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A point to consider regarding hiring a surveyor in this situation is that the buyer DID water test this boat with the Broker/Saleperson.... from the comments OT posted regarding the Broker/Salesperson it doesn't sound like they were pushing to hard for the buyer to get a surveyor ... comment regarding the 37 the salesmen took on a poker run that one day had a difference in RPM's & the next it didn't? Motors only have 10 hours ... they'll losen up.... I don't know, but I would assume this isn't OT's first boat... if it is he CERTAINLY should have hired a Surveyor... but who amoung us that participates in HP boating doesn't "think" we know more then the average Joe about boats? So having Tested this boat, been told the RPM's were not a concern to the salesman, seen it before, etc.... Had the Broker's mechanics charge him for an opinion, biased opinion?... I wouldn't assume that if I were OT.... I can't help believe that OT was mislead to a degree by an overzealous Broker/Saleperson.... and... it should have been addressed after the sale was consumated... Thats my concern... lack of service after the sale.
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as much as it hurts i have to agree with crazy horse, thats why I buy new, or know the complete history of the boat plus a survey
it still sounds like he bought a quality boat at a good price, the broker was only the middle man, he might not even know the history of the boat, he is only stating here is a boat do you won't to buy it, I would get a survey, and dollar I will still buy from you.
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We know that nobody is in this for the money, right? And if the boat sells, theres a 10% (or close to) commission, right? If the boat does not sell, someone has done work for nothing. Bottom Line is that Doller promoted this boat. YES, it was a used boat. But it was a used boat with fresh power, and it was ONLY 10 hours! Can anyone imagine the sales pitch? The sold the boat, they made their commission...sometimes we win, sometimes we loose, and it's time for Doller to take the good with the bad...they sold a boat they promoted and NO MATTER WHAT PRICE, they need to stand behind their customers! PERIOD!
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In regards to a surveyer I spoke to three. The general feed back was compression checks can be inconclusive.

The rings had still been intact and properly seated in the bore. two gouges in the cylinder should have showed a compression loss.

I`m sure some of you have engine building experience as I do. Some decks and combustion chambers can be so in consistent their can be a good variation in compression. Remember as long as the lowest cylinder is within 75% its expectable. A simple valve adj could even influence this. I know a gen 5 isn`t equipped with adj. valve train, but one head did. These are all things you unfortunately have to hope are correct and would expect to be at a reputable broker.

What I`m trying to say is a surveyor would never have been able to pull the valve covers to see the mismatched heads,valve trains or dings in the cylinders.

A surveyer is great for hull inspections and general visual inspection or even an oil sample,not an in depth disaster like this.

Remember I know these things and took the risk and made the purchase. I would of never imagined it would have been this bad, but as I said before I gotta suck it up like a big boy and move on.

Last note this thread was in part about the engine but really based on my experience with the sales man remember!

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Goodfella as I read the post the guy that bought the boat was, other then the ussual feelings when you blow up a motor, not upset at you guys for the motor situation. He said that he was not mad as he planned to repower anyhow and if the motors turned out as bad that he would have still bought the boat, all be it at a lesser price but wouldn't you? I think that what he was mad at was that he called you all up a couple of times and got no reply. I hope that you guys are not looking at all the posts from other members as his opinion. I think he was seeming to be real reasonable. However I am only reading what I see on the board and have no account of any messages that may or may not have been left to you guys that could have been rude or accusatory. Oh ya BRAVOS BLOW UP DId not think you were going to geto out of a post with out that did ya


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Audio fn,

Thanks for noticing. As for conversations outside the thread, the`ve been spoken at respectable tones, no yelling or name calling.

While speaking with Mindy at Doller I told her I was sorry this got so big. I wasn`t trying to discredit dollers accomplishments over the years,but if I can`t get a response I`ll bring it to the all mighty OSO.

Unfortunately I was upset with their response on the thread and felt it needed further attention.


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the only real way to check how "fresh" a motor is , is by doing a leak down test. Compression tests are no good.
I can't really explain why (I'm not an engine builder) but have been told this and why by several engine builders.
When they explain it to me it makes sense..go figure

I'm sure one of the many fine mechanics on the board could explain why.
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Well.....this thread has taught me alot!!!! A week ago i would have used the brokers Mechanics myself. But as Too Old pointed out they do have a vested interest in selling the boat.Sorry some feelings have been hurt. But this is what I thought OSO was all about,OPEN conversation about ALL things boating related!! By the way what would I expect topay for a Survey?
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Default Bird-dog your right...

This is an open forum.. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and a lot of toes get stepped on.. Its a sad fact, but this is all about being INFORMED... albeit, properly informed..
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Originally posted by birdog
By the way what would I expect topay for a Survey?
You can expect to pay anywhere from $6 to $12 per foot plus expenses (travel, photos, etc.) depending on the type of survey you are requesting (bank survey, insurance condition & value survey, pre-purchase, etc.).
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