Boating Rules!!!

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Default Boating Rules!!!

1. The ONLY person that can invite or approve guys on the boat is ME and the people I have allowed to do so.

2. Guys MUST bring a MINIMUM of 1 girl. If it is your wife, you better think of a second one.

3. DO NOT bring anyone under 21 unless approved by me. I will be checking ID’s. If we get boarded by the cops I am responsible and I am not planning to go to jail because of your dumb ass brought girls right out of high school.

4. If you have been invited, do not invite your buddies on the boat. This includes people taking the water taxi that think they can just hang out on the boat because they know someone in it.

5. If anyone is bringing more people than we talked about when you were invited, please let me know to make sure there is room on the boat. This is not a cruise ship.

6. You need to bring whatever you are drinking. That includes mixers. Do not bring beer and then switch to someone’s liquor.

7. Be prepared to pitch in for gas when needed.

8. Tops are optional.

9. All girls must be under the maximum allowable weight requirements deemed by the Captain

10. Do not bring sloppy drunks that feel like they can just pass out in the boat and the music must be turned down because they need sleep!!!

If anyone breaks any of these rules, they will NOT come on the boat again. I’m sick of the bull****!!!
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Thats a goooood one need a sign like that to hang up
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I think you need a new set of friends ......
Bad Girls Make Good Company
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I like it
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Whenever you grow up rule #2 will change.
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Tough day on the water?
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Originally Posted by sleek1 View Post
Tough day on the water?
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sounds like you had a typical florida spring break day on the water.
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you forgot:
if your wife/GF doesnt like going fast dont bring her on the friggin boat.. This isnt a pontoon boat ..
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The only rules I have is

1. Respect my boat

2. No shoes on my boat (goes hand in hand with rule #1, but ignorant people need to be told explicitly)

3. The Captain will drive as fast as he feels like. Cry and scream if you want. You will make it back to land and no one is forcing you back out.

That's it. Everything else takes care of itself.

If I want a boat full of women, I'll call them. Gas is the 2nd cheapest thing you'll buy for your boat, alcohol is the first. Beer, liquor and mixers are cheap and they're open game for the party, plenty will be there, but if you're a free-loader let me know before hand so I can bring more.

I'm glad boating isn't so stressful and rule laden for me. If it were I don't think I would do it. I go out on the water to get away from (most) rules, not adhere to a strict set of different ones.
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