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My boating days may be over.

Old 07-03-2006, 10:10 AM
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Default Re: My boating days may be over.

We've never met, but I'm in your area. If I can EVER be of help checking fluids and such, just call me. (954) 895-4633.
I suspect that defibulator may be on the recall list! Have your doctor send it back to MerCruiser and get the superceded part. Good luck and don't give up!
Ed Cozzi
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Default Re: My boating days may be over.

Gino - genuinely sorry to hear this. Very hopeful that things get better for you soon but in the meantime if your doctor advises a new hobby, I would give some very serious consideration to his recommendation. Life is far too short as it is and it sounds like you are receiving some warning signs that you need to take very serious. Good luck and Best wishes!
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Default Re: My boating days may be over.

So Sorrry to hear that , but I dont think you need to give things up just yet, hire a captian, almost all the guys with larger sportfishing boats use them, they do all the work, you just show up step on and go, drive when U feel good, and ride when you dont, just consider it as an extra luxury to your boating, instead of an expense. Hopefully you keep on attacking life in the same manner you have in the past, good luck and best wishes.
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Default Re: My boating days may be over.

Well since it's a relatively new problem it may just take some modification of meds and rehab treatment to get you squared away. Did the Dr indicate any pattern in the readout that justified the de fib activating? Have they completely ruled out false readings triggering a bad activation?
Anyhow glad you are better, keep us posted k?

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Default Re: My boating days may be over.

Any updates after seeing the doc today?
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Default Re: My boating days may be over.

I don't know why I even bother with the doctor. I got the same exact advice here on OSO. At the doctors office They went into the Defibrillators memory and it said that on Saturday my pulse was quite a it higher then normal all day. At the time of the incident my heart beat was at 300 BPM for a very short time. I didn't even know that was possible! They said it zapped me the first time to try and change the rhythm of my heartbeat. when it didn't change after 60 seconds, it zapped me again with a much stronger zap. That corrected the rhythm (Sorry, I'm doing a horrible job at describing Exactly what happened).
I let him know before he started his little speech that giving up boating is not an option. The advice he gave me is to get helpers for all the strenuous stuff. If it happens again while doing boating stuff, we may have to make some serious changes he said. He also said he is a boater and understands my feelings. I'm going to have AC put in the boat and I'm having a lift installed behind my house.

I forgot to mention something that happened at the time of the incident. They just put me in the back of the ambulance and were hooking me up to all kinds of monitors. Someone knocked on the back door of the ambulance. The paramedic opened it and it was a Sheriff. He asked if the boat at the dock was mine. I said yes. He asked if I had someone coming to help put it on the trailer or to drive it for me. I told him my girlfriend was on the way. He asked if she could move it alone. I assumed he asked to see if we needed help. I told him she couldn't move it but she would make some calls and get it handled. He then asked the paramedic how long we would be. He said he has no idea yet, we were just getting started and I may be going with them to the hospital. He then said "You have about 10 minutes to get it out of here, them we're going to have to tow it and we're not responsible"! The paramedic said we have work to do and shut the door in his face. Nice to know the police are there for you when you need them!
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Default Re: My boating days may be over.


If you need any help just call Bobby or myself. We live in Pompano & will be happy to lend you a hand anytime.
LS jr......954-328-2022
LS Steve 954-270-5999
Hope your feeling better !
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Default Re: My boating days may be over.

Man, i don't know you personally, but i can't wait to see your boat every year at the emerald coast pokerrun. you have one sweet ride. i have taken several pictures of your boat the past few years, its one of my favorite. hope everything works out for the best, and hope he tells you to keep on boating. i sure would hate to see you have to dock her.
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Default Re: My boating days may be over.

Sorry to hear this...I would reccomend following the doctors advise. If you dont like it then get a new doctor.If you dont like his advice, get another. Just head there advice..Your health is nothing to play with. With a boat like that I would have 3 women in bikinis scrubbing it clean, and ready to run! I wish the best of luck to you... God Bless
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Default Re: My boating days may be over.

I have never met you either however I, like many on this site, have been praying for you and yours. When I read your last post about the cop it really hit a nerve! I've had my share of problems with cops with a bad attitude and I've learned the hard way that the best thing you can do is have a good lawyer. I have one card in may wallet, my lawyers. It's like having a monkey in the trunk!! A good lawyer would have had that cop on 24 hour watch making sure no one got within 20 feed of your boat until you were ready to relieve him. Good luck and avoid stress at all cost, let others do that for you.
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