upfitter Program is a very touchy subject; some dealers love it, others (we're one) hate it. Our opinion, in a nutshell, is the manufacturer should be providing vehicles to the dealers instead of upfitters. Again, legal disclaimer , "in our opinion" when you provide a middleman with high demand product, you're "probably" going to overpay for the accessories installed by the middleman, which means the customer is going to overpay for the accessories, it's simple supply vs demand economics.

RE. complicating the allocation process. I haven't checked in a while, but the way it was supposed to work was upfitted chassis didn't count against a dealer's days supply, but the dealer did get credit for the sale, so in theory selling upfitted vehicles helped earn allocation. On the other hand, I can tell you about an issue we had as a Ford dealer when we were conducting our monthly inventory count and we found several VINs that were neither on the ground nor in transit. It turns out that an out of state upfitter (n longer in business) had transferred Vins "accidentally" to several dealers to lessen their availability (so they could earn more allocation).

If you have a VIN, you're beyond the allocation process, and as long as the vehicle doesn't get caught up in "chip delay" (or our fearless leaders don't shut the country down again) you should be in the clear. Both Ford and GM try very hard not to let their pickups fall down the "chip delay" rabbit hole because pickups are their most profitable vehicles.

Congrats on the new ride. The new vehicles - GM, Ford, Ram - are incredible. It wasn't that long ago the 7.3 Powerstroke was the benchmark, and everyone else was a (distant) argument for 2nd best. Today, regardless of fuel type or brand, they are all capable of things that weren't even hoped for 20 years ago.

Cheers & Happy Bird Day.

There are 2 types of people in this world:

1. Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.
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My buddy was talking to me today and said the guy that bought one of his boat motors he had for sell just order a new Ford with the 7.3 gas and the dealer told him it would be 6 weeks. He didn't know the level of truck but the guy had a loaded Denali right now and said he was tired of the DEF.

We will see if he gets it that fast.
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That's probably the most and best information I have ever heard on the ordering process. Thank you for taking the time to author that information. I'm tracking my order using the ford website It likely won't be helpful until the vehicle is scheduled which will probably be the week before it is built but i'm okay with that. I would rather the current truck i'm driving take the brunt of this years winter season. That's good info on the upfitter program, i've never actually heard a dealer comment on how that all works. Thanks Again
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