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UN REAL!!! Hope ya get the situation solved somehow legally...
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Troutly, while for me the tactics of the police REALY sucked I can not fault them in anyway, as far as they knew they were at a house with a very distrought person and I am sure as soon as they put in my adress it shows I have a carry permit that would tell them I mostlikely have loaded weapons here. Only 6 hours to go and I am FREE
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Troutly and Packin I agree that they were probably on edge knowing that you had guns and thinking that you were suicidal. One more reasond that those guns should have stayed in their holsters!!!! I carry from time to time, and I have to tell you some one can be beating me to the ground and that thing is not comming out of its holster. Only if I think that they are going to kill me does it come out. Just not worth the possibility of changing my entire life over a mistake!!! Packing good luck today just get it over with and do not let her have the satisfaction that it got to you!!!

Put your best foot forward!
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Sweet revenge my friend two wrongs dont make it right everyone will tell you but trust me it will make you fell better in the end no one is going to grab the bat? this cant be the OSO i know Remember keep a cool head dude
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I am off to court.. 1 and 1/2 hours and I am DONE
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What were they going to do, shoot you if you tryed to kill yourself. Good thing you didn't point your phone at anyone, you wouldn't be here telling us about it.

Honest Judge, he pointed his peanut butter and jelly sandwich at us, we thought it was a gun, so we had to shoot him.

No offense to Troutly or others in the law enforcement field.

I dated a female sherrif once. She told me the biggest problem the cops she worked with had was that all they ever saw was the bad side of people and after a while they automatically default to assuming everyone is bad and they treat them accordingly until proven otherwise. I can understand the basic self-preservation tactics involved here, but it sucks for those of us that are basically good citizens that end up in a situation like this.

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Perhaps it was all a mistake...

Scenario: The Ex came by to make ammends, perhaps to return all the APBA-logo shirts she stole just to piss you off....smells the dirty funk from a few days of water-born mold crawling up your walls, and PANICS!!... thinking she may never be able to take custody of the boat! It would have automatically gone to either your family or the State!

So she couldn't check out the house herself... It would have made front page headlines "Wife murders husband by drowning him in waterbed"... She had to send the cops. Makes up a story, waits for the phone call, staring at the boat... watching "OZ" on HBO for pointers just in case..

Don't make her happier by sweatin' the details.

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WILSON Now that is some funny ****!! you need to post your phone number so If I ever do something stupid I can call you for a good reason why I did it
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Enjoy the show
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Revenge is best when served very cold.
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I have to agree with you troutly. I was NOT having problem or susisdal in anyway BUT had I been..I was within arms reach of a good amount of fire power that like you said in a fraction of a second could get quite a few rounds off and it was very dark. I have to give credit to all the law enforsment. I would not want to go into some of the situations like they (you) do. Like I said before, for ME their tactics sucked being on the recieving end, BUT puting myself in their shoes I give them alot of credit for the way they handled the situation and don't blame them at all for drawing on me..BUT I AM STILL PISSED
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