Stupid boat tricks

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The HRPA was out in force and this is a true story.

Well there we were in my Donzi, my buddy and I, 1st card in the boat after 13 powerboats ran across the bay, heading for the second stop at 60MPH, WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN I see a fish about 12-14 inches long jump straight out of the water inches from the tip of the bow, I think cool!
A micro second later my buddy is wapped in the face like Mike Tyson hit him, and bleeding real bad.....
He actually had fish scales in his mouth! The fish actually exploded on impact.
Had to abort the run seek medical assistance.

He was fine, a couple stiches.

Ya just never know whats going to happen.
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Enjoy the show
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Sharkey, was they guy with the 5 OBs your hero or what?
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holy crap bryan . . .all i can say is . . tragically funny . . . . glad he was ok though . . .LMAO . . .man thats some funny chit . .
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There have been so many I could write a book. My personal best in the last two years, is the guy in my marina that made fun of my boat. I had the sun deck up changing the oil. The guy came idling by with 3 forty something ladies that had no business looking at a bikini much less wearing one. Yuck. But he laughed and made a comment that if I had a new boat I wouldn't have to work on it. He had a newer Baja. Anyway I just smile and say something to the effect of an ounce of prevention as-hole. He starts his turn into his well, and his engine quits. It was beatiful. You should have seen the flurry of cellulite and peroxide hair flying. He slams into the dock and puts a huge gash above the rub rail. They finally get tied up. I'm laughing so hard I have tears streaming down my cheeks. I just hold up my beer, and yell over him "NEED A TUNE-UP?!!" God was he pissed. I was sure he was going to come over and try to start something. But I think he thought better of it.
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Default The atricle is posted somewhere but I couldn't find it... but....

two buddies were testing a jet-ski, one in a boat and the other on the ski. Guy in the boat, cant see his buddy anywhere, just a pilot-less jet-ski, he goes over the the ski and see lots of feathers and his buddy belly up.. Turns out this guy hit a duck at about 55mph and broke his neck. I guess nobody told him DUCK !!!
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One time two of my frinds and I were out in my old bowrider.
We were chasing Seagulls. This one gull was a little slow and I managed to get right behind it. It was so close, my one friend riding up forward could just about reach out and grab it.
When all of a sudden.....SPLAT!! guessed it, it took a dump. Right in his face!!!
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Default I chase sea-gulls all the time with the baja.... those suckers can get up and go..

between the guy on the jet-ski getting killed by a duck and your buddy getting dumped on,,,, I am thinking that I should think twice about this..
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The guy that died on the PWC because of the duck worked for RIVA Yamaha in Florida. He was well known the PWC racing community and very missed. The incident happend this past fall. It caught the whole PWC community off guard.

The incident happened while tuning a boat for a customer.

To put it in perspective.....It was just like the HTM incident in our eyes.

True story.

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After reading this thread I'm afraid to trailer my boat this year !!

Since I've owned it I've had it racked stored , well I decided not to this year . Well I've had it at the ramp maybe 3 times and I'm not very good.
I haven't had any mishaps or anything but if someone was watching they could tell I was new and nervous.
Oh well I guess with practice it will get better.
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Got two great storys. Guy pulls up to the ramp with a new 19 ft Sea Ray on an ez loader trailer (you know, the one's with the rollers) and procedes to remove the stern straps, and the bow hook. As he's backing down the ramp, you guessed it, rolled right off. Didn't even get close to the water. Anther time I was out with a guy in an old tri hull POS with a push button shifter. As he's coming into the dock he pushes a button and gooses the throtle to slow it down. One problem. He pushes the forward button. Frozen with panic, all he could do was watch his boat slam into the floating dock, so hard that it went right up on the dock (high & dry) Fortunatly, or unfortunatly, depending on how you look at it the Toledo police water rescue team were practicing in the marina that day. They helped us get the boat of the dock, then started asking questions. My buddy sold the boat very soon after that.
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