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My boating days may be over.

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Default Re: My boating days may be over.

Well Gino, here is my take, all the times we talked on the phone you seem to be a very genuine guy. You just did some major stuff by building a boat and running a business at the same time, both stressful in themselves but together they can be overwhelming.Building a boat can only be second to building a house. I dont care what anyone says, towing and launching can make the best of us pucker our cheeks, some of our bodies deal with it better than others. Stress can be a killer, especially to a type A personality, but there are ways to modify your life to become less relaxed and enjoy it. I dont think you will have to give up boating(just my opinion) but you may have to do some things to make your life less stressful, bets of luck and relax enjoy life...Rob
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Default Re: My boating days may be over.

Originally Posted by LubeJobs42
I forgot to mention something that happened at the time of the incident. They just put me in the back of the ambulance and were hooking me up to all kinds of monitors. Someone knocked on the back door of the ambulance. The paramedic opened it and it was a Sheriff. He asked if the boat at the dock was mine. I said yes. He asked if I had someone coming to help put it on the trailer or to drive it for me. I told him my girlfriend was on the way. He asked if she could move it alone. I assumed he asked to see if we needed help. I told him she couldn't move it but she would make some calls and get it handled. He then asked the paramedic how long we would be. He said he has no idea yet, we were just getting started and I may be going with them to the hospital. He then said "You have about 10 minutes to get it out of here, them we're going to have to tow it and we're not responsible"! The paramedic said we have work to do and shut the door in his face. Nice to know the police are there for you when you need them!
what ramp was this at?
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Default Re: My boating days may be over.

They say every day on the ocean adds a day to your life.
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Default Re: My boating days may be over.

Saw this and thought of you.....

"The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles... but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly."
- Buddha
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Default Re: My boating days may be over.

Sorry to hear the problem......

p.s. That cop was a dick.
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Default Re: My boating days may be over.

We just saw Gino go by the house. You should hear it Now that your OK and can use the boat I want my ride!!! Good to see you out
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Default Re: My boating days may be over.

Anyone that works putting a higher rev limiter on a defribulator into the same sentence is on a whole new level of being a boating fanatic in my book.

Glad to hear you are doing better and hopefully can make whatever changes are necessary to continue enjoying life. On or off the water, your health is the most important thing.
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Default Re: My boating days may be over.


Sounds like you have the basics down. A rate of 300 suggests an atrial abnormality originating in the top part of the heart. This is MUCH better than a ventricular abnormality originating in the bottom part of the heart. The ventricular dysrhythmias are the BAD (sudden death) ones.

Atrial dysrhythmias are sensitive to and induced by many things including caffiene, decongestants, diet pills, ephedrine, overactive thyroid, stress, and binge drinking. We see a lot of this around the drinking holidays ... it's referred to as "holiday heart". It could also be induced by heat and dehydration.

Cut back on any caffiene, decongestants, coffee, and alcohol. Also try to find ways to relieve stress in a healthy way. Eliminate sources of stress like the car. Get a piece of crap car to drive to work. Drink plenty of water and do light aerobic exercise regularly.

Medications can be added if the problem persists but they may affect sexual performance, so take all of my earlier recommendations seriously!
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Default Re: My boating days may be over.


I know that we have never met or posted that much before, but here is my take on things. Performance boating is a passion of yours, and there is are few things that can fuel passion, that it would be a shame to give it up seeing as you have spent so much $$$ and time on this new boat of yours.

Maybe you remeber that I told you that my wife was a cardiac nurse and is now in cardiac sales, I spoke to her about this because it meant something to me. She said "go for it" meaning don't sell the boat. Keep on going just as you are. She is only 30 years old and has an iregular heart rate. Does that mean she stays at home not driving. Not in the least.

Keep the boat, if you ever need a hand let me know, I'm in the neighbourhood (Ft. Laud).

Best of luck,

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Default Re: My boating days may be over.

I will prepare your boat to just sit down and turn the key (or push a button). Just say when and I will pack my bags. I find boating to be the most relaxing thing I do, it must be the preping that strains you so like said, get know 30,000 people who would drop everything to just stand next to your boat. But really, just take it easy.
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